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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view showing the main part of a
conventional cutting head. FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a conversion element showing how to
use a piezoelectric element as an electromechanical conversion element. FIG. 3 is a perspective
view of a piezoelectric element used in the present invention. FIG. 4 is a side view showing an
embodiment of a cutting head according to the present invention. 1 is a piezoelectric element, 2
(a cutting needle, 3 a needle support, 4 a leaf spring, 5 a conductive damper, 6 an auxiliary
damper, and 7 a heater wire.
Detailed description of the invention The winter iJ plan is a 4T cup with a l-h abrasive element
and a cup 1 nogu-nod with 篭 '^ 侠. As the conventional n noning hedodo, it is common to use lk
magnetic kurakura, but because it includes コ よ 倉 倉 倉 倉 ci ci ci ci ci ci ci カ ッ テ ィ ン グ カ
ッ テ ィ ン グ − − 波 波 -wave cutting, video disc The frequency is required n, 11 1 or -t) '-"cutting * il K is a piezoelectric type cutting head in which the piezoelectric element is an electric
machine R * manual, or 1 l II slack n. 1st-shows that -f4. In the figure, a piezoelectric element is
used which is made of, for example, a material of lead zirconate a lead and a column of a cedarlike shape is used, and its thickness compensation tank is used. The latch is 1 檜 aS to the latch 1
/ tack (the base of the 2 is the porter +8 to the base), and the piezoelectric element vc is bonded
to the plate spring through a hook 嚇. The end of the piezoelectric element 0III is bonded and
held to the conductive damper 1ω. In this case, a conductive damper is used to bond the
piezoelectric element t1) to the through spring (a and the conductive halo)-the voltage supply is
9 ° when the voltage is supplied to the slope of ω and 4k. There is no need for the drawer 41
from the battery. 16) The auxiliary damper is a cedar-like shape that is used as an auxiliary
damping. -The sword is a heater, and it improves the 19-cut I11 performance by heating the 19force 7-arm. The dimensions of the piezoelectric element are the required high frequency limit
frequency and one m, 4 (y + ... Young's modulus, f ... 1! (9) In the case of normal titanic acid ·
Norkonodan feed, straight @ 5 ■, in the case of a thick 5.8-0 cylinder, the resonance point to
determine the high-pass INIFjl wave at is m · i (m,! It becomes about 300 KH electricity. Father,
the pressure @ constant d 55 is soo <1 o − ”“ f s / v ”” 4 0, 47 sP − PO 5 i 4 Ruri Kurai
requires 1 · 5 KV pressure and pressure. It is not necessary to supply the pressure foot pressure
which the A-characteristics 11 Io 4 bite in the vicinity of the dust swing point of one temperature
element. On the other hand, this piezoelectric element adds high frequency high pressure and
heats up to a certain amount of loss due to 畿-at time t 4 and heats up, ll 1 II e element is
present, its 懺 IM warmth is four wave number when sts's shell is usual The total power of 1
'slfiml EFEt KVP-F to 100 reaches 100 C. More than 1000 C to dki I et al. However, in the
conventional example, since the piezoelectric element and the tip of the kerotinogue needle are
separated, this heat can not be used as a ninth heater source for improving the machinability at
the time of a notch.
In the prior art, high pressure is required in the prior art in the conventional example, and an Oneedle porter for holding an imitation Kutch 1 / gu needle is required, and the friction heat is
generated effectively in this rolled piezoelectric element 4) could not be transmitted to the
cutting needle, and this could not be used as a heater for improving the machinability; 8). The
present invention avoids these drawbacks and requires a relatively low supply voltage. The need
to use a port for attaching the needle directly to the piezoelectric element 419 makes it
unnecessary to use a mechanical needle of a piezoelectric element, and the mechanical loss heat t
of the piezoelectric element can be effectively transmitted to the needle tip. Etc., efficient work
(in production # 鵜 、 − 〇 工 カ Cutty knob head holding II serving C and t purpose. FIG. 2 is a
representative example of the direction of the minute mp and the application of the voltage V
when the piezoelectric element is used as an electro-mechanical transducer. In the case of using
@ 2- @-linear thickness vibration, this is ntMVh in the conventional example. When the supply
voltage V is a single pair, it is shown that the amount of the cedar wood Δe # 1 dss constant is
determined only by L. 鷹 2 · b Fig. When using a horizontal bond of bonds, if the t amount Δj,
−1 Llkl & the pressure V is constant, it is determined depending on both the d31 constant and
the element size I understand. In the case of using the second · eWJFi thickness all 9 伽 casting,
the variable cedar amount Δ 1 is indicated as C which is determined by 1 of the dry scale when
the auxiliary tank of tAat pressure is used. That is, even in the case of the i deviation, the tS
amount dd is proportional to the fixedness. Here, when taking l [O average of d constant of each
tank titanic acid-zircon a spit and taking a comparison, dss: dss: d, s-1: 0.44: 1.52 and dI. Is the
largest. So thickness Toadms)? If you compare it with the case where it is used and the place
where it uses all thickness 9 (dos) gold, supply voltage-e =. It can be seen that the latter 0'7F can
be viewed as efficient because all the deformation quantities of 7 are centered only by the d
constant regardless of the element size. When using a horizontal effect stretch (dss) metal, the
amount of deformation is not a few but a 9-degree change to the dimensions of the element, but
because the number of six feet itself is small, it has a length of 1 and a sense of thickness There
is a need to increase the ratio, so that the frequency of A is low, or the size of the gap between
terminals is small. If it is necessary to work on the above and apply titanoic acid norco / di, and
the pressure sensor element to air mechanical conversion, it can be seen that it is most
accomplished to use a thick film. This is suitable for the driving of f & t Kutch 1 head of ω (use 7
with cedar-that t0TIIF!
にするものである。 Fig. 43 shows the shape of the piezoelectric element used in the present
invention 1CL and the direction of polarization, how to draw 1 pressure, and how to understand
#R. As shown in the figure, the piezoelectric element is formed in a cylindrical shape and the
polarization Pq) is selected to be in the axial direction IIQ of the cylinder. If the pressure is
applied to the inner circumference of the cylinder and the outer surface 111 and it pressure Vt is
supplied together, a relative displacement occurs between the circular surface of the cylinder and
the outer surface 4 # J, and the outer shoulder is fixed. It can be found that the i position is
generated in the direction of 44Fm in the KLO. Therefore, the cutting needle O base 41? It is
possible to make it a twintailed head by mating and mating. CC) 4 all LI) 1 m! − Is the case of
S.K. (do not use the thickness of 9 儀 sat., Look at that W electrical mechanical direct conversion
is going on, and also use Kakutai / 叶 4 conventional example 顕 (use company port (The
piezoelectric element can be mounted in 9 n, and the aim is to be 9 sr-11 s, which has a simple
structure. My father, turtles and others O Since the #IL bundle is tortoise shell 411H in the
ganglia, the tip of the needle effectively passes the tij, and the pain is also on the floor. In order to
concentrate on the minute hand anis, the heater @ is also cool. True 4 bad 4: The main part of the
actual example of Katchi 1 Nogu Rad according to the invention-a view. 1'A is formed in the form
of a cylinder 111i with a pressure element, and it is polarized in 1 to which oil can be used in a
manner that can be used in the description. {Circle over (3)} 1) No, or 11) of the enema of 7. 1)
Conductor 4 is a cemented layer material t (I). It is good to be able to cedar the yen circle 4D1 at
the time of opening the pole. 8) Piezoelectric son t-retain, and lead to an outer 4-needle lyrical
earth of 1-1 pieces. ツ 、 1 1 行 + た め + 礪 礪 ll ll ll 1 1 1 1 1 1 ll ll ll ll ll + ll ll + 失 ll 1 1 1 1 1
1 1 ダ ll 1 + + た め た め + + 礪 + + 材料 材料 1 1 1 ダ ダ ダ ダ ダ ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll
ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll. (4m) (4k) is It pressure A? 1 There is a skin C C 9 yen Out of the 11
pressure 11 child 141 k 7 k, @ 7 t け ら ル を, from the electric power; II! 1 has been issued. It is
a cylinder of the same size as Zhoudong 11th King Shoudong, which is the same size as Zhoto, 11
姶 Q assembly, 4 immersion 5-invasion U- 4-2 4 9. In addition, the impedance value of 4L 411 to
"-4" showed the same value as the conventional example (# amount is about 100 F?). In this case,
the pressure is 4 P 賜 P-PO. Also, the temperature t of the tip of the cutting needle is a double
frequency at 140 with few heaters.
It has been confirmed that the voltage rises to 1008 C or more at a voltage of 50 ports vP-P.
Kutch 1 y g level when using the change # H formula which makes the carrier 4 the level and the
fluorescence in the case of the thing of the kernel No. II. The a coefficient of pressure Ill forceps
is indicated by C and t which can omit the heater IIt by swinging the loss gJ. However, in case of
knocking 1 Nog at relatively low wave number or t-level, Wcki complementarily by means of
conventional heater O heater @ application or addition is a combination of II power and 1
pressure high shear pressure. There are 1 to be considered and 4 to apply. In the case of lead
zirconate titanium, one chip is 30 ports 0 C or more, so that the element is deteriorated by the
heat of 100 to 20 ports 0 C necessary for the heater. J '"J'" capsule "Katchi 1 / Gu needle into the
masculine masculine, and it's an eastern structure. If the piezoelectric element is polarized in the
proper direction and the father's four turtles are provided, even if it is in the shape of a prism, or
even a yo-yo, '1: 4 effect 4t' It can. More than 1 カ to 1 窮-first to 窮-1! It is possible to hang the
kanoteinogu with a little extra llN voltage compared to the court. For example, in the
conventional example, a voltage of 1.5 KVP-2 or more is required to obtain a cloudiness of 0.471
aapp, but if the work is performed with ease, a 90-neck vPP 4iE is sufficient. 疵 菖-for the
addiction 11! The risk of handling “14” (l is easy to handle 9 or high pressure tQR9 of the
vessel is also reduced. 9) Work on the recommendation of the configuration of 4. The Kanoto
Nog Kamakura compression element can be removed directly by 9 dimensions, and the
conventional 1-needle boat becomes a military resource, and the number of i items A decreases
and (! There is no decrease in the mass of i-几 上 曙 善 Il good top 4! +4 spoofs. Further, it is not
possible to lead to the cutting needle the thermal habituation that occurs in the piezoelectric
element IT- 19 to the cutting-out needle, the Kutch 1 noda 'lk note 1 in one. Heater 1-River ((員
員 e 喝 喝 勅 勅 出来 る 出来 る 出来 る 出来 る. So, how is it (this 1's efficiency is large, mr'p6 is
easy, when the superiority of the hitch 1's tes tes. もので69. The effect 4 is big.
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