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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
sound collector for selecting and listening to a specific sounding area from among a large
number of sounding areas.
2. Description of the Related Art The most convenient method is to listen only to a specific voice
out of a large number of pronunciation points, for example, voices emitted from unspecified
directions such as crowd utterances and speeches of many people in a conference. A person can
achieve a certain purpose by turning his face in that specific direction. This action is to collect
sound waves by directing the pinna in a specific direction. In addition, it is also a common human
action to listen with the hand attached to the ear if there is a shortage. As a prior art which
developed such an operation | movement, Unexamined-Japanese-Patent No. 9-37396 is
mentioned. The present invention is a sound collection hearing aid provided with a holder that
can be attached to the pinnae with an introduction plate for changing the approach angle of
sound waves, and the propagation relationship between the pinna and ear canal functions as a
wide band resonator. It is a structure to make it Therefore, the directivity is not so much
required, and a person who wants to convey the requirement is at a close distance to compensate
for the deafness. When emphasizing directivity, a directional microphone may be used. As a prior
art for collecting and listening to voice in a specific direction, there is JP-A-10-200998. The
present invention is a megaphone in which a microphone, a preamplifier, a main amplifier, and a
horn type speaker are integrally combined, and in addition to the function of expanding the
conventional voice and transmitting it in a specific direction, the horn type speaker is collected. It
is used as a sound device to extract voice as an electrical signal and to listen to voice from a
specific direction through a receiver. Such two-way applications are performed by switching
electrical circuits. In this case, since the speaker and the horn are set to resonate, the raw voice is
not transmitted faithfully, and only the wavelength that is easy to transmit is emphasized.
Therefore, switch the switch to the person who listens to the sound. There is a tendency to
become metallic voices rather than listening to raw voices. In addition, in order to hold the horn,
it is necessary to prepare a grip at a position where the vibration of the horn is not particularly
suppressed. Such a megaphone aims to listen to command transmission and transmission
confirmation at a considerable distance outdoors, and achieves the purpose if the content of the
voice is clear. The present invention provides an easy-to-use sound collector for the purpose of
listening to a content such as a meeting, a party, a meeting, etc., in which the attendees speak to
the speaker or to any one of the attendees. The purpose of the present invention is to listen to a
live sound with a sense of reality without giving a sense of incongruity even in a tense scene such
as a round table meeting, such as giving a crafty design to a sound collecting member.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The problem to be solved is to provide a sound collector for
picking up and listening to certain natural sounds as clearly as possible.
According to the configuration of the sound collector of the present invention, a microphone and
a speaker are installed inside a sound collecting member in which the cross-sectional space of the
other sound collecting end is larger than that of the one end. A sound collector is provided which
amplifies the decaying volume and / or range of the sound to activate the speaker so that both
the sound of the speaker and the collected sound can be heard through the tubular sound
conducting member.
An amplifier is provided between the microphone and the speaker, but the amplifier is preferably
installed inside the sound collecting member. The sound captured by the microphone is a part of
the collected sound, and the speaker is arranged so as not to seal the inside of the sound
collecting section, so it transmits the atmosphere of the venue as it is and the speaker lacks
volume and does not clear sound To make up for The amplifier selects and amplifies the tone
range, that is, the frequency band of the voice and performs automatic adjustment of the volume,
for example, listening at a substantially constant volume even when the voice of the speaker
suddenly decreases or increases To be able to Also, since the collected sound is propagated
inside the flexible tube and sent directly to the ear of a person, it is possible to hear raw sound.
The tubular sound-conduction member may be branched in two directions midway to pass
through the both ears, but the sound collector of the present invention allows a specific person's
remarks to be felt while feeling the atmosphere of a meeting, a party, a meeting, etc. It is
preferable that one side of the ear be open because it is intended to be heard.
In addition, while the voice is directly transmitted through the sound guide member, the electric
signal of the microphone installed inside the sound collection member is amplified or oscillated
and wired or wirelessly to the human ear through the earphone or receiver. Transmit voice.
While listening to the collected sound with one ear directly, the unclear sound can be amplified
and the other ear can hear it. Of course, only one side may be used. If the wireless system is used,
since the user can listen to the sound in a specific direction even if the sound collecting member
is separated to some extent, there is an advantage that the operation of the listener is not
And, the sound collecting member is made of material such as horn, metal, plastic, flexible
material, etc., and it does not require resonance as in the horn speaker in particular, and its
thickness is also used in accordance with the industrial design Not to break the atmosphere of
the place where In the case of a flexible material, it is used in various forms as described later in
consideration of convenience. Further, since the shape of the sound collector of the present
invention is suitable for sound collection, it may be used only with the sound collecting member
and the sound conducting member without using electronic members such as a microphone and
a speaker depending on the environment and conditions. .
If priority is given to convenience, it is convenient to configure the sound collecting member so
as to be freely reduced. By being able to be stored in a small space, a portable sound collector
can be provided. The contractible structure is such that the sound collecting portion is formed of
soft plastic such as nylon or polyvinyl chloride, and the beams are arranged in parallel in a
plurality of rows parallel or spirally contracted like a small fold or bellows. In addition, various
methods can be used such as forming the sound collecting member into a plurality of looped
shapes and sliding them so as to shorten their length.
In addition, the sound collecting member is placed on a stand and placed on a desk so that the
direction of the opening can be freely changed by hand, and the sound collecting member can be
held by hand in any desired direction. It is also possible to listen only to the desired voice by
turning the opening side.
DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS FIG. 1 (a) shows a sound collector 1 showing
one embodiment of the present invention.
A sound collecting member 2 has a shape in which the cross-sectional space of the other sound
collecting side end 2 b is larger than that of the one side end 2 a and forms an opening 5. A
tubular flexible sound conducting member 3 is connected to the one end 2a, and a mounting tool
4 having a hollow portion for mounting on a person's ear is connected to the other end. The
hollow portion continues from the opening 5 to the end of the mounting tool 4 with such a
configuration. The sound wave originating from the sound source propagates uniformly in all
directions with a certain degree of directionality, but when the sound collecting member 2 is
correctly directed to the desired sound source, the sound wave propagated to the opening 5 is
the sound collecting portion It gradually propagates to the back while reflecting on the inner wall
of the building. The structure of the inner wall surface of the sound collection member is
preferably always reflected in the traveling direction when a sound wave propagating almost
parallel to the center line in the opening direction is reflected, and speaking from the opening, a
cross-sectional space perpendicular to the center line is It becomes a converging shape that
decreases gradually. The surface shape whose cross-sectional shape gradually decreases may be
a curved surface or a straight surface, as well as a polygonal surface. Since the human ear canal
has a small opening area, it is necessary to gradually reduce the area of the opening 5. The sound
waves reaching the inside of the sound collecting member are densely packed at the converged
one-side end 2 a to become high-pressure sound waves with improved directionality, and travel
inside the tubular sound collecting member 3. Attached to the end of the sound guide member is
a mounting tool 4 having a shape that can be easily attached to the ear canal, and a dense sound
wave is transmitted to the ear canal so that a person clearly clears the sound from the opening of
the sound collector. I can hear it. Since the sound collector of the present invention is to listen to
the speech of a specific person while feeling the atmosphere of a meeting, a party, a meeting, etc.,
it is preferable that one side of the ear be open.
In addition to the above configuration, in the present invention, the microphone 6 is disposed at
an intermediate position on the inner surface of the sound collecting member 2, a part of the
sound wave inside the sound collecting member is extracted as an electric signal and amplified
by the amplifier 7 to obtain the speaker 8 Activate. These parts are enlarged and shown in FIG.
The speaker 8 is on the side of the one end 2a where the sound collecting member 2 converges,
and the outer diameter of the speaker is set smaller than the inner diameter of the sound
collecting portion at the arrangement position of the speaker. It does not block the When
mounting a microphone, an amplifier, a speaker, etc., when there is not enough space, a part of
the shape of the sound collecting member is expanded. Therefore, a part of the sound wave that
has entered from the opening 5 is absorbed by the microphone, and the remaining part travels
further, passes around the speaker, and travels inside the sound conducting member 3 together
with the sound of the speaker. The electric signal obtained from the microphone is amplified by
the amplifier and the sound is emitted from the speaker. However, the amplifier selects the
frequency band and amplifies it to cut the unclear low-pitched part etc., clears the contents of the
sound and amplifies it and conducts the sound It is a feature to transmit in the member.
Furthermore, even if the voice suddenly becomes louder or louder, the volume adjustment is
automatically performed in the amplifier to compensate for it, so that it is less likely to hear a
specific person's remarks. Since the sound waves of natural sound sources are transported
together, it is possible to convey the situation of the surroundings as it is.
FIG. 2 shows another embodiment, and FIG. 2 (b) is an enlarged view of a part of the sound
collecting member described above. The microphone 6 is disposed in the vicinity of the one end
2a where the sound collecting unit converges, and an amplifier 7a having an oscillating unit is
provided behind the microphone 6 so that the antenna 9 transmits an electric signal of the
microphone. The receiving side is shown in (a). The reference numeral 10 denotes a human ear,
which comprises an earphone 11 of a form which can be inserted into the ear canal, a coated
electric wire 12 and a receiver 13 connected thereto. The coated wire 12 is provided with an
antenna wire. The receiver 13 comprises a battery and a detection and amplification unit, and
receives an electric wave transmitted and sends an electric signal to the earphone. 14 is a manual
volume controller. In this example, the connection to the speaker is cut off by a switch (not
shown) so that only the transmission from the antenna is performed, and the other side through
the raw sound wave and the microphone entering one ear from the one end 2a through the
sound conducting member. You will receive the sound waves that will enter your ears separately.
Furthermore, if the sound guide member side is removed, although the sound wave of a natural
sound source can not be heard, since the person and the sound collector are completely
separated, there is an advantage that the operation of the person is not hindered. If the receiver
13 is placed in a chest pocket or the like, it will not get in the way. Although not shown, it may be
made inconspicuous by incorporating an ultra-compact receiver into an ear-hook type earphone,
and in addition to wireless, an amplifier may be connected to the earphone in a wired manner.
The power source is a small battery built into the amplifier or installed outside and connected
with a lead wire.
A stand 15 is rotatably attached to a part of the sound collection unit 2. In the example shown in
FIG. 1 (a), the other sound collection end 2b and the stand 15 can be kept in balance on the desk
surface it can. Therefore, the sound collecting unit can be manually directed in any direction, and
the elevation angle of the sound collecting unit can be changed by rotating and tilting the stand
15 in the vertical movement. The stand may be attached to the sound collecting unit, or a
separate stand may be prepared and a part of the sound collecting unit may be mounted thereon.
The sound collector according to the present invention has an object of selecting and clearly
listening to the speech of a specific person as needed from among the speeches of a plurality of
persons in a meeting or a conference. The overall configuration is to give a desk-like image,
decorate the outer surface of the sound-collecting unit, and use material such as horns, metal,
plastic, etc. to make the color tone calmer. To bring about an effect that makes you feel good.
In a somewhat colorful atmosphere such as a party or an event, one convenient to carry may take
The sound collecting member of the above-described sound collector has a constant shape, and is
rather bulky, so if it can be reduced, it is convenient for carrying. As an example, FIG. 3A shows a
sound collector 1a using an expandable sound collecting unit. The sound guiding member 3 and
the sound collecting member 21 can be separated by the joint 20. The sound collecting member
21 is divided into a plurality of pieces, and the diameter of each of the sound collecting members
21 is set to be successively smaller, so that the sound collecting member 21 can slide in the
longitudinal direction and can expand and contract. The shortened situation is shown in (b). The
material of the sound collecting member in this case can be a hard material such as metal or
plastic. An example of the sound collecting member using a soft material is shown in FIG. The
sound collecting member 22 is formed of a soft resin sheet in the same shape as that of the
sound collecting member described above, and a spring 23 whose radius gradually increases is
fused to the outer peripheral surface thereof. Therefore, the length can be shortened by applying
an external force that compresses the spring 23 in the longitudinal direction. If the material of
the sound collection member is polyurethane, soft polyvinyl chloride, silicone, etc., the form can
be maintained even if the thickness is about 2 to 3 mm, and if external force is applied, it can be
flatly stretched and extended. It is also possible to fold the sound collection unit 24 in a similar
manner. It is convenient for carrying if a tubular sound guide member is wound around it. A
bellows etc. can also be used as another shape. When the sound collecting member is made
freely contractible, each device such as a microphone, an amplifier, and a speaker appears to be
disturbed, but a long lead wire connecting each is prepared, as shown in (a) There is no
particular problem if one device is installed in one division such as a microphone in one division
and another amplifier in another division part in a form in which D can be divided. In the case of
a flexible material as shown in FIGS. 7B and 7C, each device protrudes, but the shape of the
sound collecting member can be deformed and reduced accordingly.
According to the sound collector of the present invention, when a plurality of persons speak at
the same time in a meeting, a party, a meeting, various events, etc., the speech of the person who
wants to listen can be clearly heard. You can listen to people's stories calmly without disturbing
the atmosphere even if placed on a desk with a decoration and a figurine-like image on the sound
collector. It can also be used by people with hearing loss to exert hearing aid effects. As another
application, the range of use of the sound collector of the present invention is wide, for example,
it is possible to listen to the roar of a wild bird or the sermon of a small stream by walking
around the mountain.
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