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2. Inventor Kawakami-Takushi Name Takeshi Kawakami (There is one person) ■ Japan Patent
Office Open Patent Gazette ■ Japanese Patent Application Publication No. 5Qij, 5889 "0
Japanese Application Publication 50. (1975) 9 ', 10 Japanese Patent Application No. 4-9-2J7'? 3
[phase] Application Japanese Patent 4t7. (1974t) Q,-Q-Request for examination (all 2 pages)
Office internal reference number 6g245 + specification L title of invention
Ultrasonic focusing device
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention of the present application relates to
an ultrasonic focusing device for focusing an ultrasonic beam generated by an ultrasonic probe
used for ultrasonic flaw detection. Generally, when performing ultrasonic flaw detection, it is
necessary to focus the ultrasonic beam to raise its resolution. Conventionally, an acoustic
focusing lens has been used as one of simple methods for focusing the ultrasonic beam. It is
used. However, in order to perform stable ultrasonic flaw detection using an acoustic focusing
lens, in the case of focusing the laser beam, the conventional method has the disadvantage that
the apparatus becomes larger if the object to be detected becomes large, and There is a drawback
that it can not be used when there is a possibility that the object to be inspected may be
deteriorated by touching a medium such as water or oil. In addition, since the object to be
detected was immersed in the medium, it was difficult to detect one side. The present invention
was made to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks, and it is an object of the present
invention to provide a compact, lightweight and easy-to-use ultrasound focusing device. The
above description will be given according to the above-mentioned drawing of BA. FIG. 1 is a
cross-sectional view showing the construction of an embodiment of an ultrasonic focusing
apparatus according to the present invention. In this figure, (1) is an acoustic focusing lens, (2) is
a container, (3) is a medium, and the container (2) is sealed by the acoustic focusing lens + 11.
The acoustic focusing lens (11 is configured to be the lid of the container (2), and the medium (3)
is filled in the space formed by the container (2) and the acoustic focusing lens fl) There is.
EndPage: A container (2) with low attenuation of ultrasonic beam, such as acrylic resin, etc., and
a medium (3) with water or oil for stably transmitting ultrasonic beam Ru. FIG. 2 shows the
configuration of an application example of the ultrasonic focusing apparatus according to the
present invention. In this figure, (1) to (3)-are the same as those shown in FIG. 1, (4) is an
ultrasonic probe, tli) is a lead, (6) is an ultrasonic transducer, (7) is a beam attachment, (8) is an
object to be inspected, and the ultrasonic probe (4) is detachably attached to the ultrasonic
focusing device according to the present invention. In the above configuration, when the signal
current from the lead wire (6) operates the ultrasonic transducer (6), the ultrasonic beam
attachment (7) generated along with the operation of the ultrasonic transducer (6) The
ultrasound focused by the acoustic focusing lens + 11 can be easily detected by the focused
ultrasonic beam, and the flaws from the side, which was difficult by the conventional method, can
also be focused by the present invention. It can be easily done by using the device.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an embodiment of an
ultrasonic focusing apparatus according to the present invention, and a first view is a
configuration diagram of an example of use of the ultrasonic focusing apparatus according to the
present invention. In the figure, (1) II'i acoustic focusing lens, (2) a container, and (3) a medium.
Indicates Agent Shino Nono-# 11 Figure 2 a Inventor address other than the above EndPage: 2
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