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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an
external sound listening headphone stereo which can attach an external sound capturing device
to a headphone stereo and can simultaneously listen to the headphone stereo sound while
listening to the external sound.
2. Description of the Related Art A conventional headphone stereo is a cassette tape or CD
reproducing apparatus for listening to sounds such as music with both headphones and
earphones in both ears. In general, it is lightweight and small and carried in a pocket etc. and
used for listening to music, English conversation, etc. while on a train or while walking.
As the headphone stereo is heard with both ears, it is inconvenient because it can not hear other
sounds during use, and can not hear in-car guidance voices and the like in a train. In addition,
while walking you can not hear car sounds etc. and it is dangerous. For this reason, it is
necessary to make earphones for only one ear or to make the stereo volume extremely small, and
it is not possible to enjoy stereo sound sufficiently.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION An external sound pickup and amplification device is attached to
a headphone stereo, and the reproduction sound of the headphone stereo and the external sound
pickup device sound are synthesized and the output is supplied to an earphone.
The head stereophonic sound reproduction unit (1) and the sound signal of the external sound
collection and amplification unit (2) are synthesized by the signal synthesis unit (3) and output to
the sound output unit (4). The horn stereo playback sound and the external sampling sound can
be heard simultaneously from the headphone.
In addition, by using a sound separation filter or the like based on an equalizer frequency or
waveform in the signal synthesis unit, for example, when listening to the synthesized sound of
the music of the headphone stereo sound reproduction unit (1) and the in-car sound in a train
Although the voices of the equal person are synthesized, it is possible to eliminate only noise
called train rattling. In addition, at the time of walking, it is possible to similarly emphasize car
sounds and alarm sounds, and to devise output sounds at the signal synthesis unit (3).
An embodiment of the present invention will now be described with reference to FIG. In this
embodiment, a commercially available headphone stereo (Walkman manufactured by Sony) is
used as the headphone stereo sound reproducing unit (1), and a commercially available hearing
aid is used as the external sound collecting and amplifying unit (2). The signal synthesis unit (3)
connects the outputs of the headphone stereo sound reproduction unit (1) and the external
sound collection and amplification unit (2) in parallel, and connects them to the sound output
unit (4). A commercially available earphone for headphone stereo was used for the sound output
unit (4).
In the present embodiment, the signal synthesis unit (3) simply connects the respective electric
signals in parallel, but by using an equalizer in the signal synthesis unit (3), for example, out of
the external sound, a rattling noise of the train It is possible to filter out a specific sound type,
noise, etc. by a filter, etc., or to emphasize specific sounds such as car sounds and horns etc when
conversely used when walking, etc. External sound and headphone stereo required more
comfortably I can hear the playback sound.
Moreover, as an electric circuit, a present Example is the example and does not limit this
In this embodiment, the electric signal amplification circuit is provided in each of the headphone
stereo sound reproduction unit (1) and the external sound collection and amplification unit (2),
but a circuit that shares the amplification circuit is also possible.
[Effect of the invention] While listening to the headphone stereo with both ears, it is convenient
to be able to hear other external sounds such as in-car guidance sound in the train, and while
walking is listening to the headphone stereo with both ears However, you can hear car sounds
and alarm sounds etc. and enjoy the stereo sound safely and comfortably.
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