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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view and a side sectional view of a
conventional ceramic microphone, FIG. 2 is a sectional view of the embodiment of the present
invention, and FIG. 3 is an explanatory view of the operation of the present invention. q, 10 и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и water repellent paint, 12 и и и и и и и polka dots. Eye 349-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a waterproof
structure of a ceramic microphone used for ultrasonic wave oscillation and reception. In this type
of microphone, when a mechanical vibrator including a piezoelectric ceramic resonates with the
incoming sound wave, an electrical signal t- is generated by K, or mechanical vibration is caused
by applying an electrical signal having a frequency close to that of the resonance scale *. The
child vibrates and generates an ultrasonic sound at. The first w is a conventional microphone of
this type, 1 is a case, 2 is a piezoelectric ceramic, and 3 mechanical vibrators connected with an
output electrode, these are mounted via a loose body 4-1-plate The o6 supported by 5 is also
used as the ground terminal by the mounting plate 50 support leg. Reference numeral 7 denotes
an input or output terminal, and the piezoelectric ceramic 2 and the lead I! Connected by 8 9 is a
mesh plate provided in the front opening 1111 of the case 1. By the way, when this microphone
is installed outdoors for use, or when it is used during rainfall, rainwater enters the case 1
through the la-net 119, so the insulation deterioration of the internal structure (piezoelectric
porcelain etc.) And cause vibration isolation failure. Therefore, we have devised a waterproof @
1) product using a thin plate of K sweet acid resin or Segun R for mesh board, but when water #i
adheres to the surface of O ?? resin or metal thin film 0 * voice The sensitivity during the
output decreases, and in the case of long-term use, the O large system, which causes the
undesirable phenomenon as described above, causes water to get into the case circle from the
junction of the thin film and the case. In FIG. 2, an embodiment of a solution for the purpose of
providing a microphone is described with reference to FIG. 2 in which 11 is a case, 2 is a
piezoelectric ceramic, and 3 is a mechanical oscillator, a four-wave buffer, Reference numeral 5 is
a mounting plate, 6 is a support leg, 7 is a terminal, and an 8 ? lead line, and there is no
difference from the above structure #i in the conventional O structure of FIG. In the present
invention, a threat resin or metal thin film 10 is bonded to the case 1t JIE opening 111 instead of
the mesh plate 9, and the surface of the thin film and the horn surface of the thin film and the
case are silicone oil etc! It is characterized in that the water-based paint 11 is applied. The water
repellent paint 11 is 116 for the thin film of the proposal. Prevents the water droplets from
adhering to the surface of the thin film. Also, even if it adheres, as shown in the third iH, it
becomes a water droplet 12 and becomes 11 degrees which is rounded to the base of the thin
film, so there is almost no influence on the sensitivity of oscillation and reception. Then, the
water repellent paint 11 prevents moisture from entering the case circle, thereby preventing the
deterioration of the device. As described above, the present invention can be made to be a highly
reliable waterproof hot water microphone gastric phone having a defect Vt # with a conventional
extra-wealth wetness microphone O.
4 Iillll IiiO Brief Description No.1-Conventional O ceramic microphones are Pengyuan-(I) and ?
cross section -1 of the phone, -2-No. 3-Example 3 of the present invention O example, No. 3 IIl is
the action of the proposal Description-- 01 ........... Case, 2 ... ..... Piezoelectric porcelain, 3 .....
Machine oscillator, 10 ..... Thin film of synthetic resin or metal, 11 ... 0. Water permeability, 12,
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии '/ ? (b) q! 8 'near 12 another 77 ? 3 hat 1l1 ? 32745', / 2
"- 1 Daito ...... Masashi Shibasaki 1a910 said this the other inventor Kad i Jiooa not a Kad i Osaka
Prefecture Kadoma Oaza circle Shin No 1006 Matsushita Den Life Nan Underwear Electric
Appliances Co., Ltd. ? ? ? ? Hayakawa 1st Section h Procedure Amendment August 9, 1974
Patent Secretary of the United States Patent Office President Keio Hideo 6. ? ? t Case Name of
the device display 48-45316 No. 2 [The person who does the ceramic microphone five correction
(applicant)) Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oji Kadoma 1006 pond! 582 * Lower Electronics #
Industry Co., Ltd. i4 Agent for the Kagura Prefecture Kashiwa Prefecture 10, 6 Akamatsucho 7
1262 7126 Patent Attorneys Masanobu Shibazaki (1) statement @ statement 1N [line 14, line 17,
line, Correct the "mechanical oscillator" on page 2 last line and page 4 lines 2 to 3 as a
mechanical resonator. (2) "machine oscillator and resonator to i4" on page 1 last line Correct
with ". 1 и ? ? \ ?-d и ? ?
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