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Description of Invention
Small sounding body
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a sound generator
used in a watch or a small portable FjP device, and is adapted to operate at high efficiency using
a Helmholtz resonator at a ratio of 1%. The Helmholtz resonator is composed of an air chamber
and a sound emission hole, and generates a sound resonance due to the sound chamber of the air
chamber and the sound-inertance of the sound emission hole. As an alarm sound that inspires
only the frequency of the patent, its value is high and it has already been used for 4 watches as a
watch. The prior art is shown in FIGS. 1 and 2, and FIG. 1 is an example in which an
electromagnetic transducer and a resonator are combined. In this figure, 1 is a scale h2 a coil and
3 a magnet. 4 is a moving plate, 7 is an air chamber 5. And a frame for forming the sound release
hole 6. According to such a configuration, when the cross-track turtle Itt-flows to the coil 2,
EndPage: The sound feeding and pregnancy of the sound hole 6 is caused to make the efficiency
<generate a sound. FIG. 2 shows an example in which a piezoelectric diaphragm and a resonator
are combined, and p and 8 are piezoelectric ceramics and are fixed to the filter oscillator 4. 7 to
the air chamber 5. And a frame that forms the protuberance fitting 6. Piezoelectric ceramic
exposure, 枦 · 8 8 Vc by applying an alternating voltage pressure. a? 1.1, air chamber 5. Sound
is emitted efficiently through the release of the sound release hole 6. FIG. 3 is a graph showing
the presence of the frequency sound emission pressure% of the above-mentioned sound
producing body with resonance, where the resonance frequency of the diaphragm 4 in FIG. 2 is
frn and the acoustic resonance frequency kftL of the resonator in FIG. Take on such a special
order. In other words, the broken line is a special order when there is no common S unit, and
sharp # around 1 m frequency! Although it becomes fa, this frn and frequency fa are made to be
close to each other, and both S units are attached, and it becomes special order as shown in the
figure of 笑 in the figure, and sound pressure can be efficiently obtained near these resonance
points . As described above, although the sounding body with a resonator is effective, the
following points have been raised as dissatisfaction points when incorporated into a small II unit.
The power a-type converter of FIG. 1- has a large number of parts and a high cost. It becomes
large compared with FIG. In the structure of FIG. 2, the bonding between the ceramic 8 and the
diaphragm 4 is difficult to stabilize the process, and the variation of the resonance frequency ftn
is caused. There were also many problems in terms of reliability. Furthermore, in the second
structure, the rigidity of the EE ceramic itself is high, and the brittleness of the piezoelectric
ceramic is high because of its brittleness. There was a drawback that it was 1/1 and 1.
However, when the diameter of ramix 8 was reduced to N-pressure, the pressure drop was
reduced and the condition was not good. The simple structure and small size, high-efficiency
sounding body is made by focusing attention on the point of the present invention, and attaching
the piezoelectric thin film to the outer wall of the body as b5 to form a resonator K It is my
friend's friend. FIGS. 4 and 5 show the case where the present invention is applied to a watch,
and the following configuration and operation are cut off. In the fourth fiber, the housing 10 is
substantially hemispherically shaped and is mounted so as to cover the hemispherical surface.
The piezoelectric thin film is a piezoelectric material such as zinc oxide (Z% O), which is attached
by vapor deposition. Or, by mixing a piezoelectric material with a polymer material and pasting a
flexible flexible film into it, etc.! l! Be realized. The periphery of the housing 10 is fixed to the
periphery of the flange portion provided at one end of the sound emitting cylinder 12, and the
air release 13 is formed by the cylinder 12 and the housing 11. The sound output cylinder 12
forms a sound output hole 14. The cylindrical portion of the sound emitting cylindrical body 12
is fitted and fixed to the watch case 17 via the packing 16. It is a watch glass at 19 and a back
pig at 18. Further, 15 is a dustproof and protective cover provided at the upper end of the sound
emitting tube 12. More than 41! When a signal is applied from a piezoelectric thin film @ 1 l Vc
watch circuit (not shown) in formation, the vibration force of the signal causes the cylinder 10 to
vibrate. The air of the air chamber 13 is excited by the vibration of the cylindrical body 10, and
resonates with the air of the sound emission hole 14, and a high sound pressure is obtained from
one watch case. The fifth embodiment shows another embodiment, and the resonance cylinder 5
integral 20 is formed in a substantially balloon shape, and the sound emission hole portion and
the air chamber portion are integrally formed and contained. Such a shape can be realized by
vapor deposition or sputtering of plastic. The piezoelectric thin film @ 11 is mounted on the
outer wall K of the air chamber portion of the resonance housing 20 by the element 1 means
similar to that of FIG. The operation is as shown in FIG. 4 and (b), and by applying an alternating
voltage to the piezoelectric thin film 11, the resonance case 20 vibrates in the breathing mode Ic,
and the resonance of the air chamber 13 and the sound emission hole 14 occurs. It is made to
emit it. According to the fc configuration operation described above, the following merits can be
obtained. As compared with conventional piezoelectric ceramics represented by so-called PZT or
the like, since the piezoelectric thin film such as znota or polymer piezoelectric film is used, the
resonance frequency is undesirably low (it is possible to reduce the size and hence M size for
miniaturization). Further, compared with the conventional structure, the area of the magnetic
movement is increased because the piezoelectric body is mounted so as to enclose the case, and
the obtained sound pressure is also increased.
Furthermore, as a method such as evaporation, EndPage: 2 is uneven (fixed and the color stability
is high due to adhesion). Moreover, the structure is easy, and as shown in FIG. 4 and FIG. 5 with
the sound release tube, if one is added to the case, it will not interfere with one swing of the
impulse part, and the dimensions of the Helmholtz resonator only I can be a boy. That is,
according to the present invention, as an alarm sound generation for a wristwatch or a small
portable electronic device, the small size, high efficiency, one structure ease, low cost, and
sufficient effect can be achieved. Figures 1 and 2 show I11 sectional views showing the structure
of a conventional resonator-charged body, and Figure 3 is a graph showing the characteristics of
a sound-producing body with a resonator, and FIGS. 4 and 5 FIG. 2 is a partial cross-sectional
view showing the structure when the small light No. according to the present invention is passed
to a wristwatch. 4 @ · Diaphragm 5- · Air chamber 6 · · · Sound emission hole 7 · · Frame 8--[E, 11.
Ceramics lO · · Body 1111 · Piezoelectric thin film 7-12 · · · Sound emission cylinder 13 · · Air
chamber 14 · · Sound emission hole 15 · · · Cover 16 · · Paskin · · · Resonance t K or more −-l 代理
人 最 上 9-9-, 8- Ni 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4 IIs Fig. End Page: 3
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