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The present invention relates to a speaker connection conversion circuit, and the speaker
connection conversion circuit is configured to be able to convert the speaker connection circuit
into a discrete channel connection mode and a matrix reference channel connection mode by a
simple changeover switch. Intended to provide. Hereinafter, the seventh embodiment of the
circuit according to the present invention will be described together with the γ drawings. The
speaker which becomes rWJFi this invention! i! Fig. 3 shows an electrical diagram of an
embodiment of a series conversion circuit; I-da is an amplifier, and switching contacts 81 to s4
are connected to the input side transmission line of the husband. This switching contact 8.
Interlockingly, ~ S4 constitutes the first operation switch j, which can be switched and connected
to the contacts α and b, respectively. Respective switching contacts 8. The contacts a to S4 are
respectively connected to discrete dach channel input terminals D4. Also, switching contacts 8I
and 4 (8) 48-42! N-q-n's eight contacts 1 are both input to the input terminal M1 of the matrix
channel signal. Connected to the switching contact 3. Each contact point of s4 and s4 is supplied
with an input terminal MII of a 亭 channel signal input. 7m, 7 are the first channel output
terminals, -a, Jh are the channel output terminals, 7g, 14 are the first channel output terminals,
and reference -1 is the reference channel output terminal. The third チ チ 出力 output terminal is
not shown in the figure but 1 channel # in the center! 4!! It is arranged by the deaf customer
and connected to nine speakers individually 'Q? Lる。 Output terminals / a, / b and output
terminals 31. Loudspeakers connected to JhK husband are placed on the front left and front right
of the listener. Loudspeakers connected to the output terminals Chico a and Ko b and the output
terminal shaft, and the microphone A are disposed at the left rear and the right rear, respectively,
with respect to the listener. ≦はJII! With the operation switch of-, the contact piece 8. Can
be switchably connected to the contacts α, A% '. Contact piece 8. And the negative electrode
output terminals of the first channel amplifier and the first channel amplifier. The contact point
of the changeover switch ≦ is connected to one first channel output terminal co (b) 48-4250 3
A, and the contact point C is connected to one of the first reference channel output terminals 41
A via a resistor R . In addition, it is connected to the output terminal h and the output terminal.
The positive and negative IIi output ends of the first channel amplifier l are connected to
terminals 7g and 7k, respectively, and the positive and negative output ends of the third channel
amplifier 3 are connected to terminals 1g and 1k. The first channel amplifier, the positive output
terminal of the amplifier and the positive output terminal of the first channel amplifier are
respectively output terminals 1 and 4!
Wired to a. The negative output terminal of the amplifier of husband A is grounded. At this time,
during reproduction of 1 Discreat date channel record (or tape), the first operation switch j is
switched as shown in FIG. 1 to connect each switch contact piece S to 84 with the contact gK.
The first operation switch 6 is operated to connect the contact piece 81 to the contact a. At this
time, independent dach channel deviations "ijck / -chq" supplied to the input terminals D1 to D4
are amplified by the first channel amplification l # 1 to the second dach channel amplifier. Also,
the output terminal-and the output terminal 41b are connected to the negative 41 output end of
the first channel amplifier and the negative output end of the reference channel (reference) 4841, etc. nQ-r ++ = amplification mm. The signals · A, / 2YK to ehg amplified by picking are picked
up for each channel of the female output terminals lα, 1h-da α, IIbK and are supplied from the
respective channel speakers. Next, at the time of regeneration and decollation of the matrix
channel record (or tape), the first operation switch S is switched as shown in FIG. 1 to switch and
connect the switching contacts 81 to 84 as contacts. Next, in the i-tricks regeneration deduction
in the first aspect, the switch 6 is operated to make the contact piece 8. Connected to the contact
point AK. Therefore, at this time, the left channel signal 'L' Fi-divided by the input terminal MLK
is divided and amplified by the amplification # 1 and the amplification four. Also, the nine right
channel signal 11 'supplied to the input terminal MR is co-divided and amplified by the
multipliers S and S. Also, the% channel b is not connected to the amplifier terminal and the
amplifier W at the output terminal 2 so that the left channel signal 'L' and the left channel signal
'L' and the J channel output terminal Ja, J 轟 respectively. The right channel signal 'Wing' is
taken out (j) 48-42503-OFi, but the first channel output terminal co's JA and the second
reference channel output ladder G11 b take out the signal #LxI and the signal jTuL #. As shown
in FIG. 3, a first operation switch j and a connection of the above matrix mode, that is, a contact S
of switch j, a contact S of -84, and an A contact The contact piece 81 is switched and connected
to the contact C by operating the first operation switch 6 by means of a mesh connected to b '.
Therefore, at this time, the left channel signal 1L 'is an amplifier as in the first matrix-like matrix
reproduction. And amplifier II, the right channel signal 11 'is amplified by the amplifier J and the
amplifier 、, but the resultant λ channel output terminals α, λ and the third channel / output
terminal reference m, 4!
b is connected to the negative pole output end of the amplifier 亭 and the amplifier 介 via the
resistor 1 from the first channel output terminal-1-1 and the reference channel output terminal,
and IIb K is the signal 'X +- The signal Δ1 'and the signal' 1-ΔL 'are picked up. Supply channel
output terminals /, a, / A and (4) 4B- 4250 3-07 and third channel output terminals 3 a and 34 in
the same manner as the above-described i trickle-like husband signal 'L' and signal 2-character
input IR 'is taken out. Here, the above Δ is a value of O ≦ Δ ≦ l determined by the value of
resistance イ ン ピ ー ダ ン ス and the impedance of the speaker and the internal impedance of
the amplifier, and in the discrete case and in the specific case of the matrix of the first aspect, is
there. As described above, according to the speaker switching circuit according to the present
invention, the speaker of the discrete channel signal reproduction or the appropriate matrix
reference channel signal reproduction simply and quickly by the appropriate switching operation
of the two changeover switches. It is characterized in that it can be converted into a connection
circuit and can be manufactured inexpensively with a very simple circuit configuration.
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