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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are a ribbon type electroacoustic
transducer according to a conventional example, yLA is a schematic plan view thereof, and B is a
schematic cross sectional view of A of B-'B. FIG. 3 is a schematic cross-sectional view of a ribbon
type electrical converter according to an embodiment of the present invention. 4A shows a plan
view of the ribbon diaphragm in FIG. 3, B is a B-B end view of A, C is a C-C end view of the A и D,
D is a D-D of the A End face, E: E-E end face E of the same A: fixed terminal, 2. ...... permanent ?
? FIG. 1 (B) -97- Sho 50-940 (2) FIG. 2 (B) third Zuno 'single 98 Kazumi HirakiAkira 50-940 (3)
Fig. 4 ФA и и и (E) (F) (D)-(B)-<d> 111-и 99
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a ribbon type
electroacoustic transducer, and more particularly to a ribbon type flexing acoustic deformation
formed by alternately combining a spherical uneven surface with a ribbon diaphragm. Generally,
a conductive material such as an aluminum thin plate is used as a ribbon of a ribbon type
electroacoustic transducer. J) A bow, the surface of which is shown in the conventional figure 81
as shown in Fig. 2 + 2) ', or the bactericidal fold shown in Fig. If the ribbon diaphragm amplitude
is increased in order to obtain bone level, the diaphragm has a mode attached and Km is caused,
which causes a drawback such as lowering the sound 54. The present invention is applied to
these points, and the purpose of the present invention is to increase the amplitude of the ribbon
transmission plate so that the mode of the amplitude does not come into contact with the
vibration of the ribbon transmission plate. It is an object of the present invention to provide a
ribbon type electric number converter having a ribbon imaging plate capable of bearing and
performing piston movement. Next, an embodiment capable of achieving the purpose described
in F will be described with reference to the drawings. III! 11 shows a fixed tip which is one pole
12, its clear narration 1 + 1ll :: tl, a ribbon swing plate? ) Is attached. In the knurled ribbon 4 base
plate 2), a wedge-shaped chevron-shaped lip (2a) is Mlit on the outer periphery, and four parts
(2b) and convex parts (2C) are alternately absorbed in the inward part thereof B-B end in the
fourth Mf 4 (fi is (B) K, c-c 4 face in which the concave and convex portions (2C) are aligned in
the longitudinal direction and in the opposite direction. In (C), in the DD end face in (D), in the I-Fi
end face (in the keg, F-F4 ? (well represented respectively). 13) An adhesive material having
heat resistance and juice resistance, such as H / IJ rubber, showing the magnetic property of the
magnetic flux from the side of the ribbon ~ @ W '2 + and the permanent magnet 15) (b) A part of
the road is mounted between the plate and the plate (4) to describe the action in the abovementioned configuration, At- ? 1 fixed edge 1) (1) River When the echo reproduction signal
overflows, the 4 streams flowing through the ribbon imaging plate 12) and the blade ") '41: + i
and the cliff boundary occurring in 7), the flemish 7 left hand,) method tilli и From this, the ribbon
diaphragm + 21 is subjected to a force, and generates a current according to the magnitude and
direction of its current, ииииииииииииииииииииии ), Nightly formed on the inner side of the noble rib (2a),
substantially indefinitely, concave having the same action as the rib formed on the silkworm, silk
(2b), because it is wedged by the convex part + 2c, the mode of the amplitude is not placed on
this ribbon imaging plate 2), therefore, this ribbon imaging plate 2) is shown in FIG. In the
direction perpendicular to the direction of the heavy moving plate 2), the piston interlocks with
the identification terminal +1 111 as a branch.
Also, with this ribbon diaphragm (2), the side part thereof is D bonded with a plate + 41 + by
adhesive attachment l '(), and the surface space of the ribbon imaging plate (2) and the paper
surface space Sound power (It is canceled one by one, and it is also re-piston I !! In addition to
making it easy to practice, in the case of this book 1 '? 1, it was added only at birth time, but it
is not something that can be extended to this, and it is the same as when it is used for
microphones etc. The present invention forms a lip on the root of the ribbon mousse 91 11 1 ',
and also forms a recess and a convex portion on the inner side of the lip in combination with
each other, and substantially forms the whole. As it is made to be filled in all directions, the
ribbon plate is reinforced in all directions, and even if the width of the band increases, its heavy
mode does not get on, and it sufficiently withstands the ringing, Including piston movement in
the whole, including, collusion, and the like is something that decreases.
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