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The present invention provides a wide area speaker that spreads the sound of the speaker over a
wide area, and a headphone that can adjust the volume of the left and right speakers equally at
any seat in a circular music venue. The conventional speaker has a drawback that the majority of
people except the front of the speaker can not hear the sound because the sound is transmitted
only to the front. (T) Furthermore, in venues such as concerts, the front left and right? Even if
this speaker comes to the venue, the majority of people may not be able to hear true stereo
music. In this system, a funnel-shaped ceramic reflector is installed to diffuse the sound of the
speaker over the entire 360 ° or over a wide area. Further, the present invention provides a
headphone which can be adjusted so that the volume of a sound such as a whistle can be always
equalized at the bottom of the body using ceramics. (3) Configuration of the Invention The
present invention will be described as follows based on the drawings. (A) A full-area speaker with
a bowl-shaped reverberator installed Fig. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the bowl-shaped ceramic
reflector of the present invention installed on the front of the speaker. (1) is placed in front of the
speaker cone so that the sound of the speaker can be diffused around the 360 °. A cylindrical
noise prevention zone (3) is installed on the outer periphery between the speaker and the
reverberator (1) to control noise and fix the reflector (1) to the speaker with a screw. . FIG. 2 is a
partially cut away view of the noise prevention zone (3). Although the conventional speaker has
directivity, it can only transmit sound at a certain angle on the front of the radio, but with the full
range speaker of the present invention, the sound is diffused to the surrounding 360 °, so
centering it as shown in FIG. Everyone in the can hear the voice. In addition, in order to transmit
news from public offices etc. by speakers, speakers with different angles are installed in one
pillar and transmitted to the residents of the whole area. If the whole area speaker of this
invention is used It can be transmitted to the whole community with only one speaker. If this
whole area speaker is installed in the ceiling of the central part of the room in a school, a
company, a hall, a temple, a church etc., all can fully listen to classes, instruction, lectures,
methods, etc. There is. As shown in FIG. 5A, the radio equipped with the full range speaker is
effective not only for listening to broadcasts and music but also as a decoration. As shown in Fig.
5B, if you use a radio equipped with this whole area speaker and put a compact disc or cassette
tape on it and put it on a altar, altar, etc. and write it, or write a scripture, congratulations, etc. Of
course, children also have the advantage of being able to naturally grow their religious and moral
minds and to be able to recite the scripture sufficiently.
In this case, it is more effective to display flowers and the like at the top of this radio, and to
imprint a compact disc or tape on the front with the emblem of each religion or house. As shown
in FIG. 4, the speaker of the present invention is installed at the center of the music venue so that
the music from the right is output, and the left speaker is output from several speakers placed
around the periphery. The viewer can listen to true stereo sound by arranging the seat so that
the wide area speaker is on the right and the outer speaker is on the left. This wide-area speaker
not only spreads the sound to the whole area, but also uses ceramics for the rattle-like
reverberator (1) and further copper at the bottom to improve the sound quality, so the music
with excellent sound quality I can hear you. If this sound quality improvement body (2) is made
of an alloy of gold and copper, the sound quality is further improved dramatically. (B) Wide-area
speaker with funnel-shaped echo system Fig. 6 is a cross-sectional view of a wide-area speaker
with a funnel-shaped ceramic echo system (1 '). The bottom of echo area (1') is in the center A
circular sound quality improvement body (2 ') such as copper with a round hole is attached, and
a truncated cone noise prevention wedge (3') is installed on the top and the outer periphery of
the speaker and reverberator (1 ') Fasten with a screw. FIG. 7 is a partially cut away view of the
noise prevention weir (3 ') of this wide area speaker. In this wide-area speaker, the echoes (1 ')
are funnel-shaped, and the echoes (1') are in front of the plate of the speaker box as shown in
FIG. There is also the characteristic that it is diffused in the direction, and the stereo made with
this speaker, the radio cassette player can hear the three-dimensional sound with a sense of
reality with the spread of the sound further expanded. The sound quality is dramatically
improved if an alloy of copper and gold is used for the reflector (1 '). (V) Volume Adjustment
Headphones As shown in FIG. 9, this is a headphone in which the volume from the left and right
speakers can be freely adjusted on the left and right sides. Adjustment knob (a combination of
several crescent-shaped thin plates (7) such as plastic that does not vibrate at all even when
receiving sound waves in a ring shape and installed on the left and right headphones (6) This
volume control headphone has a structure in which the size of the hole of the headphone (6) can
be freely adjusted by rotating 8). A round hole is formed in the outer part of the head system (6)
so that the sound from the speaker can directly enter. As shown in Figure 4, when listening to
music at the center of the left and right speakers in a circular music venue etc., it will be a true
three-dimensional sound, but if the seat is biased to either the left or right The volume from the
nearer speaker is high, the volume on the far side is low, and the volume at the left and right ears
is unbalanced, resulting in no true three-dimensional sound.
In this case, if you install the volume adjustment headphones of this invention and rotate the
volume adjustment knobs (8) of the left and right headphones (6) to adjust the volume to the
optimum level for your own ear, the seat will be left and right anywhere You can adjust the
volume of the speakers to a well-balanced volume that matches you, so everyone can be euphoric
with wonderful stereo music. (4) Effects The wide-area speaker according to the present
invention is disposed on the entire surface of the bowl-like or funnel-like ceramic speaker body
speaker cone so that the sound can be diffused over the entire area of 360 ′ ′ ′ . Moreover,
the sound quality is particularly excellent because the reverberator is a ceramic and the bottom is
equipped with a sound quality improvement body such as copper. (A) The whole-body speaker in
the form of a reverberator spreads the sound at 360 °, so it is effective when used in a school,
company, venue, temple, etc. In addition, when using this whole area speaker when notifying
residents in a municipality etc., there is an advantage that it is possible to notify the whole area
with only a single set of several conventional ones. If the radio equipped with this whole area
speaker is of course placed as a general radio, in a god shelf or altar, with flowers etc. on the top
and a tape or compact disc in a cabinet, stream a scripture or a congratulatory note, etc. It is
valid. In the circular music venue etc., this whole area speaker is installed at the center to emit
music from the right direction, and several speakers on the outer circumference emit music to
the left, and the right direction audio is directed to the left with the right ear. If you arrange the
seat so that you can hear the sound to the left ear, there is an effect that you can hear the true
three-dimensional sound. (B) A wide-area speaker with a funnel-shaped reflector spreads the
sound in the front and side directions, so installing it in a stereo or radio cassette has the
advantage that the sound range can be expanded further and the true three-dimensional sound
can be heard. (C) When listening to music in a circular music venue you can hear true stereo
sound when the seat is in the middle of both speakers, but true stereo sound when the seat is
biased towards either speaker Can not hear. In such a case, when the volume adjustment
headphones of the present invention are attached, the volume of both speakers can be adjusted
to the optimum sound m respectively by the sound fit adjustment knob regardless of which seat
is specified, and all the viewers can The wonderful three-dimensional sound has a euphoric
Brief description of the drawings
1 is a cross-sectional view of the full range speaker, FIG. 2 is a partially cutaway view of the noise
prevention zone, FIG. 3 is a layout view when the full range speaker is installed, and FIG. 5A and
5B are radios with full-range speakers installed, FIG. 6 is a cross-sectional view of a wide-area
speaker with a funnel-shaped reverberation body, and FIG. Is a diagram installed in a radio
cassette player, and FIG. 9 is a sketch of a volume control headphone.
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