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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing an
embodiment of the present invention. Father V-X Koinore. −87=
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a so-called flat
loudspeaker apparatus in which a diaphragm of a large area is vibrated by a voice coil. In the
speaker device as described above, a covering sheet provided with a drawing portion on the
surface, such as a paper on which a picture, a pattern, a photograph, etc. are printed, is attached
to the surface of the diaphragm. In the state where it is taken out, it is used by hanging on the
wall surface, it has a decorative advantage, an advantage that it does not take a place that tastes
hazy, and an advantage that its structure is simple because it is integrated with the cabinet (1),
aQ-2330-02 Is equipped. However, in the case of the prior art, since the replacement of the
covering sheet provided with the drawing portion is not “JTh” or difficult, there is a possibility
that the above-mentioned decorative advantage may be lost if it is damaged or discolored. The
The present invention ameliorates the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks by providing a
speaker device capable of easily replacing the covering sheet, and at the same time changing the
covering sheet from time to time, it corresponds to the seasons and trends. By using things, etc.,
it is intended to further enhance wrinkles. Ryu) 7) "Pbnx light" will be described with reference to
the drawings with respect to the one-half percent of the present invention. 1 is a vibrating plate
made of wooden plywood, expanded polystyrene plate, etc. An outer cover made of paper, cloth,
etc. provided on the surface with iiIIIIM parts such as pictures, patterns, photographs, characters
etc. on all the curves of the surface The sheet 2 is releasably adhered by a tacky adhesive 1a
applied to the surface of the diaphragm 1 via a release agent such as silicone oil applied to the
back surface. 3 is a frame with a rim, that 1! The surface is detachably fixed to the peripheral
wall of the back plate 4 with a wood screw “49-2330-03r − (with a screw 5 or the like), and
the inner peripheral surface of the central portion of the frame and body 5 and the outer
peripheral surface of the diaphragm 1 A gap 6 is formed between the two, and the front surface
3a of the frame 3 protrudes to the inner peripheral side to cover the front of the peripheral edge
of the covering sheet 2. A voice coil 7 has a plug 9 fixed to the tip of a connection vibrator 8
around which it is wound, and a circular hole 10 is formed in the central portion of the vibration
& 1. A central portion of a thin metal plate 11 such as aluminum covering the hole 10 is fixed to
the tapping plug 9, and an outer peripheral portion is fixed to the diaphragm 1 Jl. 12 is a
permanent magnet, and yokes 13.14 are respectively provided on the front surface side and the
rear surface side, the connecting pipe 8 is supported by the yoke 13 on the front surface side,
and the yoke 14 on the rear surface side is fixed to the back plate 4 . In the figure, reference
numeral 15 denotes a support piece fixed to the back plate 4 to support the back surface of the
diaphragm 1.
When this speaker device is used (two t-seconds, by passing an audio current through the Heuss
coil 7, the diaphragm 1 is vibrated through the thin metal plate 4 and the first to reproduce
sound. Also, in order to replace the covering sheet 2, after removing the "49-2330-04 frame 3"
from the back plate 4 and peeling the sheet 2 from the outer peripheral portion, a new image
portion usually different from this is removed. The cover sheet 2 is releasably adhered to the
diaphragm 1, and the frame 3 is again attached to the back plate 4 in the same manner as before
removal. As described above, according to the present invention, simply removing the frame 5
from the back plate 4 makes it easy to peel off the covering sheet 2 and remove the λ-j 1
diaphragm 1 and replace it with a new one. l You can town, so always damage the cover sheet 2,
amber, stain, 1 '(M, Hus 4) ° ": t,-c * <, =" 1 1 ま た 交換 交換 交換 交換 交換 画 画 画 異 な っIt is
possible to make something new, because it is one. In addition, since the front edge of the
peripheral portion of the surface device sheet is covered with a frame, even if it has been worn as
described above (う, 0M □, −, □□ 6.1, 36.71, 31. 表 表 表 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 @ @ @ @ @ 16
16. Well, there is little risk of being peeled off by 6 pieces. In the present invention, a layer of
flexible synthetic resin foam may be provided on a portion of the frame opposite to the front
edge of the covering sheet peripheral portion. In addition, the frame may be integrally formed
(“49-2330-05 may be provided with a metal inner frame on the inner peripheral side to cover
the front of the peripheral portion of the covering sheet. ′
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