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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing one
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view showing another
embodiment of the present invention. 5 is a frame, 8 is a diaphragm, 9 is a sound-absorbing
elastic material having air permeability.
[Detailed description of the invention] In this paper, the vibration WjJ is supported by a disk-like
sound absorbing and elastic material to have a loss like a model and to suppress the i4 degree
vibration caused by this damping plate. It is related to the improvement of the speaker which is
↓ 防止 一般 Generally it is necessary to make the vibrator as lightweight as possible to the dome
speaker as much as possible and to make it easy to move to "C". For this reason, the vibrator
itself acts as an expansion and contraction movement, and a peristaltic movement is generated,
which is a cause of generation of distortion sound (a distortion sound is generated in the dome
speaker). 11) iC12 In order to ameliorate all of the above-mentioned drawbacks, the diaphragm
itself is solidified by partially layering the elastic material to give a loss, but in such a method, the
disturbance of the frequency characteristic newly occurs. Because of instability, there was a
problem in performance (The two-piece outer peripheral part of the bulky block VC soundabsorbing elastic material is supported by it, and the loss is largely neglected. Excessive vibration
due to the expansion and contraction caused by the diaphragm from the joint to the frame is
suppressed, so that the inherent distortion sound of the dome speaker is prevented, and the
above-mentioned all rX building is not more than 60 or less. Gold to explain with the example. In
Fig. 1 the temperature of the dome speaker in ° C, (21μ center ball integrated with this yoke,
(3) permanent magnet, I4) is a plate, and t51 is a solid frame on this plate , (6) is a voice coil, (71
is a spyter that waits for the full voice coil, (8) is a dome-shaped diaphragm, and (91 is annularly
supports the outer M of this diaphragm, eg, ester 9-le etc. It is a hollow disk-shaped sound
absorbing and elastic material that is formed by t't. (21 (1)) The dome speaker according to the
present invention is a suction and absorption elastic material provided on the outer peripheral
portion of the vibrator, and the excessive characteristic it'fI: a dome excellent in performance
because it is suppressed A speaker can be obtained. Although the dome speaker has been
described in the above embodiment, the same effect can be obtained for a speaker having a cone
shape 1 L 7 I as shown in FIG. Have. That is, in the cone-shaped sliding plate 'knf6 scaker, the
driving source is smaller than the area of the cone-shaped drilling head, and at low frequencies,
the cone paper ll! (a) Therefore, the high frequency Vc 6 & (Then, the rigidity is not shown, and
together with the 熾 III JJ, the bending motion is stimulated to cause transient castration, and the
inherent distorted sound of the speaker is generated. However, since the sound absorbing and
elastic material +91 of the 9th invention is taken six times between t81 and the frame +51, it is
possible to suppress transient vibration Φ.
In addition, le is an estuary, but it is a tight-tack, ao or more = 1. 8 is provided with a disk-shaped
sound absorbing and elastic material between the vibrator and the frame and (3) to support 9
between them 6 In this way, it has the effect of being able to suppress the inherent distorted
sound due to wave-damaging shooting.
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