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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing an
embodiment of the present invention. 1 ■ィよび1。 Are electrostrictive vibrators, 2 are
electrodes, 3 are lead wires, 4 and 5 are metal blocks having the same thermal expansion
coefficient, 4 1 and 51 are annular legs, 4. And 5 ■ Coupling to screw shaft 6 is a metal block
and a tightening bolt with different thermal expansion coefficient. −113−
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a Langevin type a
forceps constructed by screw + Izlll construction. As the Langevin type vibrator is well known,
metal blocks such as aluminum blocks are disposed on both sides of a vibrator such as an
electrostrictive vibrator such as barium titanate, and 3s of these are appropriately selected, for
example, screwing both metal blocks. It has a structure in which it is fastened and integrally
fixed. However, on the basis of the difference in thermal expansion coefficient, especially linear
expansion, between the conventional element transfer strain transducer and the metal block, a
large thermal stress, particularly an axial stress, is applied during construction, so that each f14ris added, so that 11! IIl! Seconds that adversely affect the performance and deteriorate the
performance, and if it is sad, it may cause defects such as breaking the electrostrictive vibrator
and rendering it inoperable. The present invention provides a Langevin type vibrator having a
screwing structure and a favorable screwing structure which eliminates the disadvantages as
described above, which will be described in detail with reference to FIG. The figure is a
longitudinal sectional view showing an embodiment of the present invention, and in the figure
(1,) and (12) are disk-like electrostrictive vibrators (eg barium titanate, lead zirconate titanate
etc.) 12) An electrostrictive element is excited by applying a high frequency voltage from an
excitation device (not shown) with an electrode, (3) its lead wire, I'1 Jlc of this and one of two
metal blocks described later, and (not shown). (4) and (5) are cylindrical metal blocks, and (4,)
and (5, r), the outer diameter provided at the tip thereof is an appropriate thickness with the
same diameter as the outer diameter of the electrostrictive vibrator Annular leg, (6) is a
tightening bolt, screwed to the center sw- provided coupling screws IB (4,) and (5,) of each metal
block (4) + 5, both metal blocks + 4H51 Electrostrictive Il mover (1,) (12) with an electrode (2)
interposed between legs $ 1 I (4,) (5,) with an appropriate tightening force? As a material of #
metal block + 4) + 5>, for example, steel, as a material of tightening bolt (6), for example, Al 3-AIg
'FJ combination 47 "d) j A mini ram is used, and a general thermal expansion coefficient α6 of
the electrostrictive vibrators (1, (12) is used. Metal block + 411510 thermal expansion coefficient
is 1. Assuming that the thermal expansion coefficient α6 of the tightening port) +6) is satisfied,
the relationship of αA−αBαc (1) is established. In addition, between each length 42 of the legs
(4,) (s,) of the metal block + 41151 and the length β of the electrostrictive vibrator (1,) (12) e, 曾
狛, 占 e , +2) is selected so that the relationship of C is satisfied. Q) If the thermal expansion
coefficient of each part is set to a constant temperature 11i, the temperature at the time of
operation will be higher than the temperature at the time of production of the Langevin type
vibrator. From the relationship of equation (2), no axial thermal stress occurs.
Therefore, as in the conventional Langevin type vibrator [ii [the change does not disappear the
thermal stress aggravation −4 =. As is clear from the description of the following, in one
proposal, the stable operation can always be maintained except for the influence of the thermal
stress at the time of operation of the Langevin type vibrator with a very simple structure, and the
practical effect is great.
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