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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to
improvement of a support system in a high heat resistant speaker unit.
2. Description of the Related Art FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view showing a conventional coneshaped speaker unit. In the figure, 1 is a yoke, 2 is a magnet fixed to the bottom of the yoke 1, 3
is fixed to the magnet 2 by a pole piece. A plate 4 is fixed to the upper portion of the yoke 1 and
a frusto-conical frame 5 having an opening is fixed to the plate 4. 6 is a spider as a support
member supported by the frame 5, 7 is a voice coil as a vibration system held at the center of the
spider 6, 8 is a diaphragm as a frusto-conical vibration system, the upper edge is a flange The
lower edge is supported by the spider 6 together with the voice coil 7. A gasket 10 crimps the
edge 8 a to the top of the frame 5. A dust cap 9 is fixed at the center of the diaphragm 8.
Next, the operation will be described. The input applied to the voice coil 7 generates driving force
in the voice coil, propagates to the vibration system, and is emitted as sound. In general, the
performance of the sliver 6 is required to be linear with respect to the diaphragm amplitude and
to prevent rolling (it is difficult to move with respect to lateral vibration). And a heat resistance
and durability, and in view of the heat resistance, a butterfly damper using a flat metal plate as
shown in FIG. 4 has recently been considered.
Problems to be solved by the invention The conventional spiders are constructed as described
above, so cloths, rubber resins and their composite materials are particularly problematic in the
normal use environment, ie around 20 ° C. However, when used in a high temperature
environment, ie, at 160 ° C. or higher, there is a problem that the resin melts, deforms or burns
out and can not perform its original function. In addition, there is also a problem that it is
necessary to sufficiently secure a wide reproduction band and to prevent an inherent sound even
in the case of processing a flat metal plate.
The present invention has been made to solve the above-mentioned problems, and a speaker unit
having excellent linearity and reliability without melting, deformation or burning of the spider
even in a high temperature environment. The purpose is to get.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In order to achieve the above object, the high heat resistant
speaker unit of the present invention is stretched in a frame having an opening, and supports a
vibration system at the center. In the speaker unit, the support member is composed of all or
most of titanium fibers.
The speaker unit in the present invention does not change even in a high temperature
environment by using titanium fiber having high heat resistance and high strength as a spider
material as a support member.
Embodiments of the present invention will be described below with reference to the drawings.
The same parts as or the corresponding parts to FIG.
FIG. 1 is a plan view of a spider as a support member of the speaker unit of the present invention,
and the spider is formed of a plain weave of titanium fibers.
FIG. 2 shows another embodiment, in which the spider is formed by triaxial weave of titanium
As described above, since the plain weave or triaxial weave of titanium fibers is used as the
spider material, it has the characteristics of high heat resistance and high environment
resistance. Shown in 1.
[Table 1]
As apparent from this table, the linear expansion coefficient of the titanium material constituting
the speaker unit as the support member of the present invention is about half that of aluminum,
and the characteristics at low temperature, the strength, and the toughness are hardly
deteriorated. It is good.
Further, since most of the acids and alkalis have complete corrosion resistance, and in particular
have excellent environmental resistance to seawater resistance, the speaker unit of the present
invention naturally exhibits excellent performance.
In the above embodiment, the spider has been described as the support member, but it may be
used for a support member such as the edge 8a having the same function, and the same effect as
the above embodiment can be obtained. The titanium fibers may be short fibers or long fibers,
and other fibers may be blocked.
As described above, according to the present invention, in the speaker unit provided with the
supporting member which is stretched in the frame having the opening and holds the vibration
system at the center, the supporting member is not limited. Since it is composed entirely or
mostly of titanium fibers, it does not melt or deform even when used in a high temperature
environment, and has the effect of obtaining a high-performance speaker with high heat
resistance and high environment resistance.
Brief description of the drawings
1 is a plan view of a spider as a support member according to an embodiment of the present
Figure 2 is a plan view of another spider as well.
3 is an enlarged view of the main part of the spider of FIG.
4 is a plan view of a metal spider used in the conventional speaker unit.
5 is a plan view of the conventional speaker unit of the present invention.
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5 Frame 6 Spider 7 as a support member Voice coil 8 as a vibration system Vibration plate 8a as
a vibration system Edge as a support member
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