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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the present invention. 1
is a lamp holder, 2.2 'is a groove, 3 is a pilot 2 pump, 4, 4' is a sliding lever, 6, 6 'is a dial thread,
7 is a front balance volume, 8 is a lyaparance boliwam, 9, 9 'is a pulley and 10.10' is a drive
shaft. Mail F 醜 5 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a mass display in
a dual channel stereo system. The listener's Houn Shi Tsui, Left and Rear Fit 1, characterized by
the amount of three-dimensional sounding the plaster from the four sides of the left-With a
Chan's N-scale, using a channel channel amplifier, the rear speaker with 9th order balance
polyum ( Rear) lights, adjust the volume of 4B-52502- 0- · · · released from the V7F, the front
speaker (forward) with the flint balance volume, the left back joint, the front lie F, The listener
can hear the optimal three-dimensional sound at the position where the sound pressure from the
left speaker is equal and the sound pressure from the rear foot and the n7 speaker are equal. In
the second, this 4m is the position of the center of the volume of the Kd person by displacing the
light projected on the screen of the scanner in front of the receiver to the center of the volume of
the Kd person. It is an arrangement that can be understood in This □ idea will be described with
reference to the drawings. The outer shoulders 1BA1c of the cylindrical outer sleeve 1BA1c are
formed with # and 2 'up and down, U-shaped sliding V-barder, 4t' with # and 2 '. Hold IC so as to
slide and move within the sliding lever 44.4t 'so that each IC # crosses 10 times. Switch the
switch Oll, turn off the IC and make an IC connection to connect the pipe 3 to the fan 7 ′ ′ *
Loogu / central hole I # insert, and insert the J J slide B bar, go 3 Squeeze 3 and put on Mayal
yarn 乙, 乙 'tc-. 48-52502-03'3 members are placed on a straight line with a distance
approximately equal to the movement distance in parallel with the sliding direction of the front
performance frame 7 and the two dry ramps 〆-7, Opposite to it, a pair of bouleps are placed
opposite to each other, and their leaps and a shaft on the shaft of the front bumper borish boliwa
shaft / Q1c diamond /-/ 1st is passed through the IIE portion of the lamp holder 1 The drive
shaft / '0' on the shaft of the rear balance volume and the dial thread t'vtli are hung on the rear
balance volume 1 and 4N like a 4N like, and the dial yarn t'vtli is hung on the front surface of the
rear balance volume l. In such a case, when the front shaft 7 of the front buffer 7 is rotated, the
drive shaft 10 and the dial leap rotate simultaneously with the movement of the ear yarn 6 in the
front-rear direction, and the lamp holder 741 held by the slide lever #. The IC moves back and
forth along with it. In addition, if the knob l 'of the rear balance volume l is turned, the holder 1
moves in the left-right direction as well.
Therefore, on a smoked board brazed to the front panel plate of a stereo receiver, a projection is
carried out at 11t and a projection of 4B-52502-04 is necessary. The person feels by Su-E F [C
the light's location of the light ii *], You can adjust the amount of cost of roaring from the wow
beaker left, rye), w u toss beaker v tsusi, and phi with zl. According to this invention, the pilot
lamp J is moved to the back and forth and right and left in conjunction with the rotation of the
poly lamp r1, and the Tundehol 〆 一 / 9090 "crossing sliding V bada, disease #, Dial Yarn 4.4
'Dope V-Ya) / 0, / 0' and Dayreak, multiply t '. Since it is sufficient to slide the dial yarn 4.4 'back
and forth and from side to side, the structure & layer is simple, and since all the forged parts are
sufficient with a cost-effective gold resin, it is a useful device suitable for mass production.
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