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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of a symmetrical installation of
four volume adjusters on the volume balun adjustment lever. FIG. 2 is a plan view of the place
where the volume control is installed at two positions. Fig. 3 shows the pattern of the balance
display board. Fig. 4 also shows the balance display board pattern. Fig. 5 also shows the balance
display board pattern. -7 actual opening Akira 48-20033 (Oshi 3 輿 噂 8
[Detailed description of the invention] When sound reproduction equipment (in which amplifier,
speaker, etc. are multi-sourced, the efficiency of each speaker and the dispersion of the
amplifier's middle degree, and the volume balance by the user's position are better Need to
adjust. However, there are no cast products that integrate the volume of the front and rear left
and right y volume Buffnence chest joints in the various sound source stereo devices that are
manufactured by the respective vendors, and the front and rear and 3-left and right Adjust
balance back and forth and left and right individually with one independent joint device, or with
it (with blue snow amount III 鰺 device each blue 41 Δ, su ^ ^ h 1 amount Equipment to adjust
the 【, did not. That is, the conventional method can be performed only by primary and original
volume control to adjust the volume individually or to adjust the volume balance of the volume of
the sound volume I1 section or one playback device individually of the individual independent
playback devices. In the case of the sound source stereo system, nothing more than adjustment
of the volume s ance control is troublesome, and it is necessary for the user to perform this
balance adjustment with only seven levers. It is a thing. Therefore, the sound volume control
device for sound source stereo to be described in the following will be the l! It is designed so that
you can balance the volume of the dual with a slight wooden lever so that Me can put together
and easily adjust the audio source stereo. Fig. 1 shows that the slide type volume dividers (1), (2)
(3) (+ ') are arranged symmetrically on both sides of a square, and the protrusion (j) of the
volume control on the upper side thereof 4) Brackets with clearance (10) (10) (//) (/) for which
(7) (1) can move in the direction perpendicular to the volume control (3) (8 ) (/ 4) is attached,
and a lever (/ 7) is attached to the center of each of the respective fittings <73> (/ 41> Cl6) (/ 6).
. That is, the volume balance adjusting mechanism arranged as shown in FIG. 1 moves only the
relevant volume controller, for example, the lever (/ 2) by moving the lever (/ 7) up and down or
left and right. When (2) and (ri) only the volume controller, or when the lever (/ 7) is moved up
and down, only the (1) and (3) volume controllers, and also the lever (/ 7) vertically and
horizontally When moving), the volume part of (1), (2) (3) (ri) moves according to the movement
of the lever (/ 7), and the balance of the upper, lower, left and right volume is completely It can
be adjusted. Two levers (/ j) (/ 4 ') (/ j) (#) enclosed by levers (/ 7) and the center of the vessel
(7g), the levers (/ 7) adjust to which position It is a symmetrical, side-by-side attachment so that
it can be easily explained to the user.
The first figure shows the slide type volume axis described in Fig. 7 → qs-'1zooi-a't unit (1) (3)
and sound 1 instructor (2) (ri) attached to the same place This is a modification of the principle
described in FIG. 3, FIG. 3 and FIG. 3 show the pattern of the decorative metal fitting (7 g) and
the position of the lever (7) described in the explanation of FIG. 1. Furthermore, when using the
volume balance adjustment device as in the present invention, the user of this device can easily
and visually complicate the volume balance of the evening sound source with the seven levers in
the evening sound source stereo reproduction device. The rate can be
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