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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an
ultrasonic probe which transmits and receives ultrasonic pulse beams to perform ultrasonic flaw
detection or ultrasonic diagnosis and the like. (Prior art) Ultrasonic diagnosis or ultrasonic waves
are transmitted by transmitting an ultrasonic pulse into a sound field medium such as a human
body to be diagnosed or a metal welding portion and receiving a reflection echo from the sound
field medium. Ultrasonic probes that perform probing etc. are well known. In this probe, the
sound pressure on the central axis of the piston pregnancy mover is unstable due to a complex
disorder in the near-field nearer to the transducer than the near-field limit distance x0, as is well
known. It is stable at distances greater than the distance xo and gradually decays with increasing
distances from the distance lIX, at a maximum. This near-field limit distance x 0 is determined by
X o = a 2 / ? (where a is the radius of the transducer and ? is the wavelength of the ultrasonic
wave), and if the wavelength ? is constant, It is determined. From the point of view of
measurement, it is desirable to select one in which the stable region near the near sound field
limit distance substantially corresponds to the distance from the surface of the sound field
medium to the echo generation point. Therefore, when used for various sound field media in
which the distance to the echo generation point changes significantly, it is necessary to change to
ffi moving elements with different diameters each time, which requires time and several types of
imaging moving elements The disadvantage is that it becomes expensive to prepare the
(Problems to be solved by the invention) It is an object of the present invention to provide an
ultrasonic transducer in which the above disadvantages are eliminated. (Means for Solving the
Problems) In the present invention, the contact formed at least at one end portion of a ferrous
material such as silicone rubber and having a shape in which the one end portion decreases in
cross-sectional area toward the tip A tip of the contact is brought into contact with the vibrator,
and at least one of the contact and the vibrator is movable so as to change the contact area
between the contact and the vibrator. . An embodiment of the invention will now be described
with reference to the drawings. In the drawing, (1) is a cylindrical contact made of a flexible
material such as silicone rubber, and this contact (1) has one end face on which a conical
projection (1 ^) is formed inside And fit into the hole (3) of the case (2). The vibrator (4) is
mounted with a damper (7) in the hole (6) of the member (5), and the surface is covered with a
front plate (8). This front plate (8) is for protection of the image pickup element (4) and for
improving the sensitivity, and has ten thicknesses of wavelengths unique to the oscillator. The
mounting member (5) is connected to the hole (3) of the case (2) and screwed to the small hole
(9) whose screw is screwed on the circumferential surface, and the oscillator () is advanced and
retracted within the small hole (9) by its rotation. 4) was able to change the degree of pressure
welding to the contact (1) through the front plate (8).
aO is a lead wire connected to the electrode of the vibrator (4), and this lead wire (IO is led to the
outside through the insulation vibrator q1. The drawings show only one for simplicity. a3 is a lid
member. Although the conical projection (1A) is formed on one end face of the contact (1) in the
illustrated one, it may be a truncated cone or dome as long as the cross-sectional area decreases
toward the tip. . Moreover, although the contactor (1) whole was formed with a flexible material
in the thing of illustration, the one end part is formed with a flexible material, and the material
which does not bend the same specific acoustic impedance as the other part of this. Can be
composed of (Operation) The operation of the present invention will be described with reference
to the drawings. When ultrasonic diagnosis of the human body is performed using the illustrated
probe, the depth to the echo generation point of the ultrasonic wave is assumed in advance, and
the mounting member (5) is obtained so that the near sound field limit distance corresponding
thereto can be obtained. The area of the contact (1) to be rotated and pressed against the
vibrator (4) is, for example, the size shown in FIG. Next, if the lower surface of the contactor (1) is
brought into contact with the human skin surface via a contact medium such as grease and
ultrasonic waves are transmitted into the human body, the probe is sensitive to the echo from the
test site in the human body Receive waves well. When the depth of the test site in the human
body changes significantly, the attachment part It (5) is rotated again so that the echo has the
maximum amplitude. (Effects of the Invention) According to the present invention, even when the
distance from the contactor surface to the echo generation point changes, it is possible to always
set the super dragon wave probe in the best condition with a simple operation, and many Since it
is not necessary to prepare an image pickup motor, it has an effect such as being inexpensive.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a crosssectional view of the main part when adjusted to be in a different state.
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