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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a system diagram of an embodiment of the
present invention, and FIG. 2 is an explanatory diagram of sound source localization. FL: front left
channel signal, FR: front right channel signal, RL: rear left channel signal, RR: rear right channel
signal, S1: front left speaker, S2: Rear left speaker S3: front right speaker S4: rear right speaker
VR1 left channel mixing variable resistor VR2 right channel mixing variable resistor.
[Detailed Description of the Invention] This invention is 7 before @! A device that performs stereo
reproduction of the 再生 channel with 2 speakers on the back, 2 Rt 11 speakers, and a book to be
played at fc @, transferring back lI sound source back and forth without changing the order of
snow on the back speakers The purpose is to be able to FIG. 1 is a book showing its embodiment,
AP. Is a preamp of the first channel, and M is a main amp of the same town, which is arranged on
the front left side of the l ls l lning room L out of which is reproduced by a friend speaker 8IK. In
the second channel, the second channel is the n + 47-31603-a27 amplifier, and the fourth
channel is the main amplifier. The output RL is placed on the front left side and the speaker 8.
Played by. The signal PR of the fifth channel, the signal RR4 of the second channel as well as the
preamp 'st m '41 main amp'. Speakers B, which are amplified at the right side of the rear surface
1IIK, and are distributed at the right side of the rear surface. Each is reproduced by. A resistor is
connected between the output terminal of the bridge P and the input terminal of the main
amplifier -5, and a resistor is connected between the preamplifier P and the main amplifier A
There is. The variable resistor V is connected between the output terminal to the preamplifier A
and the ground via the resistor R1 and the opening thereof with the w o 1 and the i h channel is
also R ,,! 4. I! ,,door,. Resistant resistance VX, configured as above! (1) It is connected by a rule.
The variable resistors Ma and Ma are connected * -g. , The second channel and the fourth
channel signal l. (2) Mi, 547-316003-03RL, RR0-111 are each main amum 'through variable
resistance vRI, vR1, resistance'% * 'st. Because it joins the body, from the front speaker 'It' ll! The
ratio FI determined by the adjustment amount of the visible resistances VR, VR, to the signal FI of
the 1st tl3 channel, FI *, and the ratio dt of the multiplication 9 level 2. Signals αRL and αRR of
the first channel are reproduced. For the convenience of explanation, It 丑 PL of the first channel.
Assuming that the fifth channel's signal jFR is not added, the signals aRL and αRR are
reproduced from the left and right of the am-speaker “IT81, and the signals RL and RR are
reproduced from the left and right-speaker 8mtB4 on the back. . Since the signal RL is
reproduced from the speaker 81t'l at the same level as each other, the reproduced sound is as
shown in FIG. 2a [a. To.
From the middle position between Speaker Town and town ll I Ero. Since the signals RR are
reproduced at the same level as each other from the speaker "1t84", those reproduced sounds
are the speaker 8. と8. And O bark from the middle position.
′(3)47−316[)3−04! If you adjust the variable resistance mer, V to the ratio-0 5
5, the signal RL from the speaker town. Since the speaker S is reproduced at the 140th level of
the No. 41 RL reproduced from the speaker S, the reproduced sound thereof can be heard from a
position shifted backward by 1 to 20 ratio as shown in the section 211) K. スピーカー8. The
signal is reproduced from the signal RR4, from the speaker S, and reproduced at a level of 1/2 of
All 肴 R λ from the summer signal S, so that the reproduced sound is at a ratio of 1 to 20
proportions to the medium beam. I'm scared from you. Further adjust the resistance resistance
birds and ticks, and assuming that the ratio is 0, the signal from the speaker 'tt's is not
reproduced-so the reproduced sound of the signals RL and R1 is as shown by @ 2flJOK We can
hear from the speakers -1 ° S, O position respectively. In this way, by adjusting the wr honey m
pile horse, ma, jfl * xh, x * o regeneration play-get the position 1kK11-1 by l, this kernel and the
first channel The signal L L is on the fifth channel, and the signal m m is on the fifth channel?
Because it is added to 纂 -Qh '447-31603-05, it is possible to freely adjust the sound source
localization of the back channel in the m channel stereo reproduction lI. In the present invention,
as shown in 9 or more, the left side of the back channel is used as the front ■ left channel, and
the right channel's signal is mixed with the front right hand yannel. Without fitting the position
of the speaker, it is possible to arrange the sound source position of the Yarai Yannel by IIIIIK III,
but leave the place l11, which is a residence in the Lisnindaroo, without sacrificing the position
of the speaker. 4. Brief description of the example. FIG. 1 is a system diagram of an embodiment
of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is an explanatory diagram of sound source localization. De L ·
· · ■ front of the left channel, WR · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 'W left left channel signal 'l ... Front left speaker, 8t ... Blue 霞 Left
speaker t's ... 1111 right speaker? "4 ... Blue ■ Right speaker, Mar., ... Left-channel stable WA, へ,
・ ・ ・ ... Right cha" xi ") 47-31603-06 '! 珊 温 蜜 抵抗 resistance.
Utility model registration applicant Nippon Victor Co., Ltd. 運 友 木 ζ 尾 、 、 、 、 、 −3 −3
−3 47-34603 007 h 4 ++, -L + furnace 11 F-鴫 1 →- Chew-1------Fist------1--1-c--i-'; 1 to 1 to 1 1;
1111, j @ −------al, 2- to--------------11- 臣; de 臣 3 "1: 5 城 1-rrr-): i ,; 竺,: 叶: 叶 ζ ζ ζ ζ ζ ζ ζ
山 山 山 も γ 1− 1− − 1-p-yamada (-- CC ζ \ \ \ [] :, /) A シ-−-X 辷-, つ め e 舅 蒜 two parts) e
two,-N-繁 · · ·. 1803-08 & other agent address 8-12 15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Name (+ 5704)
Patent Attorneys: 47-3-603-09
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