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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
speaker network circuit, and more particularly to a capacitor used in the circuit.
2. Description of the Related Art FIG. 1 shows a network circuit applied to a two-way speaker
system. That is, the network circuit includes a high pass filter 1 including a capacitor C1 and a
coil L1, and a low pass filter 2 similarly including a capacitor C2 and a coil L2, and adjusting
their capacitance (C) and inductance (L). Allows the frequency band of the signal supplied to the
speaker to be divided arbitrarily
Generally, aluminum electrolytic capacitors such as JIS standard 02 type or 04 type are used as
the capacitor for the network.
An aluminum electrolytic capacitor has a capacitor element obtained by winding an aluminum
foil for an anode and an aluminum foil for a cathode via a separator and impregnating the same
with a predetermined electrolytic solution. It is configured by being housed in a metal case and
sealing the opening of the metal case with a sealing material such as a rubber material.
By the way, although an aluminum foil having a purity of 99% or more or an alloy foil thereof is
used as the aluminum foil for the cathode, the conventional electrolytic capacitor using such a
cathode foil does not necessarily have an excellent reproduction sound quality. It was not
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention has been made in view of the abovementioned conventional circumstances, and its structural feature is that it has a plurality of
filters consisting of a capacitor and a coil, and the same filter In a speaker network circuit for
dividing a frequency band of a signal supplied to a speaker, an aluminum electrolytic capacitor in
which an aluminum vapor deposition film is formed on an aluminum foil for a cathode is used as
the capacitor.
The entire circuit configuration is the same as that of FIG. 1 described above, but in the present
invention, the following aluminum electrolytic capacitors are used as filter capacitors C1 and C2
In the same aluminum electrolytic capacitors C1 and C2, as described above, a capacitor element
obtained by winding an aluminum foil for anode and an aluminum foil for cathode via a
separator and impregnating a predetermined electrolytic solution thereto is used. Although it
has, in the present invention, an aluminum thin film is attached to the aluminum foil for the
cathode by vapor deposition.
A substantially smooth aluminum foil having a thickness of 5 to 100 μm, preferably 40 to 60
μm, is used as the base of the aluminum foil for the same cathode.
As a method of forming adhesion of aluminum to aluminum foil, a resistance heating method, an
ion plating method, a sputtering method, a CVD method and the like can be exemplified.
Further, it may be formed to a thickness of 50 to 10000 angstrom, preferably 1000 to 1500
angstrom in vacuum or in an atmosphere of an inert gas such as oxygen gas, nitrogen gas or
argon gas.
Here, two rated 50 V 8.2 μF JIS 04 aluminum foils are formed by using a substantially smooth
aluminum foil having a foil thickness of 40 μm as a substrate and an aluminum vapor deposition
film of 1300 angstroms formed thereon as a cathode foil. 12 dB / OCT2 way each of the product
of the present invention in which the electrolytic capacitors Ca and Cb are non-polar connected
as shown in FIG. 2 and the conventional product in which two conventional aluminum
electrolytic capacitors of the same rating JIS04 type are similarly non-polar connected It is used
as filter capacitors C1 and C2 for speaker network, and it is auditioned by five people by
comparison audition and the sound field feeling, information amount, frequency range balance,
localization feeling, transparency feeling, graininess, distortion feeling, medium range sound,
bass sound -It was judged about each item of bass sound quality and treble area texture, and it
was comprehensively evaluated from these.
The results are shown in Table 1.
The capacitors C1 and C2 were connected in non-polarity, and both of the coils L1 and L2 were
0.6 mH.
As can be seen from this table, although the product of the present invention has a higher score
in the evaluation sources of vocals, orchestra, jazz and piano, in particular, there is a large
difference in the sense of distortion and the amount of information in the orchestra. It was seen.
As described above, according to the present invention, the aluminum deposition film is formed
on the aluminum foil for the cathode of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor used as the capacitor
for the network, thereby reproducing the sound close to the original sound. A speaker network
circuit is provided.
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