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Showa Sho 7 Arizuki 7? 11 b \ \ Patent Office General Secretary 2, inventor substitute coat role
3 Araki 3 division 4, agent Higashi Soto f-generation 1. [I section Marunouchi-J-t16 total No. 2
401 A room (telephone 21.6-2588) 470: 39. 'No' 1: J7 town 4 ? ('? ) [Phase] Japan Patent Office
published patent gazette ? Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 49-361.7 Request for
examination at the end of examination request (all three pages) Office! (2 logical number
[presence] Japanese classification 2 russ f 4 ? ? / / 5. 5. d d d d d d d d d d d d d d 1 Sound
converter I! The shape body of the converter is completed using a polymer thin at which is not
made electretized, and is incorporated into the fly-like body. ? There is no electro-acoustic
transducer completely completed. A manufacturing method that makes $ f happy.
Method of manufacturing a new electret
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of
manufacturing an electrostatic electroacoustic transducer using a polymer electret.
Conventionally, there has been no invention that uses the static voltage of a polymer electret as a
bias voltage for various electroacoustic transducers, particularly where an electret of a polymer
thin film is used as a diaphragm of a head 7 or a microphone. It is a well-known fact that there
are many. And this f '! In the manufacture of transducers, etc., after retorting the electretno 1
tube, this method is incorporated into the 7L device, and the polymer thin film to be the electret
material of each piece is incorporated. It takes a lot of time and labor to perform electretization
between two sheets of electrodes. EndPage: 1 When applying the electret to the transducer, it is
natural that processes such as machining of the electret and attachment with an adhesive
become heart sounds. However, electret is mechanical fishing f: J: strain. It has the property of
lowering the potential due to heat, organic solvents, etc., and its processing when incorporating it
into its rll) K electret tube equipment requires careful attention. Furthermore, in the case of a
vibrating membrane, the sound quality is restored if there are folds or the like, so there are a lot
of losses when the electret is incorporated. The present invention is incorporated into the
electroacoustic transducer shape in advance as a polymer thin JIL'5r vibration expansion, which
is the material of the electret, in order to ameliorate the above-mentioned conventional
drawbacks, and then the polymer net film whole electret in the usual manner. And there is a
manufacturing method to complete the electrical transmission converter. For example, as shown
in FIG. 1, the push-pull type electroacoustic converter has a fixed conductive tfi 12.2 / 1.19 in the
outer case of the pair, and is incorporated as a diaphragm into the material 31 to be electreted in
the electret. As a push-pull type electroacoustic transducer, and complete the shape body of 1.
Next, keep this shape in the preferred electretization warmth determined by the type of material
used and the electretization, and fix the electretization of the shaking wJ in the usual way by
applying DC IE earth between & 2.2 Do. In the figure, 4 is a tube hole, and 5 is an assembly bolt.
The product obtained in this way has already been completed as an electric sound converter, and
can be used immediately. Similarly, in the case of a single type, one side 111 of the wire electret
material 3 is plated 111 or plated on one side, and this at-fixed electrode 2. It is good to complete
the shaped body as an ordinary single-spin electroacoustic converter as shown in the first figure
by using the outer -1, 1 'and then to electretize the material as described above, t is good.
According to the manufacturing method as described above, it is possible to carry out the
characteristic degradation of the electret in the external force cultivation field with seven habits,
and the processing accompanied with the heat abbreviation in the wood before electretization.
After the material is electretized-flt, it can be used without any processing, and it is a book that
greatly contributes to the simplification of the manufacturing process. Hereinafter, examples of
the present invention will be described in detail. Example 1 A bush gullet head 7-on-shaped body
as shown in FIG. 1 was assembled using an "EP film (a 447-ethylene-propylene-propylenecopolymer) film as a vibrating film on 43 ? thick and 1005 m?. The gaps between the fixed
electrodes 2 and 2 and the vibrating membrane were Q, 711 m. Then 5 'of 5c / g o ░ C 9. The nelectrodes 2, 2, 11 C, 2 KV & 111 L voltage were added to the air heating furnace, and after 7
hours, it was allowed to cool to room temperature and the applied voltage was removed. A
completed scale head 7-on is connected to a commercially available electret и ? ? step-up
transformer (for connection with an amplifier output tube, and when the normal high-quality
electret head 7-on is obtained with sensitivity higher than that of a haircut ? EndPage: 2
Example 2 A thin film of thickness 0 ?, a diaphragm film 1c of ioo marrow ?, and a head 7 on
shape similar to that of Example 1 were assembled. Next, this 7 ? ? 12 was placed in an air
heating furnace at 72 ░░ C., a direct current voltage of SKv was applied between the electrodes
2 and 2 and after 1 hour, it was cooled to room temperature and the 1 applied voltage tube was
removed. Fragile water was found to have a sensitivity equivalent to that of Example 1. Example
3 Assembling of an electrostatic vibration 1 Icrofon shape body as a prefecture = using a 30 ?m
thick FEP film with M vapor-deposited @ as a vibrating film vI: Fixed to an M-deposited film
under the same conditions as in Example 1 The microphone obtained by applying a voltage to
the charge 11rwi to electretize the vibrating membrane showed sufficient sensitivity, but after
electretizing the vibrating membrane by nK '% 4 this set within -n 1 km The static = m
microphone that was built up last is a compared to the one of the present invention! One time
was small ?
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an example of an electret electroacoustic
transducer according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a push-pull type, and FIG. 1.1 иии
Electrically insulating outer case, 2.2 иии IL pole, 3 иии Electret ? 11b film (material), 4 иии Sound
hole opened on the outside. More than three agents Kiyose Sanbe Adachi Takuo, 1. 71 / T2 Fig.
5, List of attached documents (1) 1 specification (2) 1 illustration (3) power of attorney 1 (4)
application form duplicate-1 case 6, inventor and agent other than the above (1) Inventors
general-Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Ta-da 6-ga Nadamachi (2) Agent Tokyo Blood Chiyoda-ku
Marunouchi Two-way [i 6-2-No. 401 Room A End Page: ?
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