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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of a conventional video disk
pickup, FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a damper used in the pickup of the present invention, and
FIG. FIG. 4A shows a front view and a side view of the pickup. 1 ...... playback needle, 2 遏 ■
body, 6 ...... grooves. Turtle Fig. 2 Fig. 3 X-9 = Addiction (N) · 9 real opening 49-129 505 (2) Fig.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a pickup for
reproducing nine picture information signals recorded on a recording medium, and in particular,
to devising a damper structure attached to the upper surface of a pressure sensitive element. FIG.
1 exemplifies a conventional video disk river pick-up, in which the pick-up to be operated
converts the mechanical vibration transmitted to the reproducing needle (1) abutting on the
edged medium into electricity (S) A pressure-sensitive element (2), a damper (3) attached to the
upper surface of the pressure-sensitive element, and a holder (4) attached to the damper. In this
pickup structure, since the damper facing the pressure-sensitive element is flat on the damper,
relative positioning at the time of assembly is difficult, and the resolution in reproduction, noise
increase, tracking error, etc. occur due to position shift. It's easy to do. First, since each
component Vc is extremely fine, the accuracy can not be obtained unless precise positioning is
performed, and furthermore, the joint surface of the damper and pressure-sensitive Takako is not
smooth at the time of regeneration, not at assembly The stress resistance may cause breakage or
detachment. The present invention has been made for the purpose of improving the
disadvantages of the present invention, and belongs to a pickup characterized by using a damper
as shown in FIG. This invention 411! The damper (5) to be used is provided with a groove (6) on
the curve facing the pressure sensitive element (2) as shown in FIG. The lI ratio element (2) is
inserted into the groove (6). FIG. 6 is a perspective view of a semi-finished product of a pickup
according to the present invention, and as shown in the figure, the size of the side (6) provided
on the damper (6) I am equally warm. And let the town be a town where the depth pressure
sensitive element (consists of a shallower than the length of tl, and the pressure sensitive element
6 has the letter 6 ') 111 & l "" X "". . Fig. 4 (a) (b) shows the finished product of the wood model
and the pickup (reed * Vi omitted → front view and 11l view of the view. In the present
embodiment, an example in which the groove is provided in the direction perpendicular to the
longitudinal direction (direction x in FIG. 6) K of the holding body 4 is shown. It may be
configured to be arranged parallel to the longitudinal direction. The pickup of the present
invention to be prayed for in the present invention has good relative reproduction at the junction
of the damper a6 pressure element, the relative position between both being reduced to a
positive mK, and good reproduction is achieved by increasing the stability. In addition, since the
pressure sensitive element is attached to the groove of the damper when assembling the pickup
and it is only necessary to align only the longitudinal direction of the structure, the assembly can
be performed with a jig simpler than the conventional one, so the manufacture is easy. Become.
Furthermore, since the damper is fitted in such a manner as to wrap the 6-pressure element from
two directions, the joint facing area is increased, the resistance against shear stress is high, and
both break is not caused.
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