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Specification 1, title of the invention 2 patent +: range of f L desired 1 thin diaphragm
(diaphragm) and (electromagnetic device magnetically coupled to a predetermined portion of the
diaphragm of I11 to induce vibration of the diaphragm And a supporting device for supporting
the diaphragm and the electromagnetic device, wherein the electromagnetic device is
magnetically coupled to a portion of the diaphragm remote from the center of the diaphragm.
Electro-acoustic transducer
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an electro-acoustic
transducer, not only to the field of use merely as an acoustic transducer itself, but also to a watch
(timepiece), in particular an electro-acoustic transducer for a watch. The types of functions built
into watches are increasing with the advent of electronic watches. One of the most widely used
and widely regarded functions is the alarm function, which uses a transducer that converts
battery electrical energy to acoustic energy. There are several types of clock-electricity-acoustic
transducers. First, there is a piezoelectric transducer using radially polarized relamic pellets
which extend radially when a voltage is applied to the transducer electrodes. The pellet is
adhered to and supported by a copper-beryllium diaphragm (a moving plate). The expansion of
the pellet deforms the diaphragm and a sound wave is generated accordingly. Despite its
simplicity and affordability, this type of arrangement is not satisfactory due to the following
drawbacks. That is, the sound level is low at low frequencies, the impact resistance is weak, a
metallic sound, and a strong vibration sensation in a vibration state. Furthermore,
electromagnetic transducers with modular transducers are also known, in which the
electromagnetic device contained in the pot excites a small diaphragm as large as the pot. The
acoustic response curve of this known transducer is not good but can be improved by adding a
larger or smaller sized resonant cavity. A converter, such as using a buzzer developed for alarm
failure, can only operate at one definite frequency. Despite these extremely simple structures and
their modular nature, they are not satisfactory due to the following serious disadvantages. That
is, very high current consumption levels, poor responsiveness at low frequencies, and even nonflat frequency response curves. With these drawbacks in mind, such arrangements can not be
used to produce different sounds, and as a result, it is impossible to generate different melodies
that are currently desired for the alarm function. is there. The object of the present invention is
to reduce the power consumption, to show good characteristics at low frequencies, and to sound
similar to chime, ie a sound like that of Westminster with a frequency between 500 Hz and 1500
Hz, for example. It is to provide a converter to a sufficiently loud electricity-sound that can be
Another object of the present invention is to provide a modular transducer which is easy to
assemble and which is compatible with a watch.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing the transducer
embodying the present invention and its arrangement in a watch, and FIG. 2 is an exploded view
of the components of the transducer and the watch in the assembled position. And FIG. 3 is a
diagram comparing the characteristics of the converter according to the invention to that of the
known converter. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1-Case, 2 ... opening part, 3 screw, 6 ring, 8
diaphragm, 9 plate, 10 electromagnetic device, 11 pot, 13 yoke, 15 core, 16 coil, 24 hour hand ,
25 minutes hand, 26 seconds hand. Agent Attorney Toshio Yano. 1”・、I::’、’3.1.
Zees S 7 1 鯵 5, lEndPage: 4
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