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Bright a tatami 1, the name of the invention
Ultrasonic transmitter
6- Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an ultrasonic transmitter
for level surface measurement. An object of the present invention is to provide an ultrasonic
transmitter having a very simple structure and suppressing side lobe ratio (ratio of maximum
sound pressure amplitudes of the first side lobe and the main lobe, respectively) in level surface
measurement. The method of suppressing the side lobes of a conventionally known ultrasonic
wave transmitter can be roughly divided into two groups of sound sources forming transmitting
(receiving) [a child (hereinafter referred to as a transmitter, abbreviated as a group of
geometrical array 1c mechanical The method is divided into an electrical method of modulating
the transmission amplitude and phase r of each of the transmitter groups. Among them, the
mechanical method of the former has a defect t that the mechanical structure and the
configuration become complicated because it is manufactured in the shape of one pair of each of
the deflecting elements forming the group sound source and geometrically arranged. Because of
this, it has the disadvantage that the electrical circuit becomes complicated. The invention (or the
above-mentioned drawbacks? In order to eliminate the two-cylindrical structure, install a stagewise reflector on the radially vibrating transmitter to reduce the side rope ground metal of the
transmitter. The detailed description of the invention will be made below with reference to the
drawings. FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of a transmitter provided with the stage-by-stage
reflector of the present invention. In the figure, 1 is a transmitter, 2 and 21 are reflectors, 3 is a
n-stage installed between 2 and 2 degrees, and 4 and 5 are sound pressures of the vibrator 1 by
the reflectors 2 and 21 respectively. An annular sound source 6 formed by reflection n is a
central axis of the annular sound source 4.5. The amplitude of the EndPage: 1 transmitter 1 is
constant in the radial direction, and the sound pressure after being reflected by the 1 reflector 2,
2 'to become the scaly sound source 4, 5 is also constant with respect to axial feeling of flesh.
Inside and outside diameter of annular sound sources 4 and 5 in Fig. 1? If 7 ° (t) 75 + 74 is set,
the directivity function R 1 6 6 exhibited by both sound sources is the angle formed by the two.
Now the wavelength r of the ultrasonic wave in the medium, the axial length of the transmission
polariser? Let L-P ?, and the inner and outer diameters of the annular sound source; 7.7 '2.75
and 74' r. However, m and p are positive numbers, q is a positive integer, and Q <'ItQ1. When
measuring a level surface with an ultrasonic level meter, given an object to be measured, a
measurement distance, measurement conditions, etc., specifications of an optimum ultrasonic
frequency, a transmitter used, etc. are determined from sound wave propagation. Therefore, in
general, the suppression of the side lobe ratio when the wavelength incidence and the
transmitter shape P ^ are given by the equation (2) becomes a small value -20 FIB. (The
directivity function of the equation is expressed as the vector sum of the directional
characteristics of the annular sound sources 4 and 5 of FIG. From this point n, relationship golds
of the side lobe ratio minimum points of FIG. 2 and the annular sound sources 4 and 5 are
obtained. The directional characteristics kR + and R2 of the annular gold sources 4 and 5 are
determined by the following equations 2), (5) and (4).
Measured = F, 10 F; + 41 (2), (3) and (4 n = 0.67 'jf is substituted for the minimum point of the
side lobe ratio given the same conditions as FIG. Figure 3 is obtained. FIG. 3 is a characteristic
diagram of the directivity characteristic and the comprehensive directivity function exhibited by
each annular sound source. In the same figure, 8 and 9 are the directivity characteristics (R1,...)
Of the annular sound sources 4 and 5, respectively, and 10 is the total directivity function [R1
exhibited by 4 and 5]. As shown in FIG. 3, the minimum point of the side lobe ratio of the
comprehensive directivity function is given, and the position of the stage of the 段 stage and the
number of reflection zones is: ring sound # 8 v first side lobe and n second side lobe of annular
sound source 9 Sound pressure amplitude (IR, l, local maximum value q-0 of IR2 effect (a
conventional shape 1 without a reflector CC stage, a directivity function in the case of n = 1). FIG.
5 shows one finger characteristic of the step reflector transmitter which is not invented. In the
figure, 12 is the directivity function of the field bone to make the position of the non-invention
step coincide with the side lobe ratio minimum point in FIG. The position and the depth of the
step of the reflector of the same numerical value 2 reflector as m + p are the same as in FIG. 4
are n input (n = 0671 and q input (q = 11), respectively. According to the second embodiment,
the side lobe ratio is improved by 9 dB. That is, according to the non-invention, the side lobe ratio
is suppressed in EndPage: 29 ultrasonic level measurement by an extremely simple method, and
the total signal-to-noise ratio (SN ratio) of transmission and reception corresponding to the side
lobe ratio is 18clB (send? 'DB + reception 9 佃 = 18 dB). Invention 7 airborne ultrasonic waveWhen used for measuring powder and lumps in the storage tank level or narrow in-tank sewage
and sludge level, the side lobe is attenuated by 186 B compared to the main rope, It has no effect
on the unwanted echoes (noises) of the reflection PFfJlk etc. other than the measurement object
in the tank, which enables highly reliable measurement. As described above in detail, according
to the present invention, an ultrasonic transmitter having an extremely simple structure and
superior directivity characteristics becomes possible, and the invention is applied to a level meter
and a distance meter using all uninvented whole air ultrasonic waves. Especially effective.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a characteristic diagram of the transmitter installed
with no stage reflector, and FIG. 6 is each annular sound source with a field with a minimum
point of side rope ratio in FIG. FIG. 4 is a characteristic graph of one directivity function of the
conventional transmitter and FIG. 4 is a characteristic graph of the one-finger cyclic function of
the transmitter of the non-invention. '@ N O, 67 o 20 brute 4 items fifth mouth EndPage: 3
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