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The present invention relates to a speaker with a headphone storage function. Here, it
demonstrates as an amplifier internal speaker. When the headphone stereo is not used, or when
the headphone stereo is used by connecting it to the amplifier built-in speaker, the storage of the
headphones can be performed easily and easily. When the headphone stereo is not used, as
shown in FIG. 1, the headphone (1) is housed in the amplifier built-in speaker (2) having the
shape of the head of a person in a state of using the headphone. This amplifier built-in speaker
(2) is a division type of the right side speaker in the front half and the left side speaker in the
back half. (3) is a power switch, and (4) is a volume switch. FIG. 2 shows the amplifier built-in
speaker (2) divided into the right speaker (5) and the left speaker (6). When the headphone
stereo (7) is used by connecting it to the amplifier built-in speaker, the headphone storage
section becomes the left speaker (6). That is, also in the headphone storage state shown in FIG. 1,
the left speaker (6) is actually used. In addition, in order to improve the holding feeling of the
headphones at the time of storage, a pair of screws (8) with a bowl-shaped head are added to the
places where the ear pads of the headphones are hit. When the inner ear type headphones are
stored, they are inserted into the pair of rubber rings (9). If the cord part of the headphone is
disturbing, use the pocket (10) provided on the back of the left speaker (6). In addition, it is
convenient to provide a storage space (12) under the full range unit (11) and store an unused
headphone stereo (7). By opening a duct hole in the storage space (12) ceiling surface, a bass
reflex effect can be expected when using the speaker. In addition, if the head band of the
headphone and the unit housing part are coordinated with the amplifier internal speaker in the
same color as an optional type, it will be beautiful and the product value will be enhanced. The
audio life will be even more enjoyable if you have the above amplifier built-in speaker.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 Front view of the present invention
2 is a perspective view of the present invention showing the configuration in detail
Explanation of sign
(1) Headphones (2) Amplifier built-in speaker (3) Power switch (4) Volume switch (5) Right-hand
speaker (6) Left-hand speaker (7) Headphone stereo (8) Wounded head Screw (9) is rubber ring
(10) is pocket (11) is full range unit (12) is storage space
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