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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 to FIG. 3 show different embodiments of the
device of the present invention, in each of which a is a cross sectional view and a mouth is an
exploded perspective view, and '4 is an ultrasonic wave. It is sectional drawing of a generator. 1
is an ultrasonic generator, 4 is an ultrasonic transducer, 5 is a cylindrical body, 6 is an elastic
body, 7 is a ring body, 8 is a leg, 9 is a step portion, 10 is an engagement step portion, and 11 is
a reflection plate , 12 Pa mounting body. Fig. 1 (mouth)-77-Japanese Utility Model Publication
No. 49-117032 (2) Fig. 2 Fig. 3 (((mouth) (mouth) Fig. 4-78-
[Detailed description of the invention] [5] Juraku is related to the support device of the reflector
of the shaft # wave generator) * 18 or more cases of this section are shown in the drawing. Then.
191) Ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic machine 1 child 411) 1 which is made by mounting
piezoelectric crystal piece 2 with a pair of 憔 20 憔 & 3.3 '2 general purpose iC is a south paper
bowl shape of the upper horse-mouth The inner surface of the paper board 5a of the body 5 is
mounted via the rubber 1 and sponge or other elastic body t2 (when a 1I11 frequency voltage of
4 is applied between a pair of Ot base plates 3.3 ', a piezoelectric crystal is provided) Piece 2 is
resonated at the frequency of the above-mentioned chest wave turtle pressure in piezoelectric
view, and vibrates 1 and cylindrical, the sound wave is emitted from the upper end opening of
the body 5 0) is a link body The ring book 11 is provided with a plurality of legs 8 having a
plurality of elastic properties 11Ii in the direction of the central axis i of the ring body, a step 9 is
formed on each of the □ 'IJ 1418, and a plurality of ones are provided. At least two front ends of
the east 8-KR clerk @ step 11) is formed. l] is a counter-handled ring provided on the ring 7 and
the ILNK and thus the 1 reflector plate U 'consists of an inner cone plate, and the seal plate in
FIG. 2 is a seal plate. 131 ', 1-wedge flat plate, and in the case of k43, 1 reflection and temporary
u consist of two flat plates. This is a 1 x 4 x fi board with a 12-point hole, and if you win a tear lin the red l-o of the link body 7 with the l-stage, 6p9, and hold the upper part of this cylinder 5D.
18 · z (Corporation 1 · 1 of the retaining hole (19 ~ 7 Vc リ Li Linda 10 7 · リ ン with 俸 儂 儂 儂
儂 儂 儂 儂 '' '' 10 SE ZIJ, (酊 形 酊 5 · 2) upper end-ci will be opposed. 142, 1.14. , 'T @ the
bottom plate 5aKt4t to terminal-shaped body 5, the 42 children 14,14'qoJ FLEXIBLE-one lead @
ts, ts' is connected to the electrode plate 33.3 s at. 16 is a mesh attached to the upper end
opening of the 16 silicon cylindrical body 5. □ The wood board has the above-mentioned
configuration, and the ultrasonic wave 1 of the ultrasonic wave vibrator 4 propagates as a
reflection against the ultrasonic wave 1-1 reflection & U, but it also propagates 1 Because it is a
conical plate, M sound waves propagate to the circumference, 12 KTP, and 11 reflectors l] from a
single flat plate, supersonic waves are directed in one direction, and a third The light is
transmitted in one direction because the reflection plate 13 II and the flat plate 9) are also t. 1 fly
Uni hon tea, the upper ga opening of the circular cylindrical book 5 circle lIIl] ;, this piece 懺 懺
子 1 介 瞥 瞥 1 1 和 1 計 1 屍 屍1) forming a single reflector plate 11 1 □ a dangling book 7 and
the corresponding ling body 7) a leg 8 which is a part of the ling body 7 1 In addition, each of
the legs 18 has "a plurality of jointing sections 10 provided on the inner end of the two legs of
the eight and nineteen legs, which can be used to teach p9 and have eight". Between 0 leg 8
inside vc zu ru (the body 5 is inserted and kill 9 by the upper end hate of the cylindrical body
5311 1 increase t 6 with the tie part 10i 轍 <· t = *-'1 ClC also stop 0 so?
From +6 to the upper end disgusting leg portion of the cylindrical body 1 to 5 I can use the L
ultrasonic wave generator it 4 lights to reveal the position of the reflection plate, nn, the variation
of jiF wave in 1 public direction In order to lock the tip end of the leg after installation with a
small amount of force, it has one reflection, and the reflection plate is replaced with a reflection
and replacement. The effect that can be done with h 蘭 r か 4 · 14 drawings' I) 1 olfactory
description 1 · · · 1 to 3 Fig. 1 shows an example of a scooped pigeon 11 of the present invention
device, each figure vct 5- · ha, broken I figure 1-1-1-% is a perspective view.-Figure 4 is an
isometric view of the @ sound wave generator. l is a super wave addressee raw bm 4 · super
attenuation his 籾 籾 、 5 5 ビ ビ ビ ビ ビ ビ ビ ビ ビ ビ 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 5
191 role, loE & jt 喧, U 反射 reflector, 捏 · 取 付 one night · body. Real Tsunao Tohto Hideto 18
Matsushita Electric Works Co., Ltd. iq generation Kishito Attorney Takemoto Toshimaru (1 92
people) 4) 1st fork (I) 〃 · □ (ro) □ ゾ へ To TO People 01, * m-t'fr-yr :, igr-b, s, 第 Fig. 3 鶏
Chicken Fig. 3 (a) (a) (a) 駕 駕, 厖 (b) "(b)" . 233-1 517 <13 L 什 + bamboo j 愉 9 9 6 6 other than
the above inventor, utility model α storage applicant or agent (1) 8 drafter address Osaka
Prefecture Kadoshi city 大門 1048 Denji Matsushita [Inc. Rikimine Toshi ν name, @ 1 W Wow O
・ ^ I I! l I C same place Ohashi Hirosu Tachi l Iv Kaz same place Mizuguchi Kei-(2) utility model
registration applicant (3) agent address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ogata Kadoma 1048
address Matsushita Electric Works Co., Ltd. Patent name section first name (733 B) SATO Sato Bo
address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city 1048 Address Matsushita Electric Works Co., Ltd. Patent
Division Yen '-Name (7F + 87) Patent Attorney Mikio Kawase',
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