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Specification 1, name of the invention Diaphragm for loudspeakers · · · For the original sliding
plate made with a valve, impregnated with a property control material in which graphite is
dispersed in the dipping agent in part or all of the thickness direction A speaker diaphragm
characterized in that it is configured to
2, the scope of claims
The present invention relates to a speaker diaphragm d, and more specifically to a speaker
diaphragm for improving the characteristics of a pulp diaphragm. Loudspeaker diaphragms are
conventionally made of paper such as pulp or fiber material, and this paper diaphragm is
relatively small in weight, relatively young or heavy (and further inside It is the most produced
with loss or moderately large, etc. because it is easy to mold, and can be provided with an
inexpensive heat sink. As described above, there is also a disadvantage in the paper-made
diaphragm having an excellent feature as the speaker diaphragm, and it is required to eliminate
the defect. That is, the diaphragm made of paper is poor in water resistance (wetness), and in the
climate of Japan where the change of humidity is large, it depends on the characteristics of the
diaphragm or the season, and stable performance can not be expected throughout the year.
Therefore, they are provided with thermoplastic resin such as vinyl chloride or molded with thin
metal plate, or the former has poor heat resistance, for example, heat near 100 ° C to that of car
stereo if used. The latter is a defect that is difficult to use in a long-running environment, and the
latter is prone to internal loss or small harmonic distortion, and so-called “あ” in the frequency
range that can not be found Have the disadvantage of causing The present invention is intended
to completely solve the above-mentioned problems of the paper diaphragm while making use of
the above-mentioned many features provided with the paper diaphragm or the diaphragm.
Therefore, the diaphragm made of pulp is used. It is characterized in that all or part of the
thickness direction, or a part of graphite dispersed in a phenolic resin solution EndPage: 11, is
impregnated to control various characteristics of the diaphragm. Hereinafter, embodiments of the
present invention will be described in detail. First, a diaphragm blank of a predetermined shape is
formed by using a tapped wood valve 100, and this diaphragm prototype is dipped in a solution
of a property control material and then taken out, and a mold heated appropriately. Using heat
and pressure to form. This property control material Q! A bath solution is prepared by mixing a
phenol resin in a weight ratio of 1041 in an alcohol as a diluent and dissolving it, and adding a
h04, graphite in a weight ratio of h04. Immerse the original diaphragm in the bath liquid of this
property control material, and take it out when it is fully impregnated. And pre-drying for 30
minutes under an environment of t ′ ′, and thereafter, molding is carried out by maintaining
the temperature at 200 ° C. to 220 ° C. under pressure conditions 7 to 8 ′ ′ / cm ′ ′
using a pressure and heat forming mold. Get the diaphragm of the. The diaphragm obtained has a
full cross-section in the thickness direction, is impregnated with graphite or phenolic resin, forms
an impervious material in which the pores between the graphite particles are filled with the
phenolic resin or IS, and the air leaks. In addition, the water resistance (moisture resistance) is
improved, and since it is molded in a pressurized heating state, it has a high heat resistance.
2. In the above explanation, the whole diaphragm was immersed in the property control material
OJ solution, and the thickness and the whole area number of the diaphragm were completely
broken to impregnate the property control material. A solution of the material for controlling the
properties of one side of the front or back side of the original is sprayed or coated, and the
property control material is impregnated in a part in the thickness direction OJ of the diaphragm.
However, it can be recognized that the characteristics are considerably improved as compared to
the paper diaphragm. The Young's modulus (E) can be improved by impregnating the plate of the
moving plate 100 of the present invention with the plate type graphite of the plate a, and by
increasing the pressure at the time of pressure heating molding, The Young's modulus tg) can be
increased, and it is possible to control the internal loss by selecting the pulp raw material OJ, and
the internal loss can be increased by mixing the inorganic substance such as Toku or Titano, and
the characteristics can be selected freely. Next, the characteristics of the diaphragm obtained by
varying the pressurizing conditions and the characteristics of the imaging plate of 100 excellent
pulp are shown in Table 1, and the imaging motion obtained in the range of 7-8 towns of
pressurizing conditions Explain that the characteristics of the plate are excellent. Example (1) A
100% wood valve is formed into a paper to obtain a cone-shaped diaphragm original form.
121’f! Add 10 parts by weight of phenolic resin to alcohol as an i-type control material
diluent and 60 parts by weight of graphite. 0) Dip a cone-shaped diaphragm original into the
solution of this property control material, and immerse the whole thoroughly. The cone-shaped
diaphragm original shape taken out from the 141 degirge is breathed under pressure condition s
′ ′ / ′ and heating country condition 200 ° C. using a pressure heating type. (51 Release the
mold and get the desired moving plate. The particle size of the graphite was about 7 to 10 μ,
and the component used was that of fixed carbon 98 sword ash content 1.0 憾 volatile content
(oil and fat content) 1.04. The amount of graphite to alcohol is determined in the range of 10 to
80%. FIG. 1 shows the frequency a% of the present invention and a conventional moving plate
taking an example of the aperture 16cIILc /] cone-shaped diaphragm, and curve A represents the
pressure condition 8 k # / shown in Table 1. The characteristics of the aIL 'of the diaphragm
according to the present invention, and the portion fsB shows that of paper pulp shown in Table1 As can be understood from this characteristic curve B, the moving plate of the present
invention and the moon shows an extension to the frequency characteristic in the 2nd range in
20%, which is shown in Table 1 and 2 reYoung's modulus ( E) It can be interpreted as the
physical feature of being extremely large or the dynamic characteristic appearing as it is.
Furthermore, it has a feature of internal loss or a suitably large one, which is also manifested in a
dynamic characteristic of relatively flat frequency characteristics and a disclaimer. Since the
diaphragm according to the present invention is small in mass or small in size, it is possible to
obtain a high-efficiency speaker, and when it is excellent in moisture resistance 2 and heat
resistance, its feature is used for car stereos and other coatings U) Sbi can stem can also be
widely used.
EndPage: As the 2nd and 8th pulps, a No. 9 cotton pulp of wood pulp and the like can be used,
and as a dipping agent, other than a phenol resin solution, an evokin resin or polyamide based
finger solution can also be used.
4 is a curve diagram showing the frequency characteristics of the diaphragm according to the
conventional S and this invention clouding, a simple explanatory diagram of the drawings. Patent
Assignee Pioneer Co., Ltd. 1 DoCoMo Electric Co., Ltd. View Agent Patent Attorney Noboru
Koshiba Floating Amount Attorney Murai Susumu EndPage: 3
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