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According to the present invention, a Peltier device is bonded to a magnet of a speaker to cool
the magnet and the voice coil, and a metal radiator is attached to a portion of heat dissipation of
the Peltier device. If you want to make a sound with a speaker, put the output current of the
amplifier into the voice coil of the speaker. The long-time use and large-sized FA or theater
speakers are the same as attaching an electric heater in the speakers because they have power of
several tens of wars and hundreds of watts, and they are touched by hand. Absent. When the
temperature of the voice coil and magnet rises, the impedance of the voice coil becomes unstable,
and the saturation curve of the magnet also changes, so the energy that changes to heat is larger
than the energy that turns the voice coil into sound, so it becomes original sound. I can not
expect close clear beautiful sound. The present invention can be said to be early conduction, and
when it is cooled, a large amount of signal current can be supplied to increase the driving power
of the speaker, and the voice coil can sound as distortion-free sound close to the allowable power.
The heat problems of many years of speakers have been solved in a simple way. (A) Adhere the
cooling part of the Peltier device to the speaker unity /) with an adhesive. (B) Bond a metal
conical radiator with an adhesive to the heat sink of the Peltier element. (C) Connect a constant
current power supply from the outside of the speaker box. The present invention solves the two
problems in such a simple manner.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 81 shows a Peltier element bonded to a magnet Fig. 2 shows a Peltier element bonded to a
radiator Fig. 3 shows an external power supply connected
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