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(2000 yen) Patent Application (19) Address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Ogata Kadoma
Address 1002 Named (582) Representative of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Shoji
Matsushita [Facial Affairs] Japan Patent Office ? JPO 51-80 66 51. (1976) 1.7 ? Japanese
Patent Application Sho Gua 7 / / ? ? internal reference number 2 / / / ',? d;), y??ll; ??J ? l
clear book, 1, name of the invention
DC control ffQl!
3. Detailed description of the invention-The present invention relates to a direct current control
device for controlling the rise and fall of a direct current voltage, the object of the invention is to
adjust the volume and balance etc. It is intended to be carried out electrically without mechanical
means. An embodiment of the invention will now be described with reference to the drawings. In
the figure, 1 is a manual switch, and this input switch 1 Kt 1% Abrasive K connected between the
fixed contact side of this manual switch 1 and the ground K11 [R- + and resistor circuit
consisting of differential circuit tube, capacitor C1 and T type 7 ripples 1 circuit F and transistor
T! Sui made of 1! When the control circuit 2 is connected and the bog is constituted by this Sui
RXJc, a positive DC voltage (tie 1ooV) ии is applied to the fixed contact aK of the second portion of
the second end of the second page. The fixed contact bK is applied with a negative DC voltage
(about -10 ov), and the movable terminal of the relay switch portion constituting the switch 1
path 3 of 50c is connected to #Pi resistance -15. Neon tube N MD 0 MD s fffi field effect
transistor (through rFK 'T' and i) ?! A voltage storage circuit 4 consisting of a 2% charge /
discharge capacitor C2 and a resistor R5 is connected to 0 and the resistor Rs and the II #
junction point of the resistor KR4 are connected with resistors R610 to R9 and a transistor
T?51 switching transistor T! 4. The control circuit 6 for controlling the neon tube N-discharge 1
is connected from ?r5 and the diodes DI, D2. The control circuit 6 for controlling the above-
mentioned resistors R6 and R9 is connected to the n-Ia cas switch 11F and the switching control
circuit. 2 is connected to the connection with the 1 ? ? server C1. The terminal ?1. In T2, the
IIR voltage 4 'is applied as a power supply of 10 T, and the common equalizer of the transistor
Tra Ts configured in the control circuit 6, that is, the terminal T3K. Is an NI current voltage + Vl
100 smaller than the voltage + VB above When the output terminal T4 is connected to -R5 and
the switch 11 is turned on according to the example of the above-mentioned example, the 7 L 77
c I w 7 circuit F [applied-this 7 n 1 и 7 d circuit F is turned on. The output is printed on the base
of the transistor Tr1 to turn on the transistor Tr + 1y. ???????? By turning on ?11, a
current flows in the relay coil portion of the relay RL, and the relay switch portion is switched to
a constant II point a ?. On the other hand, when the manual switch 1 is turned on, a voltage is
also applied to the pace of the transistor TK5 via the resistor R1t. The base potential of the
switching transistor Tr4 is switched to the ground potential and the transistor ??4 is turned
off. The terminal TIK is applied via the pace KFi input switch 11 of the switching transistor ?r5.
When + V? is applied, the bias of the transistor T?5 is applied (the voltage dV applied to the
terminal ?3 is applied to the terminal ?3 but the bias relationship of the switching transistor
Tr5 is reverse bias and the transistor TrI is also turned off. The positive voltage applied to the
fixed contact aK of the relay RL Since applied to neon tube N и via the resistor KR3, R4, the neon s
tube N ?? Tsuran discharge), and charging and discharging near point -?
Charging is started at 02. ? The voltage of FKTTft increases according to the voltage across this
capacitor C2, so the output voltage a ? ? taken from the output terminal T4 as shown in the
output voltage a??IIP2m?A. To rise. Next, the lifting platform with the switch 11 turned off
will be described. This lift table is 7 lidat 70 1 circuit F is switch 11 off ft, * even if the on-state
IIVr holding 5, so relay jtL also work-like II? Lasting het. Therefore, the positive voltage remains
applied from the fixed contact a of the resistor R3 (the fixed contact of the relay RL. However,
when the input switch 1 is turned off, the potential of the switch I rises on the fixed contact side,
and the switching transistor Tra is turned on. As a result, the point ** of the resistors Rs and R4
is a terminal through the diode Dt and the switching transistor Tr4Yr! The potential of the
connection point between the 1-kI resistor R & and the resistor R4 is equalized to the DC voltage
+ V и [fi'f applied to the terminal Tsc. Since the DC voltage + VEI applied to the field e terminal ?
& this and the fixed terminal aK of the beam v-RL is sufficiently smaller than the positive voltage
applied to the neon tube Ng, a sufficient voltage for discharge is not applied, and the neon tube
Net ! Hold the light off tube. Therefore, charging of the charge / discharge content tC2 is
stopped, and the output voltage becomes constant as shown in 21g1 lpB. ? When the second
switch is turned on again, the 7th rip flow 911gl path F??d is inverted and the transistor Trl is
turned off. Also, the relay coil portion of the relay 7RL returns to the fixed contact b @. In this
case, as described above, since the switching transistors Txa and Tr5 are turned off-the negative
voltage is applied to the neon tube N0, and the discharge is performed with the @CaK that
charges the discharge EndPage: 2 = 1 capacitor C2 Do you start the discharge tube too? FKTTrz,
gate voltage decreases and output voltage shows CK in 2 years, so r 'next! ? To decline. In this
case, the input switch 1 is turned off. The output voltage is held constant as shown in FIG. 2
while the Tri is turned on to stop the discharge of the neon tube Nm 'f and to stop the discharge
of the charge / discharge capacitor C2. As described above, the apparatus according to the
present embodiment is such that the output voltage is automatically raised and lowered by the
on / off operation of the input switch 1. ░ Open circuit и и и 2 in the device и switch circuit 311r in
the configuration of the relay circuit и is an electronic switch etc. composed of a transistor etc и
even if using a differential support 1 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и electronic switch etc. 5 switch 1 set ff, but this is the third fgJK и и 411 [if necessary, it is
necessary if the rectified output of the remote control device is used]-ie ? ag K & it is sent out by
ultrasonic wave or light modulation The converted control signal 6 is subjected to II damage
signal conversion through the receiver 12 as well as the receiver 12f7, the AN 18, the tuning
circuit 9 and the rectifier circuit 10, and then applied to the coyden t01 @ and this glR circuit 1o
The output voltage is controlled as described above according to the presence / absence 1 of the
output, that is, the presence # 1 K of the control signal 6.
Above-implementation f! The invention of the present invention as described in detail. IIfll, the
control device is to adjust the output chamber pressure tube by the electrical configuration, the
present invention f! If you use a remote control device that remotely controls the volume
adjustment of a TV receiver receiving machine for WIIVr, even if it has one tuning circuit, one
setup circuit, etc., it is possible to measure ukIR at a significant cost. is there.
4. Brief description of the drawings-1 Fig. 1 is a schematic diagram of the present invention,
showing one schematic diagram of the turbulence control apparatus i. Fig. 2 is a diagram for
comparing the input voltage and the output voltage. The figure is a block diagram of a remote
control device showing an application example of the same device.
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Switch Path, 4 и и и и и и и и Voltage storage circuit
1.6 и и и и и и Control circuit, C2 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и N и -1 :, star, RL и и и и relay, Tra, Tri ииииии
Suidachin Gu for Toranoshisuta. Name of agent Patent attorney Toshio Nakao tX or 1 person 1 vJ
? v O End Page: 3 Also between Figure 2 ? In Figure 3 V 66 Inventors and agents other than
the above (2) Agent address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oji Kadoma 1006 Street EndPage: ?
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