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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of a speaker circuit
according to the present invention, and FIGS. 2 and 3 show frequency reproduction
characteristics of a speaker used in the speaker circuit according to the present invention. In the
drawings, 2 indicates a main speaker, 3 indicates a changeover switch, and 4 indicates an
auxiliary skier. 29 real opening 48-27 '711 (2) (d 枦 · (dF5) 1 pail-41, li' one cut l L (K) {Figure 2
f-VA14 ~ / 0 → for L κH Figure 3-30
Detailed description of the invention Name of the invention name of the speaker road 1 utility
model range Ha seeking range 5 main speakers and parallel to the speakers (the main speaker to
expand the sound range through the switch back 9 O The auxiliary speaker is provided, and the
switch is opened and closed according to the playback range, the playback range can be
expanded, the reduction can be reduced, and the nine-speaker circuit. 3 Inventive 011 JII # + 複
数 個 帯 # + 10 ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ 従 来 従 来 従 来 従 来 従 来 従 来 従 来 従 来
conventional equipment For example, the same receiver 1 can receive m-broadcasting and 7M
broadcasts, and the speaker circuit K of the nine receiver receives the m-broadcasting and
reproduces the voice. Even when receiving FM broadcasts and playing back audio. Same audio
playback using the same speaker. In the above case, 7M broadcast is pre-emphasised, so it is
necessary to use b to play high-pitched range up to the speaker H10 KHz that plays back 7M
broadcast. For broadcast broadcast, only the amplifier O configuration of the receiver only uses 2
to 3 × llm1, and the amplifier and 5 do not play audio and therefore the speaker for IPM
broadcast is shared as the speaker for broadcast broadcasts as described above. If rX% of the
playback of the speaker is extended to the high frequency range, the circumference of the
broadcast itself! The IIL number becomes a harmonic and is reproduced by the above speaker.
Therefore, as a speaker which shares KIPM broadcast and FM broadcast as described above, one
having a high frequency range of 5 JCIFIf is usually used. As described above, if the high
frequency range of about 5 KHz is used, as in the case of 舅, there is a drawback that 50 sound
quality can not be reproduced sufficiently in the 舅 broadcast as described above. The present
invention is directed to a speaker circuit K111 in which the above-mentioned drawbacks are
eliminated. = 1, the audio circuit when the present invention is sharpened with the drawing, 9;
The main speaker 2 with a 5% KH 冨 8110 frequency reproduction characteristic is connected to
the audio output side of the audio output 10, and has a frequency reproduction characteristic of
41 CHs ~, lOKlllllill degree via the switch 3 in parallel with the 骸 speaker An auxiliary speaker 4
is connected to constitute a speed 5 power circuit. In the speaker circuit configured as described
above, when receiving X broadcast and playing back audio, open the switch S of the auxiliary
speaker number, operate the main speaker 20, and operate the speaker frequency as shown in
FIG. In order to obtain the IO reproduction characteristics and reproduce the m-wave broadcast
O sound only with the positive speaker and not to reproduce the ^ harmonic of the frequency of
the m itself, the auxiliary speaker 4 when receiving the previous 7 M broadcast and reproducing
the sound The switch 1 is closed, and the main speaker 2 is used as the auxiliary speaker 4 to
obtain frequency reproduction characteristics of the speaker as shown in FIG. 5S.
The main speaker 再生 reproduces the low sound range O sound of the 7M broadcast with the
auxiliary speaker 4 and reproduces the sound of the light sound range with the auxiliary speaker
4 and reliably reproduces the high sound range in the 1M broadcast. As the present invention
reproduces the low range and the high range as described above, the knee and-+ 1 + 1 chop
speakers are operated separately. The roaring voice does not last long at the time of receiving the
X broadcast, and the voice extended well to the high range can be played back at the time of the
IM broadcast reception, and the sound of the playback range can be played back to Va .
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