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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partial cross-sectional view showing a
structural view of a bolt-clamped Langevin-type vibrator according to the present invention, and
FIG. FIG. 5 is a partial cross-sectional view depicting a configuration sketch mounted for
penetration into the interior. The numbers used in this drawing are as follows. 1 ...... gold EA7 ииииии
tightening bracket, 8 ...... packing. ?????
Detailed Description of the Invention Name L L Pan ? oscillator 2 ? ? ? ? ? ? IK IK IK IK IK
IK OSS OSS OSS OSS OSS OSS OSS OSS OSS 1 1 1 ? ? ? ? ? ?1 screw inserted into the inner
shell 2 [vibrator and screw provided on the inner circumference @ of the metal cylinder 8
screwed with the screw is carried on the outer peripheral surface Klk, the metal cylinder O both
ends-mouth I can be inserted and screwed into the metal cylinder so as to squeeze the electric
vibrator, II! 1) containing eight metal cylinders made of a material having a higher thermal
expansion coefficient than the metal circular wedge, and the vibrator and the lead-out lead-out
from the vibrator; The metal cylinder has a through hole that penetrates to the axial gangster at
approximately the center, and the outer end of the other metal cylinder is the vibration O
radiation, which is provided on the one metal cylinder ? The lungee pan crest vibrator which
makes a collar which pulled out the said leader line from a passage hole, and = 1-48-53267-02.
? ? 0111 J II 1 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ?It is also O that has been improved. In general, a Lange pan lid vibrator is often
used at a low frequency (less than several 1 и KT11I), and is mainly used in fish finders, washing
machines, processing machines, etc. Dove 9 used It should be strong in mechanical strength and
good insulation. It is desirable for 41 that a drawer stick does not separate. When used as a
washer for 411, the bolt tightening part thermally expands due to temperature change of the
liquid because it is used by direct water immersion in the liquid, and a gap is generated between
the metal cylinder and the electrostrictive vibrator. It has the disadvantage of degrading the 04 +
1 character. The object of the invention is to solve the above-mentioned drawbacks. 2-48-532670: According to the present invention, structurally a screw is formed on the inner periphery of a
metal cylinder, and a screw that engages with a screw of a circle is made by two metal cylinders.
Hold down the cylinder center 0 through hole) The structure with jlul of the terminal draw-out of
the vibrator, and the cylinder so that the thermal expansion coefficient of the cylinder is smaller
than the expansion coefficient of the cylinder O And the roundness 9 mechanical strength and
the insulation property are excellent by selecting the material of the round and round O metal,
and furthermore, the characteristic O inferiority can be prevented by temperature change, and a
nine tundian panma vibrator can be obtained. The present invention will be described in detail
below with reference to FIG. The first II is an embodiment of the present invention, and the left
side from the center is a perspective view, right 11aIIIrwi!
It represents l. A metal cylinder 10 made of stainless steel having an inner diameter which can
accommodate the electrostrictive vibrator 4 and a pair of two O electrostrictive vibrators 4 in the
same pole 1 jl '1 inside a cylinder Arranged in the axial direction, this weight. Resonated vibrator
4 cylinder ring both ends, like an alpin material) is suppressed like IK. 1-48-53267-04, that is, IN
and cylinder inside metal cylinder 10, screw @> is applied to 8, respectively, and 1 normal male
screw. As with female screw O), relative position change is possible. A through hole 1K in the
axial direction is provided substantially at the center of one cylinder $, and the axial direction
through hole 1K is provided, and a lead wire base for drawing out the contact electrode from the
central portion of the vibrator 4 through the through hole 11 is drawn It is done. The lead wire 6
is coated and is an insulated wire, and the central electrode is electrically insulated to the outside.
t) through holes St are filled with a filler). As a result, the leader line i is identified, and
withdrawal @ SO is prevented. FIG. 3 is a schematic drawing of the structure shown in FIG. 1 with
the vibrator attached so that the radiation image snow 1 is directly immersed in the liquid. In FIG.
2, the same reference numerals as in FIG. 1 indicate the Oka part, 6 is a washing tank, 7 is a
mounting metal ^, and S is the screw between the metal cylinder 8 and the cylinder 1). The
setting is 9 patskin so that it does not infiltrate into the part that is arranged 8 #. According to
the embodiment described above, the metal cylinder t, altf-4-48-53267--the arsenicum O thermal
expansion coefficient used # (m j) is 21 О 1 [Kancho IK used stainless steel thermal expansion
coefficient? g (strs) is tsxle-s. ?????????????????? l) emlft is established. In
other words, since iu * has risen since the thermal expansion of the stainless steel cylinder 1 is
larger than the thermal expansion of the stainless steel cylinder 1, the Al-Z cylindrical cylinder
98, the vibrator 4 and the O are used even at high temperatures. There is no gap in the Oka,-all
the deterioration of the characteristics due to the temperature rise is completely stopped.
Moreover, since the vibrator 4 is fixed by using a cylindrical rod s, which is movable together, the
position of the vibrator 4 can be appropriately moved as in use. In the above description, the nine
inventions have been described with reference to the embodiment. However, the invention is not
limited to the above-described embodiments. Table No. 1 Single umbrella description No. 1m is a
partial cross-sectional view showing the structural view of the bolted lunge and pan-type vibrator
according to the present invention, and the 48-53267-08 intention is the bolted lange pan
vibration according to the present invention FIG. 11 is a partial cross-sectional view showing a
configuration view in which a child's radiation wi is * n added so as to be directly submerged in
The numbers used in this drawing are as follows. 1: Metal cylinder 28 Metal cylinder S: Metal
cylinder 4: Electrostrictive vibrator 5: Lead wire ?: Cleaning tank plate 7: Fastening metal fitting
8: Patzkin (h, 841) Patented door 1) Supported ? 6-4B-53267 -7-1 1 Figure 52 Figure 272 /!
Police officer Police officer police officer 2768/1 :, +43 JIJ / ? ej 48-53 267 08 1 Attached
documents * 1 statement (1) (2)-111 statements of attorneys 1 case e) request duplicate 1 Other
than the above Inventors and agents other than the above (1) inventor's address value city
Shibeyama 6-chome No. 1) ? -11 Noshiko 1 Yu Tokyu Metal Industries, Ltd. Internal key 1 or
name Hideyuki Suzuki ( 2) Agent address Minato-ku, Nishi-Shinbashi 1-chome, 4th-1st, No. 3
Mori Building name (Cho 1 Yukima) Attorney General Yosuke Goto 4B-53267-09
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