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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a top view and a front view of a piezoelectric
buzzer element in the prior art, and FIG. 2 is a top view showing an embodiment of the
piezoelectric buzzer element according to the present invention.
[Detailed description of the invention] 1 Description 1 name of the invention 3 business card
Western-1: и Rule book ? '?-+-t 1 upper genus individual swing 1 rJI shell for each и snow shape
for Electromagnetic boron r, 1 agent, etc., 1 more shouldered 1 related to a lower type buzzer
element, 1 sheet of kX-'> ~, m' It is all purpose to provide an electrical buzzer C with various lwave numbers,; q, =, m buzzer elements. In general, a 1 ?m buzzer element is shown in FIG. 1; a
mouth (one plate of gold ?one plate? [one plate of r ('rlj bar j4f-2 all road adhesive, etc. 4 and
have a ? 1 and a single resonance due to the shape of a thousand kX plate 1 and 1] a three-city
magnet -j'-F2. Beat 1! There were only 5 waves that had only a few waves. 2, this 8 draft is such a
poor lead in 1 to 6 L 4 fq 2, and as shown in the 21st review: each one with a single umbrella
umbrella 31 One form of IF Shio 8 and Kote 4 are made of two sheets by a sticking agent a, and
have li, l, and a laminated ?. The back of the book is composed as described above, and one
sheet of gold is obtained by combining various shapes of ?1 ?-% I, ? ?2. (ииии (A large number
of multi-to-11 1 I wave numbers can be displayed by the @IVll plate. 4, 1 to 11 of Figure 111, the
explanation 1st [How many 5 ports (4 f night east palJ (FE 'city)] (A 1-E electric buzzer element
pertaining to (1-E electric buzzer element pertaining to; J <A-F-plane view. 3 и и и Gold (и Ba J: I + 4
+ p board, 4- -1- E air-element element. Agent's name valve p, ', ? ? ?-1 person i Figure 1' ?! ?
(0) 1i == crystal-Figure 2 Name of Agent 6959 Patent Attorney Nakao Toshiyu 6 Other Agent 41:
1: 11 Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Ogata Kadoma 100 Address Matsushita Electric Industrial
Co., Ltd. Company 1; y, '4: 4 Mr. standing (6152) patent attorney chestnut! 11 "'heavy" "11", 7'
1.7 ? 6
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