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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an
ultrasonic probe, and more particularly to an ultrasonic probe widely used for precision
measurement of medical devices and the like. [Prior Art and Problems Thereof] There are various
types of vibrators such as disc-like ones and rectangular ones, which can be loaded into an
ultrasonic probe. On the other hand, as ultrasonic probes for medical and precision
measurement, there are many things that precisely measure a wide-range V-stiffened root
measurement object and signal-process the change and record it on C or T or recording paper.
Therefore, in order to improve the measurement accuracy, it is necessary to satisfy various
requirements such as 1 that the resolution is good or that there is an approximately equal-level
ultrasonic output from the entire output side, for example. . 1 and 2 show an example of a
medical or precision measurement probe conventionally used. In this conventional example, first,
a high frequency provisional vibrator is used with the intention to improve resolution, and
matching layer 3 and acoustic lens 2 are respectively mounted for the purpose of improving
ultrasonic output and preventing beam fraction. . Furthermore, on the back side of the vibrator 1,
a back & 4 as a vibrator holder is fixedly mounted. In addition, 5 shows a case. Further, as shown
in FIGS. 3 to 5, the vibrator 1 has the electrode 11.12 shaped as shown in the figure with respect
to the piezoelectric element 10 such as titanium zirconate lead, and the lead wire 13 The one that
is soldered as shown in each figure. In this case, as the & movement element l, a book in a state
of being subdivided by guishing processing is used as shown in FIG. However, each of the
transducers IA, IA,... Subdivided by the vibrator 10 icing process has a width l of 0.15 (Tnr 4 ′)
and a spacing S between the transducer I and the human phase tile, for example. Since the value
is 0.021 mπm], the transducers IA adjacent to each other by the soldering work. Due to the fact
that some of the IAs are short-circuited and it is difficult to attach the lead 13 ° 14 for mounting
uniformly to each vibrator etc. Not only the cost but also the productivity was so bad. SUMMARY
OF THE INVENTION The present invention improves the disadvantages of the prior art, and
achieves uniformity of productivity and quality, and is capable of outputting an ultra-half-wave of
substantially uniform intensity from the entire surface of a vibrator. The purpose is to provide
the entire ultrasound probe. [Summary of the Invention] Therefore, in the present invention,
ultrasonic waves are formed by bonding the vibrator to a full length back plate and then
segmenting the vibrator by guishing processing, and laminating the matching layer and the lens
body on the outer surface of the vibrator. In the feeler, a reinforcing plate is fixed to both side
surfaces of the back plate, a plurality of electrodes for signal extraction are formed on the
reinforcing plate, and the electrode and a folded electrode on the vibrator side end are wirebonded The constitution of conducting by law is adopted to achieve the above object.
DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS The first embodiment of the present
invention will be described below with reference to FIGS. 7 to 11. FIG. In these figures, l indicates
an ultrasonic transducer as in the case of the conventional example described above, and 4
indicates a back plate as a transducer holder. As the ultrasonic transducer 1, one using a
piezoelectric element such as lead zirconate titanate as a raw material is used, and as the back
plate 4, the above-described conventional example and the V-plastic or rubber-based member are
mainly used. It is used as a material. This backboard 4 is. Although both corners 4A and 4B of the
surface to which the ultrasonic transducer 1 is attached are in a chamfered state as shown in the
drawing, they may not necessarily be processed in this manner. Further, reinforcing plates 20.21
are fixedly attached to both side surfaces of the back plate 4. Each of the reinforcing plates 20,
21 is formed of an elastic member 1 having a small thermal expansion coefficient, such as a
metal oxide, as a material. 1. A signal extraction polarization 20A for using the first ultrasonic
wave transducer 1 as a transmission / reception transducer on the outer surface of each of the
reinforcing plates 20 and 21. Twenty people,..., 21A, 21A,. Then, the back plate 4 is paired and
the reinforcing plate 20 ° 21 is abutted and fixed as shown by arrows A and A in FIG. 8, and
then the ultrasonic transducer 1 is in contact with μm 1 of FIG. It is supposed to be heated by ft.
For this reason, since the thermal deformation of the back plate 4 or the action of the reinforcing
plate 20.21 is suppressed, the ultrasonic transducer 1 is completely fixed in a flat state and
firmly fixed to the back plate 4. FIG. 9 shows a state in which the ultrasonic transducer 1 is ffJldifferentiated by guising after fixing of the ultrasonic transducer 1 described above. In this case,
6 transducers IA. The dimension l of IA,... And the distance S between each other are set to be the
same as those in the prior art. In addition, the electrode surface 31.32 of the valleys of the
respective transducers IA, IA, ... and the folded electrode surface 31A, 32h id are formed in
advance as shown in FIG. The piezoelectric element 10 on which the electrode surfaces 31A and
32A are formed is rounded at its end 10A and IOB, whereby the adhesion strength of the folded
electrode surfaces 31A and 32A is significantly enhanced. In this formula, the child IA of this
vibration L1 is always searched for whether its effective vibration area U or the inner center j
315 iC'a of the entire piezoelectric element 10-1 of the vibrator IA is 1? It is set to be on the
center line of the feeler. 10 to 11 show Pi!
A state in which the valley im-drawer electrode 20A on the reinforcing plate 20 ° 21, 20 h,.
Show. As a result, the disadvantages relating to the prior art known manner are greatly improved.
In this case, in the non-embodiment, the transducers IA are formed into blocks for each of a
plurality of groups so that a voltage of a predetermined frequency is applied. The same applies to
valley attachment electrodes 21A, 21A,... V attached to the reinforcing plate 21 side. And, each
lead wire 40.41 formed by this wire bonding is equipped so as to be bent to the back plate 4 side
as a whole as shown in the figure, whereby the lead wire 40. in the subsequent processes is also
provided. It is greatly suppressed whether it is 41 withdrawal accidents. As shown in FIG. 11, the
respective lead wires 41 are entirely covered by the mold member 50, thereby
completely preventing the detachment of the lead wires 40. 41 described above. , Return light
electrode 31A, missing 4Lt due to foreign substances in 8 areas! There is an advantage that it can
be excluded. Since the lead rods 40 and 41 are arranged along the back plate 4 as shown in the
figure, adhesion of a small amount to the mold member 50 is sufficient, and this causes
extraneous material to be attached to each transducer IA more than necessary. It has the
advantage of eliminating the 4f. Figure 12 shows a second example. In this embodiment, the lead
wins 40.41% -the same No. 415 extraction electrode 2oA, t conducts to 21A, and the multipletheta oscillator IA is shown in the whole outline of a plurality of oscillators IA in seven groups. As
in the second embodiment, a contact-type adhesive 42 is used with a conductive adhesive 42.
The braiding and wire bonding of the lead wire 40 may be omitted into two as shown in the
figure. The other structure is the same as that of the first embodiment described above. In
addition to VCl, which has the same function and effect as the first embodiment described above,
it is also advantageous that the wire bonding operation 1 t jj is further shortened. [Effects of the
Invention] As described above, according to the non-invention, after the ultrasonic transducer
formed in a square shape is fixed to the plate 7), then the ultrasonic transducer is subdivided by
the da-f-gear / gearing process, In the ultrasonic probe formed by laminating the matching layer
and the lens body on the outer surface of the valley super wave & wave element formed by this,
reinforcing plates are provided on both sides in the longitudinal direction of the eye 1J clevis
plate The reinforcement plate is provided with a plurality of signal lead-out electrodes conducted
to an external circuit and wire bonding is used to form a return electrode and the signal lead-out
electrode previously formed on the ultrasonic wave element. Is it the constitution that conducts
by law?
Since it is adopted, the disadvantages of the prior art associated with the soldering of the lead
wire can be eliminated by the conventional technology, which causes the adhesion of foreign
particles and other foreign matter as in the prior art and between the transducers. Since there is
no conduction 41 associated with the attachment and no lead is attached under the same
conditions, + and c, each vibrator has the same vibration condition as the six vibrators. In general,
it is possible to output ultrasonic waves of generally low intensity, and at the same time, the
working time is greatly shortened, the quality is further improved, and thus the medium pressure
property can be sufficiently improved. Produce In addition, the valley lead wire formed by the
above-mentioned wire bonding is bent to the back plate (11.11, and the entire lead wire portion
is covered with a mold, so that the detachment accident of the lead wire is caused. Further, it is
possible to provide an unprecedented superior ultrasonic probe which can reduce the number of
mold members simultaneously and can significantly increase the overall durability.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is an external view showing a conventional example, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken
along line 1-- in FIG. 1, FIGS. 3 to 6 are explanatory views showing the conventional example, and
FIG. FIG. 8 is an exploded perspective view showing a first embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 8 is a perspective view showing an ultrasonic transducer before dicing processing, and FIG.
9 is a perspective view showing a state after icing processing of an ultrasonic lifter FIG. 10 is a
perspective view showing the condition of the lead wire by the wire bonding method, FIG. 11 FIG.
ii is a longitudinal sectional view including a forceps portion, and FIG. 12 is a perspective view
showing a second embodiment. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1, IA ... Ultrasonic transducer, 2 ...
Lens body, 3 ... Matching layer, 4 ... Back plate, 20. 21 ... Reinforcement board, 20A, 21A ... Signal
extraction electrode , 31 A, 32 ° person ... folded back, 50 ... molded member. Fig. 1 Fig. 2 I 1 10
', Fig. 6 Fig. 7 Fig. 6! Fig. 9
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