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! L @ patent application applicant Fumon City Ozamon 1004 Kamada 582 Matsushita Electric
Industrial Co., Ltd. 頽 下 横 Shoji 4 · 焉 25 暴 Kanagawa Prefecture Shigazaki City Akamatsucho
10-6 6 7126 士 Shibasaki Masashi @ 1 5 Appendices, III Brass (1)-1 small letter (4) Application
form 2nd copy-■ Japan Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent Publication 50-3590 [Phase] Published
Japanese Patent 5Q, (1975) 1.14 ■ Japanese Patent Application No. 48-5338J. ■ Filing date
application cost, (1973), m, / ¥ Examination request not yet filed (total 2 pages) 654 54 101 C2
specification t 夷 1104 name na y v tra ス ジ su ziena diaphragm support part z 4 I claim 01 11
1 1 1 Okada (by means of an inner cylinder with a metal material having an impact)-supporting a
diaphragm made of a thin metal plate to which a piezoelectric ceramic plate is stuck in the step
portion through a metal wire ly tト ラ ン ス ト ラ ン ス ト ラ ン ス ト ラ ン ス ト ラ ン ス ト ラ
る で あ る で あ る で あ る で あ る で あ る. . Conventional O To explain this kind of round
transducer ttsia, 1 is a metal sheet) & 11 J 1% 2 is a piezoelectric ceramic board attached to the
diaphragm, 5 is an ol-y line The diaphragm 1 is a base metal material having a stepped portion 4
formed by an undirected wka and an Ouchi dislike, an outer cylinder 5 consisting of jl, and an
outer cylinder 5 having the same inner diameter as the large inner diameter, also a metal
material (The inner cylinder 6), and is adhesively fixed and supported by an adhesive at the step
4Kk-. In the above configuration, when an oscillating voltage is applied to the piezoelectric
ceramic plate 2 company, it excites, resonates with the imaging movement of the diaphragm IFi
piezoelectric ceramic plate 2, vibrates, and transmits the vibration to the inner and outer
cylinders. The shape MI of the junction of @ 1 with the outer cylinder 5 and the inner cylinder 6
has a great influence on the characteristics such as the loss of vibration energy and the
resonance frequency. In the light of this point, the present invention has the following
characteristics: it reduces the resonance frequency without increasing the loss of energy and is
stable in one wave number band on the high narrow side of the resonance frequency. The
purpose is to provide a diaphragm support of a sound transformer that can be seen in the output.
Embodiment t of the present invention. As shown in FIG. 2, 1 is a diaphragm made of a thin metal
plate, 2 is a piezoelectric ceramic plate attached with cough 1111iK, S is a lead wire, 4 is a metal
material The step of the outer circle w5, 6 is an inner cylinder also made of metal material, and
the above configuration is the same as @ 1gillO Conventional EndPage: 1, but in the present
invention, the diaphragm 1 is The fact that the metal wire Wy □-is interposed while being
supported by the portion 4 and the inner cylinder 6 is taken as a glance.
Although an adhesive is used for the IIIw # c where the cylinder 6 is in contact with the outer
cylinder 5 using an adhesive, an adhesive is used for the diaphragm supporting portion
according to the wiring and y-gua. In the embodiment shown in the figure, a piece 7a of vibration
jh weight 1 is fitted with an O wiring 7 or a wiring 7 on both sides of a diaphragm 1 qJ [The
present invention having a structure of I /% 0 or more Transducer and jl! Comparison tests with
f1% llO conventional O Tra y Nusiana under the same conditions (applied voltage 10 v, distance
between sample and miter # # Illi 50 cML), results shown in Fig. S are circled-III- As is apparent,
1-invention O transformer can reduce the resonant oscillation number without increasing the
loss compared to the conventional O% OB, and furthermore, it can be determined in the resonant
oscillation frequency O'I11 local wave band. It is understood that the power is stable. Seven o 珊
従 来 従 来 ト ラ ン ト ラ ン ト ラ ン ト ラ ン す 振動 i i i O Oi! On the other hand, the vibration
lfE of the present invention is at a point supported by the wire 7 by the 011 point contact. That
is, if the paper holder (inner and outer 0 yen m) [completely bonded-by the adhesive side or the
adhesive side of the swing plate 16], the displacement of radial meat due to the vibration of the
moving plate is suppressed, but the present invention Since the support a is a contact between
the wire ring 7 and the O contact, the effect of suppressing the displacement as far as possible is
much smaller. As mentioned above, the diaphragm support of the present invention can be a
sound transducer having a higher frequency characteristic than the conventional support.
4. Brief description of the drawings 411 is a conventional sound transducing, and b) is a plan
view, @ is a side sectional view and b) is an exploded view. FIG. 2 shows an embodiment of the
present invention, in which (A) is a plan view, 側) is a side sectional view, and O is an exploded
view. 93 shows the comparison of the conventional product of FIG. 1 and the one of the present
invention of FIG. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Diaphragm, 2 ... Piezoelectric porcelain board,
3 ... Lead wire, 4 ... Step part, 5 ... Outer cylinder% 6 ... Inner cylinder, 7 ... Metal wire ring 73
Figure W + 1 water (kHz)! ! Other than l1llE o from vssEndPage: 2
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