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1, title of the invention 3, patent applicant (173) ■ Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No.
48-522i80 Japanese Patent Application No. (1973) 7.23 ■ Japanese Patent Application No. ill
−; / l, f 21 ■ Application Japanese Patent Application No. (197 /) /! 230 Request for
examination not yet filed (all 3 pages) L Title of the invention L title of the invention Stereo
Primary stereo headphone
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a stereo head panel. The conventional stereo headphones are known to store speakers or
drivers corresponding to their respective channels in the left and right headphone housings, and
each sound independently, but such In the headphone, the sound of the left channel and the
sound of the right channel come completely independently to the left ear of the left channel and
the right image, so the fore images are formed in order and the natural sound field is not
obtained. In particular, there is a disadvantage that when it is used for a long time, it feels
uncomfortable. In the present invention, a natural feeling of sound field can be obtained by
making the sounds of the left and right channels crosstalk. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is
an object of the present invention to provide a stereo head main body that does not cause
discomfort even when used for a long time. FIG. 1 shows a schematic structure tR of one
embodiment of the present invention, which is a left and right headphone case IIm. Speaker 11m
corresponding to each channel in 11b. JJb is housed, and further, cushion bodies 11a and IJbtare provided on the front peripheral portion of each of the alpha bodies 11 and 11b. The
configuration up to this point is the same as that of the prior art, but the feature of this
embodiment is that the acoustic tubes Jam and 14k for stalk are provided to give crosstalk to the
left and right channels. That is, one end of the crosstalk sound tube 14m penetrates the left side
of the housing JJa and is on the back side of the speaker 11m, and the other end penetrates the
right-handed cushion body Jlb EndPage: 1 and shrimps. Located in the front space of the force
12. Similarly, one end of the crosstalk sound tube 14 penetrates the right side housing JIb and is
on the back side of the speaker JJb, and the other end penetrates the left piece VWy body IIm
and is positioned in the front space of the speaker 12 龜. ing. Note-Cross talk sound tube 14m in
the figure. The piping condition in 14 is a model showing the principle, but in order not to get in
the way of using them in practice, a band connecting the left and right housings (not shown) It
should just be piping integrally with. Constructed in this way, for example the length of the
acoustic tube 14 m, 14! If you choose 35-50m, the sound of the left and right channels will also
go to the right and left ears with 08Is-L, hsx, aat) delay time respectively. That is, left and right
crosstalk occurs. As a result, it is possible to double out of the sound image head by the left and
right channels, and it is possible to obtain a feeling of sound close to nature, and not to feel an
unpleasant feeling even when used for a long time .
FIG. 2 shows a schematic configuration of another embodiment of the present invention. The
same parts as in the eighteenth embodiment are assigned the same reference numerals and
detailed explanations thereof will be omitted. However, different from the first factor, there are
provided speakers I1m, I !! The sound tube 11a is inserted in the ib, and the output of the left
channel is in the front space of the right speaker Mb, and the right channel is in the front space
of the left speaker 12m. In this way, the left and right sounds can not be completely independent
as in the previous embodiment (', natural sound field without discomfort, as in the previous
embodiment). I can get a feeling. In the above embodiments, a speaker is used to reproduce the
sound, but this may be a comfort blue echo transducer of a driver, etc., 1! Further, in FIG. 1, one
end of each of the crossover acoustic tubes penetrates the housing to take out the sound from
the back of the speaker. In this case, one end is provided in the T + frame of the speaker. It may
be connected directly to the hole. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic
view showing a stereo head according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is a
schematic view showing a stereo head according to another embodiment. . 11m, Ilb: Headphone
case, 12 pieces. JJb--Speaker, IJa, JJb "-Kuatsu V 璽 y body, 14m, 14ks ... Acoustic noise for cross
talk Applicant Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. S-1-5? 2 @ す 1 1− 1 υ 1 石 →-? 2LSb1be also
121.12b EndPage: 25; Other inventors, patent applicants or agents (1) Jim '! M person same
place (! ) Agent JPA 48-52218 (3) EndPage: 3
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