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1. Q-hole. 1. Title of the Invention 3, Inventor '"Moutentz, Switzerland whereabouts, Name:
Restore, Name: Penilec, Derkut 1 Rut (other 2 persons) [Phase] Japan Patent Office ■ JP-A 48463260 Aki 48. (1973)7. ”’2If−? 2? Method and apparatus for focusing
ultrasound on radio 2% Claim (1) At least partially focused ultrasound field and annular A
method of focusing ultrasound on a focal line, characterized in that it is made with a cross
section of
4. Brief description of the drawings FIG. 1 is a side view of an ultrasonic head including an optical
device having an aspheric mirror, FIG. 2 is a schematic view showing a mechanism using a
cylinder of middle bud as an optical device, and FIG. FIG. 7 is a cross-sectional view of an annular
ultrasonic transducer having a conical launch surface. Among the symbols shown in the above
drawings, 1 is an "ultrasonic transducer", 2 is a "housing", 5 is an "ultrasonic condenser J, $ ljr
ultrasonic mirror J, 10ir! 11 is an ultrasonic mirror, 17 is an ultrasonic transducer, 18 is a
diverging lens, 16 is an r wall cylinder, 21 is a housing, 23 is a sector element, 24 Respectively
indicate "attenuation blocks". Agent Asa, Mura Naruhisa 3 people EndPage: 4 (+ lII book N book 1
+ 41 & lr letter + h + y translation each 1IIj-'+ 211 111 1m + fil excellent: A, 1%! lll1llk IC
translation '&! Ll! + Jl Figure city IH + s + ”1-17, Inventors other than the above, wheezing
journal learning college or agent name hyphen, ho 77 ー ー 賜 ー ー 1 (3) agent residence East
Asian city chome ward people r, town- rr + 2 11j New Ocho Town Building 331 Phone
(21113651 (Representative) Name (6669) Principle 1 Asamura 皓 Report llli Name (6772 +
Principle 1 West-r People EndPage: 5
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