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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a prior art example,
FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing one embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 3 is a
perspective view thereof, and FIG. It is a sensitivity characteristic figure compared. DESCRIPTION
OF SYMBOLS 1 ... bimorph, 2 ... cone-shaped resonator, 4 ... composite resonator, 5 ... rubber-like
mount, 6 ... attachment plate, 7 ... case, 10.11 ...・ Terminal pin for electric signal person output,
15 ・ ・ ・ Annular groove. Fig. 1 Fig. 2-165-Japanese Utility Model Application 51154172 (2)
Fig. 3 qb-i diagnosis 4 sisters 1, 1,-4 (d% lpkr> j 5 # t /! ] 褒 卜 KHz-166-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an ultrasonic
ceramic microphone. A conventional ultrasonic ceramic microphone connects the apex of a metal
or resin conical resonator (2) to a bimorph (1) in which two circular or square Ith electrosyllabary eliminators are laminated as in the case of Thl bad (3) The shaft (3) is attached to a pair
(υ 乙 (Rigi joint (4) ヲ mounting plate (6) attached via elastic adhesive Q 61, and they are stored
in the case (7) Is configured. In the case of such a conventional structure, the composite
resonator (4) is attached to the mounting plate (6) via the elastic contact agent i1e, and the time
required for hardening the shield is long, and the composite resonator (4) And the mounting
plate-取 り) are parallel, and there is a variation in the contact 瑞 thickness. For this reason, there
is a problem that the variation in the frequency characteristic of the microphone is large and the
sensitivity is lowered. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention solves the abovementioned problems, and provides an ultrasonic ceramic microphone whose frequency
characteristics are stable with no difference between products and whose sensitivity can be
improved. An embodiment of the invention will be described based on the drawings. 2. A
connecting shaft for attaching a conical resonator (2) to a hole provided at the center of pie 7 to
7 piles formed by bonding two piezoelectric ceramic vibrators so that the separation directions
face each other in FIG. (3) Completely mounted, the bimorph (the coffin with a metal or a
mourning mourning-like circular element (2) t-hammer 1 fixed to a composite part of the
bimorph (2)構成 メ j jy (4), and the electrical signal is received by the sound wave K or the sound
wave effectively generates the electrical signal. (A rubber mount that attaches the compound
resonator (4) to the valve by attaching an adhesive and prevents the excessive movement of the
compound resonator (4). The ring edge of the ring is used to hold the node S of the vibration of
the composite resonator. Further, an annular groove formed with the side station 121 IWc is
configured to be fitted to the edge of the hole (6a) of the mounting plate (6), and the rubber
mount (5) is attached to the mounting plate (6). It is structured to be removable. As described
above, the mounting plate (6) has a hole (6a) of the same diameter as the annular groove-of the
rubber mount (5) at the center and the electrical signal input / output terminal bins α and Qll
are implanted. It is done. (2) {circle over (2)} is a lead wire for electrically connecting both
surfaces of the composite resonator (4) and Masuko bin @ (company). (9) is a gold-base, which
electrically conducts the case (7) and one of the terminal pins αO to provide a shielding effect t.
(8) is a shielding net, which is attached to the radiation opening of the case (7) to provide
internal disturbance protection and shielding effect. The case (7) is sealed with the abovementioned tapping composite resonator (4 to the rubber-like mount (5), mounting plate (6) and
(3) core IC core wire o2α31i, and for internal coma, as well as terminals Electrical conduction is
established between the bin Q (I and the metal base (9) and the shield network (8) to prevent
external noise (shield effect). The sensitivity characteristic of the present invention thus obtained
is superior to the conventional sensitivity characteristic as shown in FIG. In FIG. 4, ^ is the
sensitivity characteristic line of the present invention, and (g) is that of the conventional one. As
described above, according to the present invention, the rubber mount can be easily attached to
and removed from the mounting plate, and the rubber mount can be freely rotated, so that
directivity adjustment and frequency adjustment of the microphone are easy. Even if there are
variations in component dimensions, it is possible to select a composite resonator that matches
the component dimensions. Also, since the elastic adhesive t-valve is not attached to the
mounting plate as in the prior art and lH contact-fixed to the rubber-like mount, the attachment
can be easily held in height and parallelism, and the characteristic difference between products
As a result, the sensitivity has been improved as the frequency has decreased, and an ultrasonic
ceramic microphone having stable characteristics has been obtained. (4) It does] = S 悄
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