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FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker device used for, for
example, a microphone with / without a microphone. The structure of the conventional example
and its problems In the recent market, a person sings according to the music, the voice is taped
by the microphone and enters the coater, and so-called karaoke with microphone 3 + syndi
function which is output from the music together with the music. The tailor recorder is in vogue.
When people sing and enjoy music using this karaoke theapless evening, there is a desire that
the person who sings wants to get satisfaction by singing better. Therefore, the singer always
wants to improve his singing ability. As a means to enhance my singing ability like this, I record
the singer's voice as an example on one of the tapes currently on the tape, change my way of
singing while listening to that voice at the time of playback, or in the case of a new song. For the
purpose of being able to know how to sing well, etc., a thing called audio multiplex tape is also
created and sold, and it helps to improve the singing ability. In order to enable richer and more
powerful reproduction of the karaoke tape receiver 1111, high frequency (for tweeter), medium
noise (for scarca), low frequency (for woofer) etc. such as high, middle and low for each
frequency band. There are an increasing number of chip precoaters that use a speaker system
equipped with a speaker for this purpose. However, due to the improvement of the speaker
system described in F, there is a disadvantage that the voice of the user's own self 8 input from
the microphone is hidden and difficult to hear as the power of the music reproduction sound on
the recording source side increases. That is, since the human voice band is distributed in the
midrange of about 200 to 4000I-1z, the midrange reproduction speaker is mainly responsible for
outputting human voice. However, when you sing while playing back the accompaniment music
performance, the playback sound from the mid-range speaker is masked to some extent by the
playback sound from the high and low-range speakers, so the human voice is heard. It becomes
difficult to get in shape and often can not sing L hand. Also, especially their own voice (! -There
are many cases where you want to know the shortcomings of the way you sing by picking up and
listening, and when you want to listen well to the singer's voice that you have recorded as a
model when using audio multiplex tapes as described in iff. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The
present invention has been made to solve the conventional problem described in F and, among
loudspeakers responsible for regeneration of signals of low, medium and high frequency bands,
reproduction of the medium frequency band among speakers that are responsible for
reproduction. By activating only the speaker, the high and low range speakers can hear the
human voice which is hard to hear well and can sing the flaws and ways of singing of their own
songs. In order to make it easier for people to understand, and simultaneously switching the
circuit constants for frequency band limitation that determine the frequency band of the
midrange frequency band, it is set mainly exclusively for the midrange range of music before
switching. To provide a speaker device in which the constant of the frequency band limiting
circuit is reset to the constant VC of the limiting circuit according to the human voice band so
that human voice can be more easily heard during reproduction. Purpose.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In order to achieve the above object, according to the present
invention, the present invention is directed to a system capable of reproducing signals of low,
medium and high frequency bands among input signals and for the frequency band of
loudspeakers of the same. And a switch for closing the circuit for the middle frequency band
when opening and closing the circuit for the low and high frequency bands, the middle frequency
between both ends of the switch for the circuit for the middle frequency band. The band
regulation coil is interposed, which allows the people who enjoy karaoke by generally activating
all three types of the above-mentioned strengths to further double their enjoyment, and also has
a recording and reproducing function. In the Chie Pre-Coat, etc., record the situation where you
are singing along with the music, and when you are old, etc., sound in the band where only the
midrange speaker is expanded, and sing your own way listen It is also possible to or saving.
Description of Embodiments Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be
described based on the drawings. The first section is a circuit diagram in the case where the
single-use connector w according to the present invention is applied to a recording / reproducing
apparatus having a microphone module and a sigh function. ! In Fig. 1, (1) is a magnetic tape on
which sweet chestnut etc. to be reproduced has already been recorded, (2) is a reproduction
head, (3) is a preamplifier for tape, (4) is a microphone for voice input, (5) An input jack for the
microphone (4), (6) an amplifier for the microphone (4), (7) a power amplifier connected to both
the amplifiers (3) and (6) A this power amplifier (7) A high-range speaker (8) (hereinafter
referred to as tweeter), a mid-range speaker (9) (hereinafter referred to as a squawker), and a
low-range frequency αQ (hereinafter referred to as a woofer) are connected in parallel. αυ is a
switch for opening and closing the connection between the power amplifier (7) and the
regulating capacitor α 葎 as the high frequency band limiting circuit (6) of the tweeter (3). α 41
is a series connection circuit of the regulating capacitor OQ as a medium frequency band limiting
circuit α of the squawker (9) connected to the power amplifier (7) and the regulating coil a 、
between the ends of the regulating coil α η It is a switch connected to [Phase] is a switch that
opens and closes the connection with the regulating coil (7) as the low frequency band limiting
circuit 01J to the power amplifier (7). The switches (b) 00 and the opening and closing
operations are interlocked, and as shown by the solid line in □ in FIG. 1, the switch q4 is open
when the switch α and the switch (t) are closed. When the switch α and the switch (d) are open,
the switch α is in the closed state, as shown in FIG.
Next, the operation will be described. FIG. 2 shows the frequency characteristics of the speaker
device according to the present invention. During normal playback, if each switch (b) 04QI is set
to the state shown by the solid line in FIG. 1, the input signal from the magnetic tape (1) and the
input signal from the external microphone (4) are preamps (3) And amplified by the amplifier (6)
and then amplified and mixed, and this thirty-singed composite signal is further amplified by the
power amplifier (7) and then the tweeter (8) and the squawker (9) , Woofer αQ speakers are
divided. That is, tweeter (for high frequency part of the composite signal due to the function of
capacitor for 8 channels, 200 to 4000 Hz for medium frequency component due to the function
of capacitor aQ and fil 0 for squawker (9) The signal of the frequency is applied to the woofer〕]
by the action of the il (7), and only the signal of the low frequency is applied, and the
reproduction with a sense of presence by each speaker (8) (9) 4 = "ff1Q There is. The
reproduction frequency characteristic of each speaker (g) (9) αQ at this time is as shown by a
solid line system η (i) in FIG. Next, in the state shown by the dotted line in FIG. 1, the tweeter (3)
and the woofer αQK are not input, but are input only to the squawker (9), and only the middle
frequency band is reproduced. Further, since the switch Q4 is closed, the coil (17) is shortcircuited, and only the intermediate wave number band is extended as shown in FIG. In this way,
human voice is low M, by picking up only the voice from S] -force (9) and expanding its band! -It
can be heard easily and contained by extending the middle frequency band without being
disturbed by the high frequency music signal. As described in detail in the invention, according to
the present invention, it is possible to normally operate all the speakers and reproduce an input
signal in a wide range of frequency band in an ideal state, and of course, it is possible to operate
the switch with medium frequency. Since the reproduction from only the band reproduction
speaker is 0 J 'ability and the reproduction frequency band of the speaker can be expanded, the
sound can be easily heard without being disturbed by the low band or high band music signal. It
can be reproduced clearly in the state.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram when the speaker device according to the present invention is applied
to a bell sound reproducing device having a microphone and a synge function, and FIG. 2 is a
diagram showing frequency characteristics of the speaker device according to the present
(8) ... one high-pass band, (9) ... mid-range speaker, (10 ... low-pass speaker, (11) QΦQ 89 ...
switch, (2) ... High frequency band limiting circuit, (I) ... regulating capacitor, Q ~ ... middle
frequency band limiting circuit, (IQ ... regulating capacitor, strike ... regulating coil, Q ~ ...・ Low
frequency #: Circuit for limiting the flame, 4 ・ ・ ・ Coil agent for regulating Yoshihiro
Morimoto Fig. 1 Fig. 2 11) * & (Hl)
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