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The present invention relates to a speaker cone with excellent frequency characteristics.
Conventionally, paper is used exclusively because the component material of the speaker cone is
easy to be lightweight and can vibrate even at low power. However, paper is disadvantageous in
that it is stretchable due to the level of humidity in the air, each time it has frequency
characteristics, the sound quality is different, and the stiffness is low. In order to compensate for
this, asbestos with rigidity and other inorganic fibers are mixed during papermaking to make a
paper sheet, then the surface is coated with a polymer substance to reduce moisture absorption.
Instead of being a sandwich, it has nothing to do with moisture absorption. However, in the
former, rigidity is obtained but internal loss is small and it is easy to cause divided vibration in
the common frequency range (and in the latter, resonance acuity is less than day due to the
presence of metal and internal loss is small, so resonance in the high frequency range,
Disturbance of frequency characteristics is likely to occur. The purpose of the present invention
is to provide a speaker cone which is basically recognized as a basic condition to increase the
internal loss of the speaker cone, to prevent the vibration division and to prevent the roots and to
improve the speaker sound pressure frequency characteristics entirely. A ceramic particle is
made into aggregate, a binder and a liquid tone are made to this, a slurry is made, it is applied to
a paper speaker cone made by coating, spraying, immersion, etc. and it is attached to 2m or less
as a thin film, it is dried. Removed or poured into a slurry-gypsum-type to make thin-film sound
generated by adsorption on the wall, dried after being demolded and made into a speaker cone,
with an aggregate hardness of at least 500 nubs. The above-mentioned glass, ceramic outer,
alumina, magnesia, mullite, chamotte, silicon carbide, and other ceramics which satisfy the abovementioned hardness can be aggregate. In the case of firing, it is preferable that the aggregate
particles or between the aggregate and the binder be fixed to a range that leaves pores.
Specifically, it is fired at about 1.200 ° C. or less. Binders include resins, rubbers, carbohydrates,
protein purifiers, and inorganic materials such as clay, kaolin, water glass, aluminum phosphate,
colloidal silica, and others, and they are used as J1. As the liquid, inorganic and organic solvents
such as water and alcohols, acetones, hydrocarbons or their various halides are used as a
dispersion medium. The sintered product as described above has pores remaining, but in the
pores, a highly elastic substance such as resin or rubber is dissolved in a solvent and
impregnated, dried, and the internal loss of the speaker is raised to increase the acoustic effect It
can also be done. Next, measured values of frequency characteristics of the following two
speaker cones will be described as examples of the present invention.
Speaker cone diameter 100 mm thickness 13 sections firing temperature 1,000 ° C
arrangement 12 alumina 87-silicon carbide-85 kaolin 1310 phenolic resin-5 porosity (a) 33 36
(before impregnation) hardness 2,000 nape 2 , 300 Knoop The frequency characteristic of 1.2
above is shown in the attached figure. This curve shows that the speaker cone has a large
internal attenuation, so it is extremely small that another vibration or noise is generated. The part
that can be sought for absolute resistance with fire and other fires.
Brief description of the drawings
The figure shows the frequency characteristics of the cone as an example of the invention.
The solid line indicates 16 and the broken line indicates 2. Patent Assignee AICO Inc. Turtle Q ()
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