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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of a fixed feed type automatic yarn
winding machine unit according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a side view thereof.
device, 5 ...... mesh winding the conveying member, 6 ■ soot B Figure 1 one 5 Sho 48-40503 (2)
Figure 2 6-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a cording device, a
threading device, a yarn winding machine and a device related to them etc. In the conventional l1
iil fixed 1 l III IA type automatic spinning machine, the number of winding lines is 10 to 20. The
conventional l1 iil fixed 1 l III IA type automatic spinning machine is capable of running a line 11
n from the space @ There was a disadvantage in manually trimming the ー. Therefore, one of the
purposes of this invention is a cording device, a gauze weight, an A 懺 工 nb nb KH late ゐ 鰻 虻
虻 1− 1− 1− 1− 1− 1− 1− 1− 1− 1− l # # l '1 ancn Q-n? -Fixed frame K), fixed combined
set lII which can be supplied to -t-1 Ff through effectively combined and fed to the spinning
thread lII. Hereinafter, this invention ID will be described in the embodiment of the invention. In
the plan view shown in Fig. 1, the wire Jl apparatus t, Fi known wireline body 2 and wire a1ms,
and #CFi is not supplied to the feeding tank 11 which is not shown and supplied to the draft tank
5, The rotation action VCL of the wire rod 2 is a known manner, and the line is n, and it is L5
which is found from the O-o-fi-Fi line 2aWE. The cord body 2F1 is not shown in the figure, and it
moves in the direction of the arrow A intermittently as a moving rod 11 [1] so as to be 11 at a
position 1111 shown by a virtual 8 line 2 /. 11r reticular temple transfer body 5 shown by r4
overall and includes a form reed 6 and t integrally formed with cords items, and the net-like takeup transfer body 5 is at the movement position 2 'of the cord 2 1 & is placed below. As can be
understood from FIG. 1 and FIG. 2, the transfer body 5 is rotatably supported on the bracket 7 n,
and it is completed by rotation i 11 & 118.9. The CO day-rotating transfer body 52-is a cube Kj I
# formed n, and the opposite negative part thereof is stretched by a check 710 or a sprocket 11
by a U-turn @ f: 8 n, the check 710 is a transfer body The 5 parts per mll KL-) and the outside
part 1 1 K protruding Cheno part is 15 moving to the left in FIG. I would like to have a line 2 or 2
'm and a fist one after another. Otome F caught from the cable 21 -A reticulated cocoon transfer
body 5 KIFIIN which rolls, and then CHENO ID [I send it to the left on the 111th plane. In the
coring tank 6, an end portion IIcFi feeding basket 12 of the transfer body S is provided. In the
second process, for example, the rotating disk 15 is eccentrically attached to the rotating disk 15
by an eccentric IY & (K in order or in the link wL14, the connecting rod 15 or the arrow B
direction K11 id [K reciprocating The movement is sent to the basket 12 and the next image # 9
c is sent to the feed portion 20.
MI i-21 ジ 設 け 設 け provided at 郡 20 i バ ス ケ ッ ト 郡 郡 郡 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 L L 鰻 瀘 、
、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 Yarn or transfer body 50 @ l & ui! The iron
thread or the 島 island is attached to the mother system 22 which has been formed and
processed into an S-n and is held in the supply tank 21. 艙 --the basket 12 of conventional 21
and the opposite lIK matrix winding frame 23 or n, the matrix 22 passes through the hole of the
stopper 24 and the matrix% * l? The 2s K volume る る. We will serve from the basket 12! IIK is
sent to the left @ in the drawing with the parent 22K. The winding M portion SO is provided
adjacent to the feeding portion 20 and comprises a winding standby portion 31 and a winding
yarn 41132, and there is a grained C 'having a plurality of yarn winding warms 32 KVi. The
reeling unit 50 is known per se, and has a rotating Rv and rolling shaft 33, and a cord from-is
characteristic from the shaft 33K. The eyelet in the feeding condition 21 is manually supplied in
the illustrated embodiment to the feeding section 31 and from the cord kW to the shaft 55K.
When the fineness is lowered and it is necessary for 1 lk to pay for the grained C 'of the reeling
yarn 432, the reeling operation is hit by the looming section 31 with a known liming device, and
the yarn is a small frame 54 Take your heart into mind. Is it 32? q RU--not shown 大 繭 4− 4-4840503-05 fi! In the case of supplying baskets 1 1 L 4 · still supply 11 120)-et-wait 1431 Kmk,
for example basket 12! I5A basket i can also be established. As described above, if the device
according to the present invention is used, the cording device 1, the trimming device 114, the
painting section 20. Repetition section 3 o or each other (-Australialy provided n, fic is n, n is n,
and n is n, ill 繭 is a re-arrested line K, so Used when the number of winding lines is relatively
small. Fixed supply one-way type, O 97, Yarn and whole pieces, ...! Pact can be configured, space
1: available, can only be done on the hair supply irrigated with% iil.
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