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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 2 are perspective views of the tape
recorder of the present invention in different states. Inside 1 ..... Tape recorder body, 4 ..... Storage
operation part, 5.5 .. ... Speaker part, 7, 7 ..... Front plate, 8 ░ 8
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Bellows.
Detailed Description of the Invention) Reno The present invention relates to a portable tape
recorder. Recently, small-size one-band tape recorders are in widespread use, which are used not
only to record or reproduce tape recorders in a warm place, but also to reproduce while walking
in a town or the like. By the way, this kind of tape recorder generates 11v sound from Subika
when playing in one home normally, but it uses f more than headphones when playing and using
while playing in 1 # in the town! Listen to it; In the present invention, the tape recorder is stored
in a cassette). A central storage operation unit having two chambers or operation members etc.
and left and right speaker units incorporating a speaker are formed separately, and the @ lki # Ii
of the speaker unit and the rear cabinet are extended and contracted. If you connect with a
remarkable bellows and use a tape recorder in the house, you can use a tape recorder to extend
the size of the speaker room by expanding the speaker room and enjoy the sound effects Va, and
enjoy playing on the speaker.? When using a tape recorder, squeeze the bellows,) make the
speaker small and use it conveniently for the horizontal band, ?) Make it possible to enjoy the
reproduction with headphones ? ? f f, ?, Oh, N a. A, 9 ? o 1 will be explained accordingly.
1111 Tape recorder main body, cassette storage room (2) Recording member, operation member
31 for recording, reproduction, etc. (center storage operation unit (4) having a иии, left and right
containing a speaker (not shown) Speaker part + 51151 and I: It is formed separately. In the
speaker section + 51f51, an @ facing plate 171171 having a sound output hole 16161 and a rear
cabinet +8118+ are connected by an expansion / contraction 1 member, that is, a bellows +91
+91. As described in E, the tape recorder according to the present invention ? Fpi, 1 03 03.
Therefore, it is possible to place the pupil on a stand in the house and play it again. As in the case
where the speaker portion +51 [51 formed by the front plate f71 +71 and the rear cabinet
+81181 is sufficiently enlarged C: C, the acoustic effect V can be enhanced. Next, when you visit
the tape recorder V, shrink the specified bellows + 91191, @ 1 Fig. 1-Snake as shown in the
figure) Belly 19 + + 91? You can listen to the tape playback sound with headphones (not shown)
by storing it in the cabinet + 81181 and keeping the 12 mobile phones and inserting the head 9
phone plug (not shown) V into the headphone shirt crook O. . As described above, the tape
recorder according to the present invention has the front plate of the speaker unit and the rear
cabinet extended. !
Are connected by a material, so that when playing back a tape in the dormitory, the speaker
room can be enlarged by extending the material, and the sound effect can be enhanced to listen
to music of 1% H sound quality. In addition, at the time of carrying, it is possible to shrink and
store the above-mentioned expansion and contraction self-supporting member in the cabinet (by
two, it can be convenient to 111 band). ????
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