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[Technical Field of the Invention] The present invention relates to a ceramic diaphragm speaker,
and by using a planar high-strength ceramic sintered body as a diaphragm, extremely smooth
sound pressure characteristics and a wide dynamic range can be obtained. The present invention
relates to a ceramic diaphragm speaker suitable for audio. [Technical background of the
invention and its problems] For example, in a conventional speaker, a cone of conical shape is
used in view of strength sound pressure characteristics as a diaphragm and material
characteristics, and by using this, the above-mentioned Although the problems such as are
improved to some extent, acoustic distortion occurs on the inside of the cone where it is
controlled by its shape. This distortion is caused by interference because the vector of the sound
wave generated from the other side opposite to the sound wave generated from one side of the
conical cone is not parallel, thereby losing the sharpness of the sound or feeling of localization In
order to eliminate this phenomenon, it is necessary to use a flat diaphragm instead of a conical
shape, and this problem can be solved by utilizing this. Practical application is under
consideration. Although the flat diaphragm speaker has been put to practical use with recent
technological advances, various problems have been encountered in terms of the material
characteristics possessed by the flat diaphragm, and in particular the resonance removal of the
diaphragm is the largest in terms of sound pressure characteristics. It is taken up as a problem.
That is, from the resonance mode analysis of the diaphragm, the high-order resonance appears as
a peak dip on the sound pressure characteristic, and the reproduction limit of the speaker is
related to how much the peak dip can be removed. In order to eliminate this resonance, the
thickness of the diaphragm is increased in the current flat diaphragm speaker. Alternatively, a
method is adopted in which the number of driving points of the diaphragm is increased from one
point, but in the case of the former, the diaphragm becomes heavy, a strong driving force is
required, and the response becomes worse. In the latter case, there are many problems such as
the structure becoming complicated and the control method becoming difficult. Also, although
both of these structures can be used to provide some degree of resonance removal measures,
they are not solutions to speaker designs that are fully compatible with digital audio technology
that will be increasingly advanced in the future . OBJECTS OF THE INVENTION Based on such
findings, the present invention is a ceramic diaphragm sue that is suitable as a speaker for audio
audio without requiring a complicated structure or control method. -Try to provide mosquitoes.
[Summary of the Invention] As a result of addressing the above-mentioned conventional defects
and proceeding with investigations, the present inventors have found that a high-strength
ceramic sintered body represented by silicon nitride (Si3N4) or the like is a flat plate material
The above-mentioned problems can be solved and the sound pressure characteristics are
smoothed by using the diaphragm as a diaphragm and providing a coating layer of resin on the
diaphragm surface if necessary, or by using a diaphragm impregnated with a resin. It has been
found that an ultra-high fidelity flat diaphragm speaker completely compatible with digital audio
is provided that has excellent response characteristics and a large dynamic range.
In addition, a planar densified sintered body, a planar porous sintered body, or a planar or vicinal
sintered body can be used as the shape of the planar diaphragm, and as the diaphragm material,
silicon nitride, silicon carbide, nitrided It is possible to use high density, high strength ceramics
such as aluminum and giniconia, and it is preferable to use silicon nitride particularly in practical
use. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in more detail by using the abovedescribed ceramic sintered body instead of the conventional cone paper or the audio speaker
vibrator using light metal or synthetic resin or the like. Flat diaphragm speaker characterized in
that the sound pressure characteristics are extremely smooth and excellent in response
characteristics and wide dynamic range even with the driving method of It is characterized by the
diaphragm structure focusing on the high Young's modulus possessed by and the natural
frequency of each ceramic. In a conventional speaker having a circular, single-sided pregnant
plate, the front end of the voice coil bobbin is connected to the node at the primary resonance of
the diaphragm to eliminate resonance 9 or the following formula%) By connecting the front ends
of a large number of voice coil bobbins to a plurality of drive circle diameters as described above,
a method of removing primary or higher order resonances is taken. Alternatively, in the case of a
rectangular planar diaphragm, a method is adopted in which a plurality of drive axes are
attached at a plurality of points corresponding to resonance points. As described above, although
these methods are effective as a certain degree of resonance elimination method, it is difficult to
eliminate complex VCf's only by the fact that multiple control methods with complicated shapes
become difficult and high-order resonances are reduced. i have not. Similarly, (11 (r in equation
21; distance F (r) from the central axis to an arbitrary point: distributed driving force ψ mum
next axis symmetrical bending vibration mode reference function rm: mth order resonance nodal
circle diameter). Therefore, in the present invention, this resonance problem is solved in the
diaphragm. That is, in the present invention, for example, a structure in which high strength
ceramic sintered plates having different natural frequencies (the shape is a densified sintered
body or a honeycomb structure sintered body or a porous sintered body) is joined in multiple
layers. Remove peak dip on sound pressure characteristics due to resonance to obtain extremely
smooth sound pressure characteristics and wide dynamic range, reduce the weight of the
diaphragm and improve response characteristics, and change the characteristics depending on
the position of the diaphragm We have found a diaphragm design technology that can be
released from According to the present invention, in spite of the simple shape and the simple
control method, a flat diaphragm speaker having an extremely smooth sound pressure
characteristic and a wide dynamic range can be obtained. It can be said that the invention is
suitable for a speaker for ultra high fidelity audio where the above characteristics are required to
the maximum.
伺 This can also be applied to composite flat diaphragm speakers. Next, an embodiment
according to the present invention will be described with reference to FIG. 1 showing a partial
cross-sectional view of a diaphragm speaker. A diaphragm is set on the frame 3 through the edge
2 in winter. This diaphragm is made of, for example, a silicon nitride sintered body, and by
adjusting the composition, sintering conditions, etc., ceramic sintered body diaphragms 1/1 and
11 having different natural frequencies are laminated, and further resin coating is applied to the
surface. 1 Threat 6 was provided and a flat diaphragm was obtained. In the figure, 5 indicates a
voice coil, and 4 indicates a voice coil bobbin. In the ceramic diaphragm speaker according to the
present invention configured as described above, it has been confirmed that the sound pressure
characteristic is smoothed over a wide band and has an excellent dynamic range.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a partial cross-sectional view of a diaphragm speaker according to the present invention.
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