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Patent Secretary General Attorney Takehisadon 1 Name of Invention ■ JPA 48-43623
Examination Request (4 pages in total) "Title of the Invention Title of the Invention Title of
Invention Butyl rubber on the surface of a linen cloth '1', And the like. 2. The diaphragm of a
direct radiation type dome speaker, which is characterized by applying a low resilience agent
such as 2); F
Seedling 'kM Dom dome speaker ス ピ ー カ i' '5, ° List of attached documents [Phase] Japan
Patent Office Open Patent Bulletin
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is a direct-radiating wedge dome
blade, and it is best to use the material of the dome-shaped diaphragm and the sealant
(quenching agent) for closing the texture formed by this material. The purpose of the
combination is to obtain a speaker with good sound quality. Conventionally, it is known to use
cotton, hemp, synthetic fiber or the like as a diaphragm of a speaker cloth, and it is also known
that a nitrocellulose, acrylic, rubber or the like is used as a sealant. However, as the diaphragm
for the dome speaker, there was not a suitable combination of the above-mentioned diaphragm
material and the blocking agent, and a diaphragm of good sound quality was not obtained. It is
necessary to provide a diaphragm coated with a low-performance sealant. The structure shown in
FIG. 1 is a general direct radiation type dome speaker structure in which only the left half is
shown in cross section, 1 is a yoke, 2 is a magnet, 3I / '! , Top plate, a is a sound absorbing
material, 5 is a voice film, and 6 is a dome-shaped diaphragm associated with the present
invention. The present invention uses a linen cloth as the material of the dome-shaped
diaphragm 6 and uses a material having a low impact resilience such as butyl rubber or
polyisobutylene as an anti-static agent for one of them. 80, density is 80 longitudinal //
horizontal is 68 // 吋, butyl rubber as molecular weight is about 350,000 molecular weight once
EndPage: 1 100 parts, carbon black 50 parts, plasticizer 10 parts by roll It is what applied the
umbilical to the above-mentioned linen cloth using what was kneaded. Figure 8 shows the
characteristics of a dome speaker with a dome-shaped diaphragm in which a cellulose-based
sealant is applied to a diaphragm material that threatens cotton, and the fangs 2 (Fig. 7 shows a
linen cloth according to the present invention. The characteristics of (flax) and butyl rubber, and
the four tugs show the characteristics of the combination of cotton and butyl rubber. The
characteristics of each characteristic according to this experimental result-L); 2) The distortion
shown in the characteristic of the figure is the largest, and the valley of the middle sound is large;
OOO-1 (LO'00 Hz is rough and has the least distortion in the characteristics shown in the figure
of furrow, the valley of medium sound is smooth; It extends smoothly at OOO-10.000H2. Also, in
the characteristics shown in the tooth profile, the distortion is moderate, the valley of the
medium sound is large, and it can be seen that there is no elongation at 5.00 to 10 and OOHz. As
can be seen from this, the dome speaker made of the combination of linen (flax) and butyl rubber
shown in the fanning figure has the best acoustic characteristics and proves the tightness of the
medium sound and the goodness of the extension of the high sound.
In addition, Table 1 below shows the strength of each cocoon fiber, according to which flax has
the highest tensile elongation, and the apparent Young's modulus also exhibits the highest value.
You can see how stiff it is and how it works best as a swing plate. On the other hand, in the case
of the conventional distribution which has been widely used, both the tensile strength and the
Young's modulus are low, and particularly in the case where it is formed into a dome, the lack of
strength of the diaphragm near its top is fatal On the contrary, in the case of linen, the strength
in the vicinity of the top is sufficiently maintained, and the diaphragm 4 can be accurately
moved. Table 1 and Table 2 below show the rebound resilience of the sealant (adhesive) applied
on the diaphragm. According to this table, butyl rubber exhibits the lowest rebound resilience,
and the vibration damping property is large. By applying this on the diaphragm, the resonance
point can be corrected, the amplitude of the resonance can be reduced, and the unnecessary
vibration can be softened. Therefore, it is possible to sufficiently absorb unnecessary vibration,
distortion and the like coming out of highly elastic linen.
4. Brief description of the drawings Fang 1 is a side sectional view showing the left half of a
straight radiation type dome speaker, Fang 2 is a characteristic diagram of a dome speaker using
a diaphragm using a cotton diaphragm material and a cellulose thread sealant. Fig. 4 shows a
characteristic diagram of a dome speaker using a diaphragm made of linen and butyl rubber
according to the present invention, and Fig. 4 shows a characteristic diagram of a dome speaker
using a diaphragm made of cotton and butyl rubber (C. 6.0. , Dome-shaped diaphragm EndPage:
2- Patent applicant Nippon Victor, Inc.-N: +-ゝ EndPage: 3111411 Attorney other than the above
address 8-12 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo EndPage: 4
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