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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an actual example of the present
invention, FIG. 1 is a schematic cross-sectional view of a hull storing a noner, and FIG. 2 a, the
mouth is closed of a runner suspended in water. Fig. 3 is a front view showing the state of the
umbrella and the opening umbrella, Fig. 3 is a perspective view showing the opening state of the
wave receiver, Fig. 4 is a longitudinal sectional view of the main part of the present invention,
Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the main part, Fig. 6 is a partial longitudinal sectional view for
explaining operation. E slide ring 14 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · guide long hole insertion portion,
17 · · · guide long hole, 19, 2Q, 21, C31.33-36 · · · .... unlocking device, 31 ...... heavy Kan Figure 1
-137- Sho 50-147660 (2) Figure 2 -138- Sho 50-147660 (3) Figure 4 -Fig. 5-139-One opener
50-147660 (4) Fig. 6-140-
[Detailed description of the invention] For example, as in the case of the opening and closing
umbrella device 0 for a sonar wave receiver, the device which is suspended in water and which is
opened and closed by power is closed while the device is opened and closed. The present
invention relates to a device during opening and closing with an auxiliary closing device using a
weight that can be closed even when the case can not be closed due to an obstacle. 騨 + 11 \ For
example, if the nine sonar receiver is suspended and opened under water by being stored in a
closed state in a flying boat or ship ◆ If the drive source of the opening and closing umbrella
device breaks down, it can not be closed 1k), Until Ot, sonar O eyes are open. In such a case, it
has been the conventional practice to work on the day of underwater reversion [Nasu or 4E in
the suspension cable and cut it off with a closed umbrella [1 disclaimed- It aims to solve the
economic point and propose '9 opening and closing umbrella device'. The following is an
explanation of the illustrated embodiment of the present invention. In FIG. 1, the sonar S is closed
in the storage cylinder 2 of the hull 1 so that the O receiver 4 is closed and stored in a good
condition], and when it is used for the Turner 5f flight, the #i drum is rotated. The cable 4 is fed
out 9 and suspended in water in the sorter S '(菖 2 I), operate the opening and closing umbrella
device 7) and operate it to receive the [484 opening umbrella 1 (Fig. 2 mouth). FIG. S shows an
open state of the wave receiver 4. The opening / closing umbrella device 7 is suspended to the
cable 6 and arranged in the half pole direction on the nine columns 8 to have a large number of
upper and lower arms! . 100 base end pivoted, upper and lower one pair O arm 9110 C) pivot
the tip of the arm receiver 4 and support it so that it can be translated in the radial direction of
the delivery port 4 , Strut 80 outside 11KIII dressed nine slide ring 11 and each arm! The link
120 is pivoted at both ends, and the receiving fluid 184 is opened and closed by lifting and
lowering the slide ring 11 according to the same principle as weight resistance. Figure 4, Figure
5 draft O1! Shows the details of the department. In the drawing, a block 14 provided in the
support 6 is connected to an expansion / contraction drive source (not shown) by a cylinder 15
and fixed to the plotter 14 and nineteen guide pieces 16 (FIG. 5) By sliding in the axial direction
O guide long hole 17 provided on the block 14, the block 14 ascends and descends without
rotating. The guide piece 16 is penetrated in the block 14 and a hole 1st is drilled, and the pole
19 and the pole receiver 20 are internally mounted, and the spring 21 makes l-ru? t- Slide ring
110 Indented inward concave Ig22. Block 14t) Cover the horizontal stopper 25 with a pin 24
inserted at the bottom of the box-shaped eye 2s having several seconds in the center as a guide
with the pin 24 as a guide. · The bracket 26 fixed to the block 14 : M-shaped lever 27 is pivotally
connected, and the horizontal leg 27 of the lever 27 and the stone A2S are connected to the hook
and the collar is lowered to the locking position shown by the stopper 25 at $ 1411 by the pull *
# i 2I at all times. I will let you.
In the locked position, the pole receiver 20ft @ and the inner end of the rod 2910 are stopped by
the stopper 25) to stop the inward movement, and in this state, the slide ring 11 is engaged with
the block 14] by the pole 19. You can move up and down with this one. However, as described
later, when the stopper 25 ascends to the unlocking position where the stopper 25 partially
escapes from the recess 23 as shown in FIG. Retractable and tl, pole 1! Is the arm that joins slide
ring 11? , 10. The receiver 4 etc. O by its own weight> 21i-pressure is pushed into the hole 18. In
this case, the engagement between the block 14 and the slide ring 11 is released, and the slide
ring 11 slides down the block 14 as well, and the receiving (4) ε · ′ ¥ 1 liquid amount 4 closes.
Ki? The stopper 25 is configured to be raised to the above-mentioned unlocking position as
follows. That is, the support lever 311 is pivoted on the support member 311 fixed upwards and
upwards and fixed inside, and the support head 52 is fixed to the upper portion of the support 6
and the guide support 3S can be vertically moved at its upper end. When the lower end is pinconnected to one end of a lever 540 pivotally supported at its central portion on the column
head 32, it is connected to the other end of the lever s4 and the V-shaped bar 510 horizontal leg
31 & and the hook wire 55%. Thus, by pulling the lever 310 vertical leg 5111 by pulling the
tension spring S4, the upper end of the push rod 3 always protrudes from the upper end of the
column head 32, and in the closed state, the bar s10 is vertically deformed. The leg 31 'kl is Vshaped and is configured to face the A-27 () vertical leg 2711 with a small space Ilt.-A suspended
cable (a weight 571c passing through in the center hole is provided in the center hole. (5) '1)'
Next, the operation of the present invention will be explained.-When the drive source expands
and contracts, the plotter 14 and the slide ring 11 are integrally displayed by the cylinder 15. Lift
and lower the arm! To move the receiver 4 up and down. However, if the drive source breaks
down to t & if the liquid receiver 4 is opened, it will not be possible to close it by means of the 麹
O 如 source. Fall along the When this happens, the bush rod 35 is pushed down by the weight 57
or the drop impact of the weight 57, and the V-shaped bar s1 is moved through the lever 54 and
the wire 55, and the vertical leg 151m1 is the vertical leg 27111 ′ ′ FIG. Push to position. The
stopper 25 is raised to the unlocking position by the pushing action and is closed as described
If it is a closed umbrella, the suspension cable 4 is wound up and the runner 3 is stored in the
storage cylinder 2. After storage, lift the weight 57 by means of the spring 54]. The lever 34, vshaped bar 31 is returned to the original position, and the rod 29 is returned to the original
position by lowering the slide ring 11, but) (6): 9-7 · ′ ′ stopper xs # iH 2) Return to the locked
position again ・ The present invention has the above configuration and is provided between the
drive source and the slide link by structure and operation in the very cylinder J1 of dropping the
weight with the hanging cap as a guide (1) Locking of the engaging device, releasing the selfweight of the opened member, and automatically closing it, so that even if the drive source
breaks down, it is not necessary to perform underwater restoration work. In 'p, there is an
uneconomical measure to cut off the hanging cable and abandon the hanging material.
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