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The present invention is applied to an ultrasonic transducer using a bonding type piezoelectric
element, and it is an object of the present invention to provide an ultrasonic transducer having a
sharp directional characteristic and a good pulse characteristic. In ultrasonic transducers used in
air. A large number of piezoelectric ceramic bonding elements are used, and J1 is made to be
used at the resonance point 1 anti-resonance point of the flexural vibration of the abovementioned bonding element. -Also, since the mechanical impedance of air is much smaller than
that of the piezoelectric ceramic, the bonding element is coupled to the diaphragm to reduce the
mechanical impedance. The structure of a conventional ultrasonic transducer is shown in FIG. As
shown in the figure, the coupling shaft 2 is fixed through the center of the laminated
piezoelectric element 1 by K, ワ, and the diaphragm 3 is placed on the coupling shaft 2 and the
lamination 4 is formed into a piezoelectric element. The vibration node of the element 1 is fixed
to the tip of the support 4 with the elastic adhesive 6). 6.6 'is a case for covering a terminal, a is a
case for covering and protecting the bonding type piezoelectric element 1 etc., and 8 is a
protective cover 7 attached to a through hole formed in a part of a Kusuf 1.99. Reference symbol
· denotes a lead wire electrically connecting the bonding type piezoelectric element 1 to the
terminal 6 ° 6. At the time of wave transmission, a Shinetsu voltage is applied between the
terminals 6.6 and thereby vibrating the bonding type piezoelectric element 1. It is driven by the
bonding type piezoelectric element 1 to the vibrating plate 3 and radiates an in-the-air ultra-rich
wave. At the time of wave reception, the vibration plate 3 is vibrated by airborne ultrasonic
waves and propagates in the air, and the output type F1− is generated in the bonding type
piezoelectric element 1, and an output is obtained from the end −f6.6 · . FIG. 2 shows a
transmission waveform when the ultrasonic transducer of the above structure is driven by a
plurality of pulses, and the rise and fall are slow, and the time is as long as 2 ms or more. . When
it is necessary to obtain quadrature information at short time intervals using such a conventional
ultrasonic transducer, the signal received by the receiver falls due to long rise and fall times.
Before the next signal was received, accurate measurement information could not be obtained. In
the case where transmission and reception are performed by a single element, it takes a
considerable amount of time to transmit and immediately make it ready to receive, and the
measurement information is obtained for the length of time to be able to receive. You can't.
Furthermore, when trying to sharpen the directional characteristics of an ultrasonic transducer
using piezoelectric ceramics, the diaphragm, the bonded piezoelectric element, and the support
for supporting the bonded piezoelectric element become much larger. There was a drawback of
Even if a large diaphragm is used, it is difficult to actually make the piston vibrate and be busy,
and the directional characteristics did not become sharp for increasing the sound source. Even if
you try to sharpen the directivity characteristics using a horn, it is not easy to answer that
lowering the mechanical Q and improving the pulse characteristics Vl. In the present invention, a
diaphragm is provided at the center of the bonded piezoelectric element, and the periphery of the
diaphragm is elastically fixed to the case with an elongating material such as elastic rubber to
suppress mechanical vibration, and the opening is formed. The thin plate and the horn are added
to solve the above-mentioned mirror point and to provide an ultrasonic transducer having a
sharp directional characteristic and a good pulse characteristic. Hereinafter, an embodiment of
the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. FIG. 3 is a cross sectional
view of this embodiment. A conical diaphragm 13 made of metal or resin is attached to a
connecting shaft 12 disposed in the middle L portion of the disk type bonding type piezoelectric
element 11. The peripheral portion of the diaphragm 13 is elastically fixed to the inner side
surface of the cylindrical case 17 by a shock absorbing material 20 such as elastic rubber to
suppress mechanical vibration. Even if the bonding type piezoelectric element 11 is fixed by the
elastic adhesive 15 on the tip of the support 14 at the node of the vibration, it is 1-. A thin plate
22 is disposed and purchased in front of the diaphragm 13. The thin plate has an opening 21 of
1-elliptical shape centered on a straight line passing through the joint shaft 12 and other
openings 21 provided concentrically with the open portion 21. ている。 The case 17 and the
thin plate 22 are fitted and held in the throat of the parabolic horn 23. 19.19 · Electrodes and
terminals of laminated piezoelectric element 11. It is a lead wire electrically connecting i6 '. The
shape of the opening 21. 21 'of the thin plate 22 varies depending on the size and thickness of
the bonding type piezoelectric element 11, the size and thickness of the diaphragm 13, the
central angle, etc. Shown in. Each drawing fA) is a plan view, and the drawing tB1 is a crosssectional view. Next, pulse characteristics of the ultrasonic transducer according to the structure
of the present invention are shown in FIG. As is apparent from this IV-, the rise of the pulse, the
standing -1, and the duration of less than 0.3 ms--Fig. 18: iAl is an actual 5% example when
pointing [Bj indicates a 41'1 directional characteristic of a comparative example having the same
specification as the d embodiment except that the Nj plate is not installed in front of the
diaphragm. 1) As is clear from the comparison of the figures (At, fB), according to the present
invention, the site 1 cope is greatly reduced according to the present invention.
Spatially (for example, -1- lower, -1, right) almost uniform pointing inertia can be obtained, such
as J'l, -6, the case 1 and the thin plate 13 are integrally formed Jb Then, it will be 1414 that the
spatially more uniform directivity characteristics will be covered (not only 4! Variation of l + 'l is
reduced, assembly is easier, and mass production is even easier. Furthermore, if the integral
formation [7 coosf and / (suya 13 is made of a conductive material and is connected to the end),
it is possible to improve the noise properties. 1 ') As described above, according to the present
invention, an ultrasonic transducer having sharp directional characteristics and good pulse
characteristics can be J1 and can accurately measure information at short time intervals. It
became. As is apparent from the description of -1 below, the piezoelectric transducer of the
present invention according to the present invention is a bonded type j with a bonded type j (F
main cord) in which a diaphragm is connected to a central portion to a transducer. The
supporting table, 7ft 'bonded! fF-Sealing material (case 1) (1) A shock absorbing material
provided as in contact with the peripheral portion of the plate j and the inner surface of the case
Z). A thin plate with an open portion installed in front of the diaphragm, and a horn that encloses
and fixes the case and the thin plate in the city [7; I was to suppress the mechanical vibration of
the board 4 ·! It is a feature. This ultrasonic transducer C1, pointing! The problem is sharp and
pulse! 侍 + '1. Good! 7), it is possible to obtain accurate measurement information at short time
intervals, and it is necessary to use a sound wave to measure sharp directional characteristics
such as a distance meter, etc. It is useful to have it in the i't 21 "ear earwax" measurement.
Brief description of the drawings
The first line 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an example of a conventional ultrasonic
transducer, and FIG. 2 is a view 1 'showing its pulse characteristics.
FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the ultrasonic transducer according to
the present invention, and FIGS. 4 to 16 show a representative example of one of the thin plate B)
is a cross-sectional view, '4', FIG. 17 (a diagram showing pulse 1 in FIG. 18 d, FIG. 18 fA), (B) i ′
′ t force of each example and comparison example It is a thousand in the figure shown. 11 · ·
Bonding type piezoelectric element, 13-diaphragm, 14 · support base, 15 · · · Elastic adhesive, 1
γ · case, 20 · · · · · · Buffering material, 21. 21 '· · · · Opening 122 · · ·-Thin plate, 23 · · · Horn.
Name of agent Attorney Nakao Toshio and others 1 person Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4
(A) Figure 5 (AI Figure 6 (A) (8) (B) Figure 7 (A) (B) Fig. 8 (A) (B) Fig. 9 (A) (BJ Fig. 10 (A'n 'β' Fig.
11 (4) / B) Fig. 12 (A) (B) Fig. 13 Figure tAnn (B) (IJ) (B) (Al (E3) (A) / B not Figure 17
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