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Name of Invention Invention Pickup Cartridge (Other 1) Agent [Japanese] Japanese Patent Office
■ Japanese Patent Publication 52-27010 Japanese Patent Publication 52. (1977) 1.10 Japanese
Patent Application No. tθ-7712 [Phase] Application Japanese Patent Application No. 6-6, (197 j
′ ′) 1. ^? Examination request not yet requested (all 6 pages) Internal office reference
number 67672t3 specification 簀 1, name of invention · pickup cartridge 1, name of invention ·
pickup cartridge
Patent applicant
[5] Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a pick 2)) amplifier
cartridge using a Hall element in the power generation portion. Attempts to use Hall elements as
power generation elements in pickup cartridge steps have been conducted for some time, but 1. ,
Good arrangement of the power generation efficiency of the Hall element, Shape of magnetic
yoke, 3. A method of drawing a lead from a hall element; There are unsolved problems such as
production methods that can be mass-produced, and there is no one that has been put to
practical use. For example, FIG. 1 shows a conventional Hall element. Tsuku-up car) An example
of the IJ edge ((5) is a top view, 11 ° is a front view). Figure 1 Pickup car. TRICK, Hall element 1
after cantilever 6. Although it is structured to be fixed to the end, it has not been put to practical
use because there are problems with the method of drawing out lead wires of Hall elements 2
such as power generation efficiency, manufacturing method and the like. In FIG. 1, 2 is a stylus
tip, 4 sleeves and sleeves, and 5 is a tension wire. . The present invention solves the problems of
the prior art as described above. 1) Power generation efficiency is good, and lead wire extraction
is easy. In addition, it is an object of the present invention to provide a 2 (. EndPage: 1 pickup
cartridge) which can be manufactured easily and which has a simple structure and no
manufacturing method.
Patent applicant
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in detail based on the drawings. FIG. 2 is an
explanatory view of the principle of the present invention, in which the output voltage of the field
space where magne and grate 12 move to the left and right is moved on the pace mol device 10,
and the center of m It is shown that when the 12 centers coincide, a slight shift to omV, left or
right, produces the largest output voltage. Therefore, magnet 12 vibrates in the axial direction at
a point where the center line of Hall element 10 and magnet 12 are aligned ((rotation is
equivalent to the above movement, and magnet 12 slightly vibrates to the left and right. A large
output voltage can be obtained by itself, and a good pinocqua of 9 generation efficiency can be
realized. In FIG. 2 and FIG. 2, reference numeral 14 denotes a cantilever and reference numeral
15 denotes a stylus tip attached to the tip of the cantilever 14. The hole element 10 to be formed
by vapor deposition uses, for example, the one having a pattern as shown in FIG. In FIG. 6, 6 is
the Hall element body 9.7 as an electrode, and if the amplifier 8 and the power supply 9 are
connected as shown in the figure. The reproduction output is obtained from the amplifier 8.
When two sets of Hall elements are used for stereo, wiring may be performed as shown in FIG. 4
(a). In FIG. 4, the same reference numerals as in FIG. 3 indicate the same things. Next, FIG. 5 is a
view showing an embodiment of the magnetic circuit and vibration system of the pickup
cartridge of the present invention. In the apparatus of FIG. 5, the magnetic flux of the magnet 12
is concentrated and the change of the magnetic flux is not efficiently increased, so that the Ushaped magnetic yoke 15 made of ferrite is used. A center magnetic yoke 16 of a fan) M in which
the Hall element 10 is vapor-deposited on two surfaces is provided at the center. A few examples
of the magnet 12 at the other end of the can 1 ′ ′ teleper 14 with the stylus tip 13 fixed to the
tip end. The magnetic head 12 is disposed near the tip of the center magnetic yoke 16. Further,
in order to facilitate lead-out, the Hall element 10 is provided on the surface where the U-shaped
magnetic yoke 15 and the center magnetic yoke 16 ′ ′ contact with each other. In FIG. The
reference numeral 17 denotes a magnetic flux, the arrow 18 denotes the vibration direction of
the cantilever 14, and FIGS. 5 (5) to 0 show the change of the magnetic flux due to the change of
the magnet 12. Next, FIGS. 6 to 8 show an embodiment of a pickup cartridge for stereo provided
with two sets of magnetic circuits, FIG. 6 is a front view, and FIG. 7 is a side view (partially Fig. 8
shows a top view.
In FIG. 6 to FIG. 8, the reference numeral 19 denotes a center spacer 16 fixed to the center of the
D-shaped magnetic yoke 15, a terminal spacer provided between two 20U magnetic circuits, and
21 a terminal plate 20. Attached to the terminal, 22 is a sleeve, 26 is a pivot), 24 is a 'Donha
comb, 25 is a stopper, 26 is a Hall element. The reference numeral 10 designates a lead wire
connecting the terminal 10 and the terminal 21 and the same reference numerals as in FIG. In
the embodiment shown in FIGS. 6-8, all of the two sets of magnetic circuits are arranged in a Vshape inclined 45 degrees to the left and right with respect to the vertical plane passing the
needle tip of the stylus tip 16, and Near the intersection of the center lines of the center magnetic
yokes 16 of each of the above two sets of magnetic circuits. It arranges so that the center of
magnet 12 may come. Further, a terminal plate 20 is provided at the center of the two sets of
magnetic circuits to make the distance between the Hall element 10 and the terminal 21 closer. It
is easy to pull out the lead wire 26. Next, FIG. 9 is a perspective view of the magnetic circuit,
terminal board and vibration system of the above-mentioned stereo picker and speaker IJ jig, and
FIG. 10 is an assembly drawing of the magnetic circuit and the terminal board after b and t. is
there. In FIG. 9 and FIG. 10, FIG. As shown in FIG. 10, the pickup cage of the present invention 2
has a two-piece shape and is a manufactured assembly. You can easily stand it. Next, FIG. 11B,
the whole side of one embodiment of the present invention. FIG. In FIG. 11, the Hall element 101
Mako-shaped magnetic yoke 15.. The magnetic circuit consisting of the center magnetic yoke 16
° and the spacer 19 and the terminal plate 2U are fixed by the pace mold 27, and the rear end
of the space mold 27 is fitted with the terminal holder 36. Also, the terminal 21 and the terminal
32 are connected by: • (IEndPage: 2 lead wire 64. The above-mentioned magnetic circuit, the
terminal board 20, the pace mold 27, the terminal holder 36 and the like are housed inside the
shield case 29. また、スタイラスチップ1ろ、カンチレバー14 マグネット12. The
vibration system consisting of the damper rubber 24 and the pivot 26 is housed in the sleeve 22.
The sleeve 22 is inserted into the fitting hole 28 provided in the pace mold 27 and the magnet
12 is inserted. It is arranged to be directly under the magnetic yoke 16 and is ltl. In addition, a
sleeve holder 60 is attached to the sleeve 22 and a case is attached to the shield case 29.
The holder 31 is attached. As described above, according to the present invention, 2 power
generation efficiency. Has many effects, including the ability to create emotions, as it is easy to
pull out and assemble the lead wire.
4, a brief description of the drawing
Patent applicant
Fig. 1 is an example of a picker and bouqatli using a conventional Hall element, Fig. 2 is a
detailed explanatory view of the present invention, and Fig. 6 is an example of a vapor deposition
pattern of a Hall element (Fig. 4) The figure shows an example of wiring for stereo, FIG. 5 shows
an example of the magnetic circuit and vibration system of the pickup cartridge of the present
invention, FIG. 6 is a front view of an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. A side view,
FIG. 8 is a top view, and FIG. 9 is a slope view. FIG. 10 is an assembly drawing, and FIG. 11 is a
side sectional view of the whole of one embodiment of the present invention. DESCRIPTION OF
REFERENCES 10 Hall element 12 Magnet 1013 Stylus tip 14 Cantilever 15 C-shaped magnetic
yoke 16 Center magnetic yoke 19 Spacer 1520 Terminal plate 21: Terminal 22: Sleeve 26: Pipod
24: Damper rubber 211 + 25: Stopper 26: Lead wire 5 o 1 Fig. (A) EndPage: 3 Fig. 2 U hole Q q
弓 (q · bow 多 多 ト 多 $ b heart 柾 + 図 + 乙 乙 + + Ir Ir Ir Ir Ir Ir Ir Ir Page Page Page Page Page
Page Page q q q 21 21 11 11 11 End End End End End End End Page Page (1) One proxy (2) one
specification (3) one drawing (1) application form duplicate (1) Applicants other than the above
EndPage: 6
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