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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 show different embodiments of the
device according to the present invention, in each of which a is a cross sectional view and a
mouth is an exploded perspective view. FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of a cylindrical body. 1 is
an ultrasonic transducer, 4 is a cylindrical body, 5 is an elastic body, 6, 6 'is a terminal, 9 is a ring
body, 10 is a leg, 11 is a step portion, 12 is an engaging step portion, 13 is a reflecting plate It is.
Fig. 1 (mouth)-79, one actual opening 49-117 033 (2) Fig. 2 Fig. 3 帥 帥
[Detailed description of the invention] 咳 咳 咳 咳 超 超 す す す す す す す す す 咳 咳 咳 咳 咳
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If the example of the back of the book '18 or less' is described with reference to the drawings.
Reference numeral 191 denotes a ringing sound wave hexagonator, in which the piezoelectric
crystal piece 2 is provided with a pair of area 2o continuous breaks 3, 3 in an L pair of electrode
plates "1) '3.3' J; If you add 1 to 4 "Hayaya 1ll E", 2 pieces of piezoelectric crystal 2. Is vibrated to
one wave 3 of the voltage during III above due to piezoelectricity phenomenon and vibrates to
generate super 1 wave · 4! i. Upper part: 4-pointed rod-shaped bottom body; 5 is a rubber,
sponge or other elastic body capable of contacting with the circular surface vc of the bottom
plate 41 of cylindrical weight, said elastic body 5; Wave slow wave vibrator 1 is inserted. The
terminal 6.6 ′ ′ is a terminal fixed to the bottom plate 4a of the cylindrical body 1, and the
fourth element 68.6 ′ is a nine-sided glue plate, 7 ′: 1 iron electrode plate 3. The 接 続 8
connected in a sloppy manner is 笥 4 笥 like above! 8 Sekiguchi 1 ′ ′ part is attached @, 9 ま
り ing body, 族 ring body KII, 1 − legs 10 with count + elasticity in the central axis direction of
the ring book are contained in one Hinge, each one of the nuclei Hto (step 1; a hanging U is
formed, and a small number 11 and a few 11 of the few legs are connected to the tip 4 of the two
legs. A 11.13 is one of the ring books 9 and is a reflective book provided, and in Al 図 1 よ 1
reflector L 3 板 dust, 第 1 、 2 Ha, I have a reflection of 13 or so in a flat plate. The ring 18 body
9 has a cylindrical body 4 inserted into a plurality of '[-legs lO rivers, and a 19-stage tt port with
a shape of I4404401111111 却 1 の 下 1 の 下 1 Restrain the retaining part α in a disgusting
manner. The upper end 2 opening face of the reflecting plate u1 cylinder 1 is opposed to the
opening face q. Three ideas are the above 1III! At t, it emits and reflects on the ultrasonic id
reflecting plate 13 that is emitted at 4 @ the sound wave transducer 1, so it propagates to 5 as
well, so in Figure 1 the reflecting plate 13 has; Sound wave · '· · around + / c propagates, in the
second · A 7 1 reflector plate I 3-6X flat plate, so it is transmitted 8 things C in one direction. ° I
have a book * I-1 Th top opening I! In the E-shaped body 4, attach the L @ resonator 1 through
the elastic body 5. 11. Ring plate 9 IC integrally formed with reflective plate 1 ring 1-'1 central
axis direction Kl 1 number of elastic rods 10 throw one square body / C, step to each of the
cough leg 0 Place a tie piece on one end of at least two of the multiple-harnessed legs 1 and 1
forming part U and lower the tubular weight in the multi-legged leg IO fold The upper end edge
of the Iw-like body 4 is extended and brought into contact with the step portion 11), and the
cylindrical body 4 (locked at 18) 9 is also held on the cylindrical body. Because the pond edge is
in contact with the step of the leg 19 and the IC can control the seal plate D position K by 2 °
from the IC, it can reduce the propagation direction D variation of the city f # wave Since the
reflection plate can be attached by holding the holding step 'at the tip of the leg having elasticity
and to the Cabinet Law 4, there is an effect 4 of easy bambooing that replacement of the ri cover
plate is felt · 14 Drawing of (funds) Explanation (・ ・ G1 figure and figure 182 figure have 7
cases with different example of sleeves of the present device, and each figure, I itdyr * a, + mouth
1 share "@ @ Hashiko-figure .
Thirty-fourth, in the cross section of the cylinder cylinder body, too. 1 is an ultrasonic wavemotor, 4 · softened body, 5 · is an elastic body. The l · · 6.6 ′ ′ terminal, 9 ′ is a ring body, 10
is a leg, l is a step 11L2 ° is a holding step, and 13 is a reflector. Practical th 蔓 餞 人-Denden
Co., Ltd. Attorney Attorney Takemoto Toshimaru (other 2 people) 14 · (b) □ ". (In 3 □-· 2g (Ron
(i) 2 = 2.7 □ 2 rd, 3 Il 1 4 □ · 117033 agent patent attorney Takeshi Toshitoshi, 2 other people
6 said name outside of the said μ, a drafter, utility model registration Applicant or agent (1) 8
”address Address 1048 Odachi, Odachi, Osaka Prefecture Matsushita Electric Works Co., Ltd.
Uchisai Toshinsuke Name Okamoto Uosuke O J + Shihi l I7 Co-Oh Hiroshi Ohashi Mina-Tate
Shinkaz Ikuguchi Yu-(2) Utility model registration applicant (3) representative residence I! Osaka
Prefecture Kadoma City 1048 Address Matsushita Electric Works Co., Ltd. Patent Name (733B)
Patent Attorney Sato Hideaki, Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Kakaku Shin City 1048 Address
Matsushita Electric Works Co., Ltd. Patent Division Name (7587) Patent Attorney Mikio Kawase-
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