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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The invention relates to a vibratory body electrokinetic
transducer according to the classification part of claim 1.
2. Description of the Prior Art Known electrokinetic transducers of this type consist of a conically
formed special paper, plastic or other material-made vibrator resiliently suspended in a casing. A
coil through which current flows is connected to this cone. The coil is disposed in an air gap of a
permanent magnet or an electromagnet, and is moved by the current flowing therethrough, and
the vibrator vibrates, that is, the diaphragm vibrates by taking it. In known types of loudspeakers,
a conical diaphragm has a concave surface that is curved towards the surrounding environment
where the sound energy is emitted.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In this type of loudspeaker, the sound pulses have an improper
path to allow them to be directed in a uniform distribution to reach the environment. In the
ambient atmosphere, with non-linear directivity and irregular frequency response. That is, the
diffusion of sound in the surrounding atmosphere by the equipment used was conventionally not
natural or ideal. The reason for this is that the known conical diaphragm can not diffuse the
sound 360 degrees into the surrounding atmosphere. The above considerations are also true for
known types of microphones that can not reflect the diffusion of sound in natural environments.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The object of the present invention is to avoid the drawbacks
exhibited by electrokinetic transducers of known type, in order to be able to hear the sound
emitted from the center of the sound source without distortion. It is an object of the present
invention to provide a loudspeaker sound source that can distribute the energy of sound in a
uniform and complete manner to the surrounding atmosphere, whereby the electrokinetic
transducer can perform a natural sound reflection.
Another object of the present invention is to provide an electrokinetic transducer, first of all an
electrokinetic loudspeaker of simple construction and low manufacturing costs.
The above and other objects are achieved according to the invention by means of an
electrokinetic transducer as defined in the main point of the characterizing part according to
claim 1.
Due to the fact that the tip of the electrokinetic transducer is made up of a pointed convex
surface, a sound emission of about 360 degrees takes place in the surrounding atmosphere,
which results in a natural, i.e. an ideal sound diffusion.
In a preferred embodiment according to claim 2, another inclined oscillator is arranged in an
inverted position opposite the inclined oscillator on its own axis.
Further features and advantages of the electrokinetic transducer according to the invention will
be fully apparent from the other dependent claims.
An embodiment of an electrokinetic transducer according to the invention is shown in the
attached drawings.
DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT As shown in FIG. 1, a conventional type of
loudspeaker is generally identified by the reference numeral 1 and on which a support 2 is
formed on which a first central pole piece 3 is formed; It consists of a circular pole piece 4 which
surrounds 3 and forms an air gap 5.
A tunnel-like casing 6 is fixed to the support 2. An electrical coil 7 is movably received in the
annular air gap 5. The coil carries a conical concave diaphragm 8 and is resiliently suspended in
sequence on the support 2 by means of a spring ring 9 and on the casing 6 by means of a spring
ring 10.
According to the invention, the base of the conical diaphragm 8 is rigidly fixed to the base of the
conical diaphragm 11. Thus, when current flows through the coil 5 and is induced by the pole
pieces 3 and 4, the diaphragm 11 can oscillate along the axis 12.
The embodiment shown in FIG. 2 shows a circular support 13 in which a cylindrical wall 14
extends, said wall 14 facing the concentric pole pieces 15 to form an air gap 16. Constitute a
pole piece. In the air gap 16 a coil 17 bearing a conical diaphragm 18 is movably received, the
diaphragm 18 being a spring ring 19 fixed to the support 13 and / or other springs of known
type It is resiliently supported by means-thus not shown.
In FIG. 3 there are two electrokinetic transducers of the type shown in FIG. 2 such that the tips of
the diaphragms 18 are spaced apart from one another even when the movement of the
diaphragm 18 along the oscillation axis 12 is maximum. , Mirror images facing each other.
The combination of two electrokinetic transducers according to the invention is shown in FIG. 4,
in which the support of FIG. 3 is formed so as to form in the support 20 a loudspeaker having a
360 degree sound emission. The bodies 13 are each received in a spherical receptacle 21.
This complete diffusion is arranged in mirror image relation so that the cross section generates a
sound wave reaching the individual points of the surrounding atmosphere approximately in a
trumpet-like toroidal shape, the two cones whose tips face each other It is due to the diaphragm.
The modular configuration of three sets of electrokinetic transducers according to the invention
is shown in FIG.
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