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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially broken rear perspective view
showing an embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a central cross-sectional view of FIG.
1, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a front view schematically showing an operating state in the vertical
direction and an oblique direction of the interlocking member. 1
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Plates 21 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Projection
screen. -7 real opening 48-50004 (2)) p3 # r4g-8-.
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention is a stereo cabinet! Multichannel stereo
with 4 or more IC channels! Equipment position adjustment display 4B-50004-02 According to
the device, the resistance value of four or more even variable resistors, each rotary shaft of the
variable resistor at one operation rod at once (Alternatively, it is possible to adjust the volume of
each speaker at the sound receiving position of the person m and to adjust the light spot
projection mechanism in conjunction with the light source Thus, light spots are formed and
projected on the screen to display the optimum storage location. The listener simply tilts the
control rod in any direction based on the light spot on the screen, and simply aligns the light spot
on the screen with the sound reception position of the desired spot. It is characterized in that it is
possible to go to the volume of. One embodiment of the present invention will be described with
reference to the drawings. As shown in FIGS. 11 and 2, the front plate 2a of the rectangular
frame 2 is fixed to the inside of the positive plate 1a of the frame 1; The rotary variable resistors
4m, 4b and 4t ++ 44 are attached to the center of the outer surface of 3m, 3b, 3o and 3a, and the
rotary wheels 5 &, 5y5o * 5a of these variable resistors are side plates It is possible to rotate to
111iK. And the connecting rods 6 and 7 are connected respectively by the connecting rods 6 and
7 which are bent in a semicircular arc shape with the rotating wheels 5 & and 5b and 5C and 5d
facing each other at 48-50004-03 phase, and both connecting rods 6 and 7 are main contacts
Cross over. A through hole is formed in each regular drawing plate 1 &, 2 && of the housing 1
and the frame 2 in front of this crossing portion, the ball 8 is loosely fitted in the through hole,
and the receiving plate 10 is on the ball from the outside of seven. Vertically mounted, a regular
drawing board 1 m, 2 a K ml is fixed, and the ball 8 is supported on a rotating white night. Then,
through the center of the ball 8, the operating rod 12 provided with the forceps 11 on the outer
side is fixed by penetrating through the center, and the stopper 13 is fixed to the in-ball bond
protrusion-of the operating rod. Connects the connecting rods 6, 7 and the operating rod 12 with
each other through the rings 14.15 respectively fitted in the I I link rods 6.7, and relates the
crossing parts to each other. A support plate 16 is provided on the outer side of the side plate 3
in parallel with the right drawing plate 1 & the shaft 18 & is provided on the support plate m *,
and the shaft is in the interlocking member 17 of the pants graph system. *! ??
????????????????????????? An interlocking member 17 of L ? ии 3 I
has a rhombus frame connected to the bottom with a central cross-overlapping portion 18 and
an extension 1119.20 of an extragranular bond having a single bright point WLK can be drawn
symmetrically. It has become.
4B-50004-04, a lamp with a light bulb power attached to the inside of the other pivoting part by
inserting the tip of the operating rod into the hole 19a which is N and one of the pivoting parts
19K * R Constantly support House n. The right drawing board 1aK of the wing body 1 facing the
lamp house 22 has a projection window 3 drilled, and a projection screen with a mat for the back
drawing is stretched on the projection window, and the light bulb power and projection of these
light sources A light spot projection mechanism is provided between the screens. An example of
this light spot projection mechanism is a film original 5 having an inner front KIlvCa hole image
of a lamp n provided with a lamp, a lens wedge, and light generated from a turtle ball force is
transmitted to the film original 1I125. It can be formed into a light spot through the lens and cast
onto the screen. The variable resistors mentioned above are combined to be opposite one
another to increase or decrease, and they are respectively mm for playback and amplification
systems for the speaker, and left and right front by interlocking of the visible resistors 41 and 4b
and 4o and 4d. The volume of each speaker disposed at 11 can be adjusted relative to the left
and right direction of the room and the front and back. Also, the device of the present invention
may be remotely controlled. 48-50004-05 Since the bulk is constructed as described above,
holding the forceps 11 as shown in FIG. 3 and tilting the operating rod horizontally to either the
left or right side, 1114 linked to the inner tip portion is a connecting rod 6. Pull 6 to the left or
right to make only the connecting rod 6 or 1 1 l k axis 5 as 5 b 1ill & tilt it in either left or right
direction. At this time, the other connecting rod 7 does not move in the vertical direction by
sliding the 'MA 15 on its outer picture. As a result, the variable resistance -4m, 4b has its
resistance value changed by the rotation of E & axis sa + sb, and the speaker receiving plate
connected to the removable resistance 11 or the receiving position IIIK phase of the room in the
horizontal direction at one time I will be a part. Due to the inclination lIK in the lateral direction
of the connecting rod 6, the interlocking member 17 extends and retracts the rod at the solid line
position and the chain line position symmetrically with respect to the pivoting point 19 centering
on the central cross over 1118 The sideways move at right angles to the screen, the light spot
moves horizontally on the screen, and it is displayed whether the left / right position of the room
is optimal for the volume '. In addition, when the operating rod 12 is vertically movedrectangular ^ Kll @, conversely, the connecting rod 7 rotates the primary axis 5 oesa to rotate 1
o'clock 7 or f) ':) ft 4 Km htv "t' WIM , AQlj :. The resistance value of 4-06 ░% 4am 4a is
increased at night, and the volume of the speaker connected to the flexible resistor 11 is adjusted
at the same time to the sound receiving position in the front-rear direction of the room.
Due to the tilting of the connecting rod 7 in the upper direction (the tilting point of the
interlocking member 17 and the pivot point 19 of the interlocking member 17 as shown in FIG.
The position of the front and back of the room is displayed on the screen. Therefore, if the
operating rod 12 is inclined in the diagonal direction, the tip end part is placed in the cross over
5K 41 of each connecting rod 6.7 at 11114.15, and both connecting rods 6 and 7 are inclined at
one time, The resistances of the ml4 '+ 4be 4a and 4a are simultaneously renewed, and the
above-mentioned upper, lower, left and right adjustment is performed at one time, so the volume
of each speaker of the 4 channel stereo is adjusted all together in the room. It moves like a
double-turn pivot attachment 11B19.20 or 19 ', 20 "so that the light point projection mechanism
moves at a right angle to the screen weir and the light point indicates its front, back, left and
right position in the room on the projection screen. Therefore, the listener tilts the operating rod
12 in an arbitrary direction while looking at the light point on the screen, and if the light point is
displayed on the projection point 14B-50004-07 lean, the automatic fishing is possible. You can
get the optimal sound field position. The interlocking member 17 is formed in a layer 11
enlarged like 11 of the diamond-shaped control rod 12 of the light spot projection mechanism
side, so that the pivot attachment s 20 on the light spot projection mechanism side is the control
rod The movement distance is expanded from the pivoting portion 19 of The front, rear, left, and
right positions of the room can be enlarged and displayed more accurately. In addition, the frame
is a regular hexagon, a regular octagon, etc. and an even-numbered sided polygon, and each of
the opposite side plates has a removable resistance attached to it, and a connecting rod is erected
at the ends of each of the 11 rotating wheels. Then, if each connecting rod and the operating rod
are respectively IIMed by the votes, the resistance value of each visible resistor can be changed
simultaneously or some of them simultaneously by the tilting operation of the operating rod.
Accordingly, the volume of each speaker of the 6 channel, 8 channel, etc. multi-channel stet
device can be adjusted phase by phase in order to obtain an optimal sound field position. 4 or
more. As in the present invention, more Yu. -2 above. Light point: Tilt one operating rod in any
direction while looking at ? 48-50004-08: Change resistance value of each tableable resistor of
many of stereo devices of 4 channels or more by weaving b Since the sound volume of each
speaker at the sound receiving position can be adjusted IIH to adjust the forging aid position
KIlll, the desired sound field position of 7 letters and 2 Zi can be obtained smoothly and iI. In
addition, it is convenient because you can easily adjust the position of the sound field by
performing K while being at the position of the supervisor to perform this by remote control.
Furthermore, since the light spot film like mechanism moves at a right angle to the screen, the
position display may be erroneously attached or misaligned, and since the light spot is sharpened
by the projector, the light spot is clearly filmed. In addition, there is an advantage that the
structure can be simplified and manufactured inexpensively, and the existing stereo device 1 can
be easily attached.
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