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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view and a side view showing a variable
resistor having a conventional fixed tap terminal, and FIG. 2 is a diagram for controlling the left /
right balance of a step 1 / o amplifier. FIG. 3 is a front view and a side view showing an
embodiment of a variable resistor having movable tap terminals according to the present
invention. In the figure, 4 'is a movable tap terminal, 4c' is a connecting portion to an external
electrode 4b 'is a resistor sliding portion. -95- Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No.
48-30340 (2) FIG. 2 FIG. 3 (a) 96
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a variable resistor
over a moveable tap ring. Fig. 1 shows front and side views of a variable resistor having a
conventional fixed tap terminal L7 :: (1), (2) and (3) are terminals, (4) is a tap N A child, (51 is a
resistor, (6) is a slider, and (7) is a Kishi group. In a variable resistor that shoulders such a fixed
tap terminal, the resistance value between terminals + 11-141 and (4) − {3} terminals + 11− (4)
terminals is the resistance value between 13 + − + 41 m terminals , Once, variable resistance! !
Assemble 1 '. : You can not change P2 later. Therefore, for example, a variable resistor # which
uses this fixed tap terminal is used for left / right balance control of the stereo amplifier f: In the
case of Lr 2 shown in FIG. 2, the gain of both left and right stereo amplifiers is the same.
However, when the resistance ratio of the variable resistor #, which is the volume of both left and
right stereo amplifiers, is different, the outputs of the right and left are different in the same
manner as the resistance ratio. Move the slider (6) connected to 堝 -1 ′ ′ (2) to adjust the
output of the stone and the left 1. -Attach a balance device like this to the stereo at the time of l:
When the stereo panel is sealed with a mark indicating the middle point. Moving the slider (6)
means that the mark of the middle point of the knob of the variable resistance and the mark of
the panel run out. Since a stereo user generally uses this knob and the mark of the panel in
alignment, in reality, the stereo is assumed to be in a different state of balance of right and left
volume. The P3 real name proposal resolves the above-mentioned drawbacks. T1: め 4 さ れ f ::
C5 Congratulation on its application and the 31st (jP + 1 と and 1 」sign) with L1. -, The joint
part of the same part), and (4) are movably attached to the movable tap holding plate or the
insulator (7). T5 is fixed to rivet ζ 8 having slip 11 (-) 1 and it is structured to be stored in the
direction of Ota's specification by means of rivets (same as by rotating 8 ン completely). Movable
tap Naruko (4) has a connection part (recommendation) to the external electrode (0) and a
resistance sliding contact (4b), and is made to be 0 by sliding the variable taple child (4). It is
possible to change the Buddha ratio of il + -141 darkness and + 31- + 41. Therefore, by using a
variable resistor with a speed cloth and i's dynamic resistance, the amplification lX type of the
left and right angle amplification # among the knobs of the slider t6 + even if there is a balance
difference between the left and right angle volumes. The mark on the point and the mark on the
panel can be combined to adjust the left / right balance.
The movable tap seed (4f, after completion of adjustment, is insulated with an adhesive or the
like) and fixed to a weir (7). In addition, the movable tap terminal (the external sound electrode
trailing portion (4a) of 41) may not necessarily be in the form of -7 with the resistor sliding
portion (city).
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