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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 2 are cross-sectional views of an acoustic
wave transducer embodying the present invention. Coils 4 and 5 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
magnetic metal pieces, 7 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и braking material. Also -97-1-55-1 48 940 (2) clean
/ figure 2 figure = 98-
[Detailed description of the invention]-[-This invention relates to the improvement of a
transducer for exciting a structure such as a side, a ceiling, or a screen to emit an acoustic wave,
and employs an electromagnetic driving method of one side drive. The purpose is to make a
small, high-performance acoustic transducer. The transducer type which excites the abovementioned structure and emits sound waves has recently attracted attention as a novel
loudspeaker, but a moving type drive has been adopted to drive the transducer. . Is this exactly
the same as a normal cone-shaped or horn-type loudspeaker that requires a large width on the
diaphragm? Because of the four types, it has many entry points as follows. That is, first of all, the
small-to-small ratio can not be made because the small magnet and the large magnet are
considered to be cheap. Second, because it must be concentrically arranged with the magnetics
rotation tower and the drive coil and containing a co-chairman, high dimensional N change is
required in manufacturing, and it is necessary to drive during long-time use. The failure often
occurs due to the creep of the spring material used for the coil. Third, it requires a large amount
of current to drive. This is far greater than general cone and horn loudspeakers because of the
large structure to be excited in a loudspeaker that drives a structure such as a wall or ceiling due
to a transformer type -2- type. Although a large input power is required, it is difficult to increase
the electrical impedance of the drive coil in the electrodynamic drive, so there is no other way
than to hang a large drive force by the dog ti. In the case of a transformer type loudspeaker
without a pen, the required vibration and strength are small, usually 5 '') 4D width y) 10 o <и ') /
It is a good idea to use a subtractive electrokinetic type expander that has the advantage of being
able to Therefore, the emergence of a driving method suitable for the transformer door type was
expected. This device uses the one-sided drive type of electric wire drive to meet the purpose of
the above except for the above a4. In order to make it possible to use an open magnetic circuit
which includes permanent magnets and has a number of magnetic poles in a transformer, it
comprises a drive coil sunk to 7 parts of a core ring, and the upper ! By applying a magnetic
force between the magnetic structure placed opposite to the pole or the magnetic piece of the
magnetic portion or structure of the 1-i structure by applying a magnetic force between it and
the magnetic flux, Generating a sound wave e% mark.
In general, in the electromagnetic drive system, a magnetic circuit including a permanent magnet
and a drive coil are integrally formed, a magnetic metal piece is mounted as an object to be
driven, and seven driving forces are applied to one of the magnetic circuits. It is roughly divided
into a side drive type and a balanced drive type. The latter requires high T production and is
suitable for dog shooting width movement, so in the present invention which does not require
dog swing, high working precision is not required, and the required V & width is sufficient. The
one-sided ? @ type electromagnetic assistance system that can be used is adopted. Hereinafter,
the present invention will be described. FIG. 1 is a diagram showing one example of the
configuration of the present invention. 1 1/1 11/11 structure, such as a large piece, a screen, etc.
to scatter the sound wave excited by a transducer, a permanent magnet such as a 21 size ferrite
magnet, 3 a drive coil fitted to the inner pole, j is an external pole attached to a permanent
magnet-4. The crucible is opposed to the inner pole dab, and a magnetic piece such as a magnetic
gold piece or magnetic ceramic piece bonded to the spring 7 1.1 The spring elastically supports
the cobbles such as the permanent magnet co, drive coil 3 Glued to body /. As the core spring (?
? Because the static magnetic force always works, it is preferable to use a metal material with
less creep, and lAo is a damping material, paper, glass wool, all-round plastic, etc .; In the
configuration E below, the treatment requiring the nt degree is the inner pole of the magnetic
circuit member and the outer pole left Jl: the first thread position of the magnetic it 6 pieces, and
the movement parallel to the surface of the metal piece Because it does not become between $ и
so much, it is a gap between the two sides. Therefore, it is easy to finish by C and @, and the
performance is stable. In addition, since the drive C coil is larger and the number of turns of the
winding can be increased as compared to the cypress cedar, the magnet 6 can be made relatively
small-accordingly, the small size, @dressing becomes IjT ability, and is made Ordinance costs will
also be cheaper. Furthermore, since the electrical impedance of the drive shaft coil 3 is large, the
drive current may be relatively small. FIG. 2 shows another embodiment of the present invention
in which an alloy permanent magnet is used as the permanent magnet 2. In this case, the
configuration of the inner cedar is also good. In the case where the reconnaissance body is made
of an ITfl material such as an iron plate, the magnetic wire 6 is sterile. Therefore, for this
purpose, the present invention can be used not only as a loudspeaker but also as a reverberantresistant stomach with a steel plate, and the driving method of the civil engineering device is o] '
Therefore, it can also be used as Bikano 1, 1 As mentioned above, if the present invention is
angled, it is easier to manufacture compared to the Transdeu length of Myouden type driving
wheel, Kosugi lightweight, fake performance There are effects that can be provided with four
transformers f =--without cost.
Hirotumi, ni's simple theory 11 evening "in Fig. 1 and P 21:" I j ", & f (a plan view of a sound
wave transte-y-su who has carried out a devise. / @ Construction и force,-permanent magnet, 3
drive coils, ? ? ? and j magnetic poles, 6 magnetic gold scale pieces, 7 springs, r damping
material. -6-7f / '7'6, иии ? 7 r иии 2 ? Figure vt day 48940-1 и ? attached document 0 ? 11 + 1
specification (2) drawing 1 specification (3) designation 1 letter (4) Application form 1 duplicate
(51 application examination request letter
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