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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention
simultaneously extracts sound from a sound source while combining sound collection directivity
with a plurality of sound collecting parts or collecting materials having different distances from
the sound source, and synthesizes collected sound signals. The present invention relates to a
sound collection method that causes a three-dimensional effect to a sound image of reproduced
sound, and a method of configuring a sound collection device.
2. Description of the Related Art In the prior art, the sound emitted from a sound source was
collected at only one point of a sound collector. The collected sound is generally reproduced by a
method of vibrating a diaphragm represented by a speaker. However, since the sound
reproduced from the speaker reproduces only the sound at one point, it was not possible to
reproduce the difference in arrival time due to the difference in sound frequency. Also, even if
the sound was collected and reproduced in the stereo method, it was difficult to obtain a threedimensional sound image except for the sweet spot because the sound was collected at one point.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention aims to give a sense of distance to a sound
image, and when using a stereo sound sampling and reproduction method separated into left and
right, it gives a sense of perspective to a sound image independent of the left and right. It aims at
obtaining the method of collecting the sound which can be expected that there is no sweet spot,
and can expect a cocktail party effect, and the sound collecting device to collect.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In order to solve the above-mentioned object, the present
invention uses a plurality of sound collecting units used for sound collection using a portion or
equipment having a plurality of sound collecting functions when collecting a single sound band.
It arranges so that it is in the same direction from the sound source and the distance from the
sound source is different while overlapping the sound collecting directivity of the functional part
or the equipment.
Sounds emitted from the same sound source at different positions from the sound source can be
collected, and signals from parts or devices having respective sound collecting functions are
synthesized into one and then reproduced.
When the sound source such as environmental sound has a wide range of frequencies, the
distance between the parts or equipments having the sound collecting function is equal to the
time when the sound is reflected by the human ear shell and bypassed, or an approximate time It
is desirable that there is a distance that can be secured between the parts having the respective
sound collecting functions or between the equipments. In addition, when the sound source is not
limited to a specific part such as chorus or orchestra, it is a sound collection that takes into
account the size of the environment in a specific environment such as a stage or adjusting the
distance between parts or equipment with sound collecting function according to the size of the
sound source It is desirable to adjust the distance between machines.
Also, if the sound source is a specific part, the sound collection characteristics of multiple sound
collecting parts or equipments will be sharper as they get closer to the sound source and wider
as they get farther, and if the sound source is not limited to a specific part If the sound is
collected without making an acute angle, the three-dimensional effect of the sound image is
The cocktail party effect can be expected by giving a sense of distance to the sound image.
In addition, since a sweet spot is difficult to exist in the stereo type audio reproduction method, it
is possible to feel a three-dimensional effect in a sound image in a wide range of the audio
reproduction device.
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